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Circle Creek Campground, Seaside, Oregon
Friday, October 30, 2020: We have arrived at the Circle Creek Campground RV Park 2 miles from Seaside, Oregon. We are here because my son, Joe will be vacationing here for a week and we plan to spend time with him. We can hear the ocean at night, but not see or hear it during the day. The spaces are large and plenty of grass for Abby to play. This must be an OLD park because all the sites are 30 amp only. That is a huge difference from the 50 amp circuit our coach is wired for. A 50 amp RV is TWO legs of 50 amps each so really 100 amps. A 30 amp RV is ONE leg of 30 amps for a total of 30 amps. Our electric heater is 15 amps. Add the refrigerator, TV and electric water heater and the 30 amps is maxed out. Just remember to turn off the heater before running the microwave. This park was the best in Seaside and really is a nice clean park. It does have a large fenced dog park for Abby to run but she is taking her time getting use to a new area. She really misses her golf cart. Click this photo to see a very expensive tent trailer. The fee for this park is $33.75 per night including all utilities. That price included several discounts, an off season rate, a weekly rate and RV club rate.
Help! Save Me!Abby gets a bath
Thursday, October 29, 2020: We are rolling everything up today because we are traveling tomorrow. But the most memorable thing was Abby's bath. It was our first time to Tractor Supply Store dog wash for $10. They provide aprons, shampoo, wash bin, elevated drying stand, blow dryer, combs, brushes and towels. Such a deal. It was SO much easier than trying to bathe Abby in the shower.

Laying blocks on the drain rock

Monday, October 26, 2020: The area behind the shed has been made impossible because of the drain rock in the ditch. The drain rock is awful stuff. It varies in size from 1" is diameter to 6" in diameter and very sharp edges. It is very difficult to walk on. Our clothes line is located back here as well as the extra storage bin.

My original idea was to build a board-walk over the top of the drain rock thinking it was impossible to set all the extra blocks we have onto this drain rock. However, today I decided to give the blocks a try since I don't want to spend any more money on this lot, especially when we already have lots of blocks.

I started early this morning and quickly learned with enough raking and hand placing of the drain rock, it was possible to place the blocks. I placed each block one at a time and ended up placing blocks all the way to the clothes line. Click the photo to see the final project.

Portland Apartment livingView from OHSU

Thursday, October 22, 2020: We made a long drive today to Portland and back for a health checkup. These views are from the 9th floor of building 2 of the Oregon Health Sciences University. Abby went with us and did excellent on such a long trip. Gwen knew right where to go so we drove straight to the parking garage with very little traffic. The building on the right is one of the Mirabella towers, a very large senior retirement and care facility. They have 1 and 2 bedroom apartments to rent. Click both photos. Behind the Mirabella photo is an outdoor dining area on the roof of the building between the two towers. I would imagine Mirabella is quite expensive.

Mounting bracket installedRails installed


Monday, October 19, 2020: I have finished the rails for the golf cart. They are on brackets so they can be easily removed when needed.

On our trip to the "back forty" today, we found an abandoned half wine barrel planter, a treasure. We loaded the treasure into the pickup bed of the golf cart and drove it home. I'm sure this is the first of many treasures we will find with our golf cart.

Click the photos for more views.

Next projectSide rails for the Golf Cart

Sunday, October 18, 2020: I started the next project today. The golf cart needs side rails in the case we carry a large garbage bag or yard trimmings. I'm making the rails easily removable. The wood is rough cedar. I'm not sure if I will use sealer on the boards or not. I could have finished this project today but need to wait for the glue to dry before I can proceed. I'll finish it tomorrow. Click these photos for another view.

The project is completeAbby likes the golf cart
Friday, October 16, 2020: The golf cart is mostly finished today. Only thing left is to add a horn and repair the lights. I thought the lights would just need a new switch but the headlights are in such bad shape they will need replacing. I also believe I'm going to add wood rails to the pickup bed. Abby loves riding in the golf cart. She sits on the seat and watches everything and everyone as we drive by. Click the photos for more views.
The next projectThe painting begins
Thursday, October 15, 2020: My next project begins. We have decided to paint the pickup bed red so the first coat of paint is applied today. I also removed the driver side door and took to the upholstery shop for repair. I also pressure washed the area under bed. The bed needs another coat so this project won't be completed until tomorrow. Click the photos for additional views.
These signs are desturbing

Wednesday: October 14, 2020: We are free again! The Alpenlite fifth wheel has left our lot (probably just in time before the manager told us to get it out of here) and now in Roseburg. We can think again of our own projects.

