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A rainy day activity170 pieces
Friday, May 22, 2020: I have had this kit for several months but decided it was time to drag it out and put together on a rainy day. So I worked on this kit for much of the day and possibly got half through the instruction book. I have most of the gears assembled so turning the gears into a clock should be happening next. Click the photos for larger views.

Kruse Farms Produce and Bakery

Thursday, May 21, 2020: Today is the opening day for Kruse Farms Produce.

They have the best fresh produce mostly from surrounding local farms. They also have the best pies plus specialty sauces, preserves and salsas.

We wanted to be one of the first to visit to learn what was available on day one.

This is one better choice about ten miles from us is a "U-Pick Farm" with all sorts of vegetables which can not be any fresher.

Kirkland Brats


Tuesday, May 19, 2020: Just had to show this discovery from Costco. These are Kirkland Brats cooked on our barbeque. They are delicious with great flavor. We only found them a couple of days ago while looking for something which would be quick and easy to fix for lunch or a lite dinner. They are totally raw so take a while on the barbeque but we have learned to barbeque them ahead of time then reheat ... that makes this meal quick.

Roseburg Farmer's MarketK9Crack


Saturday, May 16, 2020: Abby and I took a drive to the Roseburg Farmer's Market today. We have always heard good things about it but never visited. That changed today. It is early in the season so I was expecting much in homegrown vegetables but I was wrong. There were lots of leafy and in ground vegetables (like beats) available. It was well attended and seemed like many were buying something. The first thing I saw was the sign at the left which required all vendors to wear masks, I was wearing mine. As it turned out, only 20% of the vendors were wearing masks. Very few customers were wearing masts, too. Click both photos for more views. The only thing I bought was a bag of treats for Abby. I got her a bag of dried sweat potato. According to the vendor, she would love them. The vendor gave me a sample of dried liver which I gave to Abby when I returned to the car. These treats are so dry I'm not sure they have an odor so Abby didn't accept the liver at first but eventually chomped it down. The sweat potato, on the other hand, was a different story. She has no interest in it at all. We'll keep trying since these were expensive treats. I did stop at Costco on the way home to buy ME a treat, poppy seed muffins. Both Abby and I liked those!

Calapooia Creek
Wednesday, May 13, 2020: Another rainy day so Gwen, Abby and I take a drive to the east out of Sutherlin. It wasn't long before we started to climb into the mountains and found ourselves following Calapooia Creek upstream. We have been this way several years ago but not since. The pavement goes for 16 miles before it turns to gravel/dirt. The first third looks like a remote rural farming area. Click the photo for one of the rural homes on the top of a nearby knoll. The last third looks a little more like driving into the movie "Deliverance". Since it is raining we turned around at the end of the pavement. According to Google maps the gravel road continues another 45 minutes to Hiway 138 where we will meet Glide. We will have to try this road when the road is not muddy. We noticed electricity and mail deliver to the end of the pavement. There is a different feel to this road because it is not a loop, it is out and back so feels more remote.
Cooper Creek Reservoir
Monday, May 11, 2020: Today's adventure was a trip, short trip, to Cooper Creek Reservoir. It is located up a short valley about 1/2 mile to the east of Timber Valley RV Park. Unfortunately the park trail leads toward the lake but stops about 100 yards short of the dam. Click the photo for another view. I also took this one and this one too. Then I flew over the lake with the drone. The lake is only a half mile from the park but the drive to the lake is through south Sutherlin and is three miles long.

Toketee FallsAmateur wire walker

Saturday, May 9, 2020: Gwen, Abby and I drove east on Hiway 138 toward Crater Lake to meet Gwen's daughter, Lesa and grandson, Dustin. We had a picnic at Toketee Lake with perfect weather. That is where I flew my drone to explore the lake. The lake is formed on the North Umpqua River, the second longest river in Oregon (don't count the Columbia River since it borders both Oregon and Washington). The Willamette is the longest Oregon river. Be sure to watch the video especially to catch the second half.

After lunch, we hiked to Toketee Falls, about 45 minutes one-way. When we arrived we were treated with amateur wire walking over the river and in front of the falls. There was a group of half a dozen wire walkers, it was this fellows turn.

Click both photos for enlarged views.

Photos for the Timber Valley Facebook Page


Friday, May 8, 2020: After a trip to Roseburg for groceries I worked on a new responsibility.

Timber Valley SKP RV Park has a Facebook page which was begun 2-1/2 years ago by a friend. He handed the administrative duties to his wife and she has grown tired of being an administrator. They asked me to volunteer to take over the duties. After a short discussion yesterday, I agreed.

I noticed the "Cover Photo" for the page did not exist. Today I took my drone to the field opposite the office to get the office in the photo with much of the park in the background.

Then I flew up the street to get a photo of the clubhouse with more of the park in the background. Click this photo to see the clubhouse photo.

I plan to use these photos as "Cover Photos" for the Facebook page. I've created several photos from the drone flight.

After the drone flight I walked some of the park looking for flowers to photograph. I'm thinking ahead to a time this next winter when I'm in Arizona. I will need new cover photos then and I won't be here to take them. So now I have ten cover photos and plan to get another ten, at least, over the summer.

"Milk Moon" over the park


Wednesday, May 6, 2020: Tonight's photo of the moon because this is the last super moon of the year. This moon is known by various names. I've heard it called the "Milk Moon" but it is also known as the "Full Flower Moon", Corn Planting Moon", and "Mother's Moon".

