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Itasca Meridian 40U
"Mz Ruby"

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Replace bedroom reading lights Is this the location for the router? Behind is securing a loose wall. Replace the ceiling exhaust fan
Removing 2 of 3 wall lamps to replace with pictures and shelves. Behind: baskets in the bathrooms. Adjustable shower head rod Connecting an external propane tank
Wednesday, November 7, 2018 (and November 6 and November 5): The little things and some big things continue to happen to Mz Ruby over the last three days. Top left, the bedroom reading lamps had to be changed. We moved the LED spot reading lamps we have had for several years. The existing lamps were controlled by ONE switch so both had to be on or off. With the spot lights (click the photo), they turn on/off individually. Additionally they dim individually. Next photo: I'm testing an area for the modem and weather station, it's a mess for now. Click that photo and you will see we had to adjust a bathroom wall. It was not secure to the tile so the door would not close correctly. I used E6000 glue to hold the wall to the tile then used a strap to hold the wall in place while the glue dries. Top right, the biggest job so far is to remove the existing high speed exhaust fan and replace with the variable speed fan I installed into Miss Dory last year. The existing fan has an on/off switch on the wall but the three speed fan control is on the fan itself. Additionally, the three speeds are all very similar so the fan is noisy and very annoying. The new fan is totally controlled with a hand held remote control. It has ten speeds from 10% to 100% and is very quiet even when on 100% speed. It also has a rain sensor. Bottom left, I'm removing two of the three accent lamps in the living area to replace with pictures and a small shelf. I've already moved our bathroom baskets from Miss Dory to Mz Ruby (click the photo). Bottom center: in each of the last three RVs I've installed a shower head rod so the head can be moved high or low. The existing shower head mount points the water at the door which makes it difficult to turn on the water then step into the shower once the water is warm. I mounted the rod on a side wall. Bottom right: Since owning a motorhome I've always had the pipe adjustment to have an external propane tank. With an external propane tank I rarely have to fill the onboard tank. I must drive the motorhome to the propane source to fill the onboard tank. With an external tank, I take the tank to the propane source, no need to move the motorhome. Mz Ruby came with a quick-connect on the onboard tank. I found a propane dealer in Blythe who custom made me a hose to fit the quick-connect and connect to my external tank. Click all photos for additional views. This is NOT everything which has been done over the last three days only the things I remembered to photograph.
Screen door crash door Soft landing toilet seat New towel bar

You can never have too many hooks.

Sunday, November 4, 2018: There are lots of little things which must be done to make Mz Ruby just RIGHT for us. And she will need a few BIG things too. We spent much time and money making Miss Dory just right so we have begun to remove from Miss Dory and install on Mz Ruby. The little things today were the screen door crash bar, the soft lowering toilet seat, a new towel bar in the shower room and lots of hooks in the bedroom. There is much to do and some jobs like moving two of the three solar panels will be major.

Ms Ruby is now ours

Tuesday, October 30, 2018: We have met with Mary and Mike. They are from Texas and have owned Ms Ruby from new for the last four years. They have done some REAL touring, putting 52,000 miles on their Itasca Meridian 40U. We found this motorhome to be perfect for our upgrade. We met them last night for dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico (click the photo). We spent today learning how to use the systems. This is a diesel pusher, our first diesel motorhome. We did own a diesel pickup for eleven years. I will show much more of this motorhome as we learn more ourselves. A word about the search: We first thought the 36M was for us but after seeing it switched to the 40U. There were very few in the US, about half a dozen. La Mesa RV had one in San Diego and we were interested. I read the Yelp reviews of four of the La Mesa dealers which frightened me away from dealing with them. I am aware that some of the reviews may be from competitors but enough seemed legitimate to look for an alternative. That's when I contacted Mary and Mike. They had exactly what we were looking for. We made arrangements over the phone and they agreed to meet us halfway. What a wonderful couple. We hope to remain friends and meet them again.

Winnebago Itasca Meridian 40U


Monday, October 29, 2018: We have searched for three months and thought the Winnebago Journey 36M would be our new motorhome. After walking through a 36M, we decided it would not be for us. We had also marked the Winnebago Journey 40U as top on the list. Fortunately, while parked at the Elks Club in Lake Havasu City we were able to tour a fellow Elks unit. It is an Itasca with the identical kitchen and living area floor plan as the 40U. Gwen came out of it saying "that's the one". The Itasca is made by Winnebago and equivalent to the Winnebago Journey. The Journey and Meridian are identical in every way. We have a meeting with the owner of this unit this week. Perhaps we will be the new owners soon. More about our search if we get this one. I mostly followed my advice from November, 2015. After reading this article, scroll up to December 14 and finish reading my advice.



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