Something disturbing has been happening in our neighborhood. These signs have been going up on many of our neighbor lots. Having Trump as our President these last three years has been very traumatic for us. It has caused me to wonder what has happened to our wonderful country to approve of a person so hateful and destructive of our environment. His policies benefit only rich and corporations while sacrificing our planet to improve corporate profit. I can't imagine his administration has benefited any of those around us with support signs on their lot. My view of Trump, he makes a very poor human being and even worse President. Yet, many of those with support signs have been our friends for years. We have dined together and occasionally work together on common projects. Now their signs have caused us to question their judgment. I can't imagine the state of this country with another four years of Trump as President.

New batteries



Tuesday, October 13, 2020: Yes, it was raining today but that didn't stop me from installing the new batteries into the golf cart. I took photos of the wiring and had to use those photos. I drew a wiring chart and had to use it too. Before the installation of the new batteries, I pressure washed the compartment. The red liquid around the terminals is corrosion prevention. I took about three hours to finish this project.

I learned the old batteries were purchased multi-years from 2011, 2012 and 2015. No wonder the batteries were causing problems.

No, I haven't tried the golf cart after the installation. The instructions were specific. "Don't use the golf cart the first time until the batteries are fully charged." They weren't fully charged before dark so we won't go for a ride until the morning.

Click the photo for a larger view of the battery installation.

New batteries for Gwen's Golf CartOld batteries

Monday, October 12, 2020: This is the next project. Replacing the old golf cart batteries with new batteries from Costco. That's $89 each times six batteries. They should last 5 years. Everyone still thinks we got a good deal on the cart. I've watched the YouTube videos to learn how to do it correctly. It is forecast to rain tomorrow so not sure this will happen until Wednesday.

What is a golf cart used for at a large RV park like ours. Gwen will use it to drive to the mailroom for the mail, she will drive to the clubhouse for games, she will drive to friends and she will "walk the dog" using the cart. I will use it to take the garbage to the bin. Then I will use it to take yard trimmings to the back forty. I will also use it to take the propane tanks to be filled then retrieve them. We will both participate in the July 4th golf cart parade. I guess we need a HORN for that.

A cover for the golf cartGas appliances work

Sunday, October 11, 2020: Multiple tasks today. I ordered a golf cart cover since we have no way to keep it dry when not in use. I also considered pulling all the batteries in preparation for new batteries. I learned Costco will provide a battery strap with the purchase of the batteries which would save about $10 if I were to purchase the strap. I chose NOT to buy a strap and pull the batteries today but wait until I make the Costco purchase to get the free strap. Click the golf cart to see the bank of batteries.

I connected one of my propane tanks to the Alpenlite and learned the stove works. In fact, it is one of the nicest RV stoves I've seen. It is a better stove than the one in our motorhome. It has a beautiful oven too, looks unused. The furnace also works. I have not been able to get the refrigerator working on electricity or gas. I've not been able to test the water heater because there is no water in the tank. I also rolled out the two awnings and both are in good condition. To see the huge, door side awning, click the stove photo.

Using a pressure washer to clean the scum It took five hours The project is complete

The door sideSaturday, October 10, 2020: Yes, it's raining today but that didn't stop me from completing the fifth wheel cleaning of the outside. Compare these photos of those below. The Alpenlite is ready for Paige to clean the inside.

Click on all the photos.

Paige has purchased the fifth wheel. My friend Nate used his pickup to move it.

The roof looks pretty bad.The "before" photosFriday, October 9, 2020: Paige has purchased the 30 year old Alpenlite fifth wheel. Alpenlite is a reputable brand name even though they are no longer in business. Other brands would have fallen apart at this age. The fifth wheel looks pretty crusty. Consider these the "before" photos. I'll post photos as I tackle the "crust" on the outside. The inside actually looks pretty good and with some serious and deep cleaning it can be a really nice living space. Of course, I've been living in an RV full time since 2006 so perhaps I see something others would not.

Rain is in the forecast tomorrow so we will learn if the Alpenlite has any leaks. We looked carefully for evidence of leaks and didn't find any. The cleaning starts tomorrow as well as checking the systems.

I found a golf cart for GwenThe cart need a thorough cleaning


Friday, October 8, 2020: Our friends, Bud and Anita, dropped by and mentioned our friend, Joy, wanted to sell her golf cart at a good price. Gwen and mentioned only the day before how she would like to have a golf cart to run around our RV park. Since we are spending the winter in Oregon, it sounds like a good idea. This is a 2002 electric model. It has good tires and a "pickup" bed but needs new batteries and a new canvas enclosure.

