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Thanksgiving meal with park members

Thursday, November 25, 2021: Our plan for the day was to drive to Klamath Falls to spend the day with Gwen's daughter and grandchildren. However, her daughter became ill so we will delay the trip.

We were able to secure two seats with a small group from the park who visited our local restaurant. Gwen chose turkey while I chose ham. Otherwise the meal was a typical Thanksgiving meal with friends.

Click the photo to enlarge and notice the enlargement is in focus.

Sound bar for the Roku TV Connecting the soundbar Sound bar, and Bluetooth speaker
Wednesday, November 24, 2021: Gwen and I got ourselves a Thanksgiving gift for our Roku TV. TV speakers are always bad so I purchased a sound bar which specifically logs to a Roku TV. In the last photo you can see my tiny Bluetooth speaker between the TV and the sound bar. The TV was able to connect with my tiny Bluetooth speaker. By doing that I discovered there is a couple of millisecond latency when connecting via Bluetooth. Lips are moving before sound. Additionally, a Bluetooth connection would require a second remote. I discovered speakers and connections are available specifically to match the Roku TV. TCL makes a Roku sound bar to make this match. I am hoping this method has no latency. The TCL sound bar easily connected to the TV. This means only ONE remote to control both the TV and sound bar. When testing for latency there is none. Click all three photos to enlarge. When you enlarge, note that all three photos are in focus. Had the awful Samsung S20 taken these photos, all three would have been out of focus!
Fedex arrives with my iPhone Midnight Black After working all day
Tuesday, November 23, 2021: As I have explained previously the Samsung S20 Ultra phone camera is terrible. You never know if the photo will be in focus. The phone was sent to Samsung repair but nothing changed. I monitored a Facebook group of over 57,000 users and they reported the same problems with the camera reporting it unfixable. I finally gave up on the Samsung brand, they have lost me forever! I bowed to Apple and have purchased the iPhone 13 mini because I like the size. This means learning a new operating system because I have never owned an Apple phone. My son, Ben and daughter Mindy plus Gwen's son, David and daughter, Lesa all own iPhone's and really like them. I will gain from their knowledge. All photos from now on will come from the iPhone camera. BTW ... all three of these photos were taken with the S20 and all are out of focus.

L A Chargers defeat Pittsburg

Sunday, November 21, 2021: I did a mid-day ride with Glen. It turned out to be a clear but cool day so 32 miles with Glen on roads I have never been on before was perfect. Click the photo to see our route.

Once I was home I could watch Sunday Night Football. Tonight was the L A Chargers playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm always for any team playing the Steelers. Since Justin Herbert from the Oregon Ducks is the Chargers Quarterback so an even better reason to wish the Chargers win. The Steelers played a good game the second half. They tied then moved ahead of the Chargers. Fortunately the Charger offense moved ahead the last two minutes then Charger defense shut the Steelers down and the Chargers won.

The Ducks are destroyed by Utah

Saturday, November 20, 2021: Earlier today I watched #7Michigan State get destroyed by #4Ohio State. Michigan State should have snuck out during halftime.

Speaking of teams who should have gone home at halftime, the #3Oregon Ducks were destroyed by the #25Utah Utes. That will take the Ducks out of the final four for sure. The other interesting fact, the Ducks must play the Oregon State Beavers next week. The Beavers defeated both the Stanford Cardinals and the Utah Utes. Both those teams defeated the Oregon Ducks. Perhaps the Ducks will be defeated by the Beavers next week. I'd say "YES" if the Ducks play like they did tonight next week.

My laptop stand has arrived


Thursday, November 18, 2021: I have been watching for my laptop stand shipment all week and it arrived today. Now I can adjust the screen distance from my eyes where ever it seems best. I use my reading glasses, so it is a perfect distance. The stand fits next to and under the passenger chair where I sit to type on the computer. When not in use it will swing out of the way toward the sidewall. So far it is working perfectly.

Must prepare natural peanut butter

Wednesday, November 17, 2021: We like natural peanut butter, Adams which we purchase at Costco. Of course the Costco size is a large 80 oz size. The peanut oil rises to the top of the container so all of the container must be emptied into a bowl and stirred until this crunchy peanut butter is creamy smooth. It sounds like a lot of work and it is. The tough part is getting the peanut butter out of the container then back again. Hard to believe but the easy part was stirring.

With two people pouring it was much easier to get the peanut butter back into the container.

Gwen says to keep the stirred peanut butter in the refrigerator. If we do, the oil will not separate again. This peanut butter with nothing added (like sugar) is much better than the other such as Jiffy. Click the photo for the final stirred container.

The only "Taco Truck" in Sutherlin

Tuesday, November 16, 2021: This day began in heavy fog and a temperature of 36°. Glen and I did our best to plan a road bike ride late morning assuming the fog would lift and the temperature would increase to high 40s. I had several reasons to drive to Roseburg so I became impatient thinking the fog was never going to lift. I left my bike at home while I drove to Roseburg, first to the computer repair store needing a simple repair to my laptop. The advertised hours showed the store open but I found it closed, opening again at 1 pm. I decided to do my other errands and return. I chose the Albertson grocery store next for coffee creamer and almond milk. Gwen had made a short list for Costco so that is where I went next. I waiting in a long line at the pharmacy to get Gwen's prescriptions. Adams peanut butter plus apples completed the list. I thought of bananas too. By this time I was getting hungry for lunch and decided to get a Costco Hot Dawg (my spelling), however, as I passed the concession area I changed my mind thinking I would get something at home. I started back to the computer repair store in downtown Roseburg. However, I stopped in a parking lot before getting to downtown. Something about that computer store reminded me of the cell phone repair store I had taken my phone years ago. That experience ended poorly. I decided I would take my laptop to the computer repair location only a mile from home in Sutherlin if they were still in business. We used them years ago and I hadn't even notice a sign on their building since then. I called from the parking lot to learn if they were still in business. They are. So I drove back to Sutherlin and to this small computer repair store. He thought he had the part, "give me 30 minutes and I'll have it fixed", he said. I left my laptop with him and drove to the only taco truck in Sutherlin to get one of my favorite vegetarian burritos. About the time I was walking back to my car with the burrito the computer repair called to say he learned he didn't have the part and would order the correct part. I knew he took only cash or check so I drove to my bank to get cash. I paid for the part with cash and got a promise he could fix the laptop as soon as the part arrived. I returned home to eat the burrito. By this time it was 3 pm and Abby had been patiently riding with me this whole day of errands. I decided to take her for a run in the back forty rather than ride, she needed the run much more than I needed the ride. The high temperature reached 47°.


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