I think it will be something we can use but it definitely will be another machine which will need a lot of maintenance and repair. Click these photos for more views.

The donkey is dead Wendell's blueberry pancakes Barbeque and campfire
Wednesday, October 7, 2020: My day started with the death of Mr. Donkey. I'm not sure what's going on but Abby is taking apart all of her toys and my newspaper too. Next, I spotted Wendell and took him the bottle of red wine I promised because of his help with gazebo assembly. He immediately turned around and got me a batch of hot blueberry pancakes he had ready, yummy! In the middle of the day I took a nice bike ride. After the ride I got the barbeque ready to cook a hamburger and turned on the propane campfire to keep warm under the gazebo.
1989 Alpenlite
Tuesday, October 6, 2020: This is a 1989 Alpenlite manufactured in Yakima, Washington. No, we aren't about to buy another RV. My bicycle riding friend, Glen, has a daughter, Paige. Paige is 24 and renting a room with a roommate. She came up with the idea of getting her own trailer. I found this one in our park. It hasn't been used for five years so it's pretty "crusty" on the outside, about the same as the Alumascape we bought a few years ago. I showed this to Paige today because I believe, with a lot of hard work, it can be made into a nice living "apartment" for her. We will learn if she agrees.
The last roof panel to install The gazebo project is completed Propane campfire to keep warm
Monday, October 5, 2020: This is day three of the gazebo assembly project. I was able to complete the project by 1pm. Then I moved the table and chairs, spin bike and campfire under the roof. Each corner is bolted down to the patio frame using lag bolts except the one corner sitting only on the blocks. I have lots of extra blocks so I stacked blocks in that corner then used a steel cable to secure to the blocks. I doubt there is much of a chance a wind could carry it off. It weighs more than 500 lbs and with the double roof, air under the roof can escape. With all the extra bracing with this gazebo design and bolting the feet down, the gazebo is very stable and secure. After these photos were taken, I moved our barbeque and Gwen's lounging chair under the canopy by moving two table chairs to a different location. Gwen also added a nice Halloween decoration to the top of my blocks holding down the one corner. Click the three photos to enlarge.

A little progress today



Sunday, October 4, 2020: I was able to make some progress today on the gazebo assembly. I got some of the roof panels installed. I decided the roof panels are the most difficult part of this assembly. I was able to spend about four hours in assembly. Click on the photo for a wider view.

The most important part of this day, however, was a 39 mile ride with friends. A great Oregon ride in warm weather.

The gaxebo has arrived
This frame was only to protect the contents of the boxWendle has been a big help
Saturday, October 3, 2020: Our gazebo finally arrived. The box weighs nearly 600 lbs. This may be a 3 - 4 day project. The basic frame took all afternoon to complete with Gwen, Wendell and myself working on the project. Wendell has been our inspiration for the gazebo. He has one identical on his patio which gave us the idea for ours. So far I am very impressed with the quality of the material. The next step is to begin the roof but I have other plans for tomorrow afternoon. I'm not sure when we will have this completed. Click on the photos for more views.
The Turf has arrived at Home DepotThe turf is laid
Friday, October 2, 2020: We have been waiting for artificial turf to arrive at our local Home Depot. It is 12 feet wide and $24 per foot ($1.99 per square foot). I had to tie it to the roof of our Forester to transport which worked well. It laid out easily and was relatively easy to cut to the shape we wanted. It is tacked down using "landscape staples" which Home Depot did NOT have in stock. Fortunately I had anticipated the need and ordered from Amazon. The grass can look only as good as the sand underneath so give it a day or two for the sand to settle. Click the photos for more views. Abby likes the grass as much as she liked the sand.

Erik at Old Soul Pizza, Roseburg, Oregon

Thursday, October 1, 2020: Erik is my bicycle riding buddy and a solo performer. He was performing tonight at the Old Soul Pizza Restaurant in Roseburg, Oregon. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic he must stand in the parking lot to perform to eight outdoor tables. I happened to get a tiny table up front which made for good photos and a short video. Pass your pointer through this photo for a "rollover".

The pizza was good and so was Erik, I especially like the way he plays the guitar and often ask for guitar solos.

After pizza and Erik I went home to ride my trainer. Somehow I beat 137 other riders, they must be pretty weak.

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