My activities today were to search for cycling items I can donate to the youth cycle group and clean out my cycling gear at the same time.

Next, I used much of the day to repair a pressure sprayer so we can use it to spray the weeds on the lot. I tested the sprayer by filling with water and giving water to all our new potted plants.

The rest of the day was playing with Abby so she will sleep well tonight.

Barbeque on Cinco de MayoBarbequed Chicken


Tuesday, May 5, 2020: I spent my morning string trimming the hill behind our lot. It must be done at least twice each year depending upon the amount of rain.

Once that was done, Gwen and I decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by getting tacos at Friday BBQ. Once I saw the menu, however (click the photo on the left to see the menu), I decided on a chicken barbeque sandwich with fried onions and garlic slaw on top. This is a drive-up restaurant so no problem with COVID-19 seating. We were in line about twenty minutes to get our food but they were very quick once they had our order.

I also took a pair of bicycle riding shorts with me and donated them to a youth cycling group. I wear bib shorts exclusively so plan to donate whatever shorts I have to the group.

Cleaning the utility side of the lotThe Leap!

Monday, May 4, 2020: I spent the entire day cleaning and organizing the utility side of the lot.

The cleaning and organizing included finding and repairing a tiny freshwater leak. It included rerouting the sewer, freshwater and electrical lines. I also refilled the exterior propane tank. I untangled the hoses located inside the freshwater compartment. Finally, I raked all the gravel to make it more even.

Abby started something new today, leaping from the floor into my lap. This makes it pretty difficult to drink my morning coffee. I might have a dog in my lap at any moment. It is one thing to have a 23 pound dog leap into your lap but different when she is 65 pounds. She is 14 weeks today. I rushed to catch her in a selfie which is not easy to do!

Click both photos for enlarged views.

Our name plate on the shedMy hat is customized by Abby

Sunday, May 3, 2020: It was probably 15 years ago we had this sign made by a company in Rogue River, Oregon. "Morgan" and "Annie" were hanging under our names but since both are gone we needed a new hang, "Abby". I tried to contact the Rogue River company without any luck so I contacted a sign company in Roseburg. They promised they could make an "Abby". It was finally finished and hung.

Some folks will pay extra for a "weathered" baseball cap but Abby will "weather" it for free!

Corner is mostly finishedWorking in the corner

Saturday, May 2, 2020: In between the rain showers Gwen mostly finished her plan for the corner of our lot. We did add a ceramic bird bath which is not in the photo and moved the flag thinking it might keep the birds away. We used the rubber mush again. We happen to have the river rock on hand, just moved it from the back of the lot to the front. The posts were added to the planter boxes to hold deer netting over the flowers. Without the netting, the deer and rabbits would eat the flowers.

Rubber mulch Spreading the mulch


Monday, April 27, 2020: Gwen has been looking for a bark to spread along the edge of our upper deck. She had not been able to find what she was looking for until our visit to Costco.

She found something unexpected, rubber mulch which had just the look she was wanting. This was cedar colored and made from recycled tires.

Apparently the main use is for a ground cover under playground equipment. It offers better protection when children fall.

But in this case, it was just what Gwen wanted. Click the photos for more views.

Drone view of our space at Timber Valley
Sunday, April 26, 2020: I finally had a day to get my drone connected to the new phone. All the setting had to be done a second time for the new phone. I'm really pleased because the new Samsung S20 Ultra is much brighter and it's much easier to see where I'm flying. This drone view will give you a much better idea of what the Timber Valley Escapee Park is like. The lot size can't be beat, much larger than most RV parks. Click this photo for a wider view. Here is the view which Abby likes. Here is a 5 minute flight over the park.
The parts to the gazeboRebar spike used to secure corners

Gazebo finished


Friday and Saturday, April 24/25, 2020: I bought a portable gazebo at one of our favorite stores, BiMart. It will provide a cool location to complete summer projects. I purchased this style thinking it was more stable than the pop-up style canopy of the same size. This one measures 10 x 10 feet. I like the idea of the corner design, seems better than a thin single leg of the canopy style. It took two days to complete mostly because it was my first time and the instructions called for two people to erect but I did it alone. I set the side away from the shed onto 2 x 4s to help level it. The light aluminum pegs provided with the kit are pathetic for something this size. I used my 18" rebar spikes to secure each corner. The instructions want the canopy removed in wind so I'm anxious to learn how it acts in the wind. It does well in the rain.

You can get a good view of the hill behind our lot that Abby likes to climb. You'll see the overhead line she is attached to in some of the photos. Click all photos for more views.

Walking the park Spring in the park Ferns in the park
Thursday, April 23, 2020: Gwen and I walked around our park for the first time since we arrived in Oregon. Our park is full of spring flowers and I took photos of a few. Click each photo for another view.

The deck is finally finished



Sunday, April 19, 2020: We made a trip to Roseburg today to pick up groceries at Fred Meyer. Gwen orders groceries online then a few days later they are delivered to our car in the Fred Meyer parking lot. It's a handy way to grocery shop without actually entering the store.

After the Fred Meyer parking lot, we made a quick stop at Home Depot to pick up the board I needed to finish the steps.

The rest of the afternoon I finished the steps then stained the deck. Once the stain is dry, it's ready for use.

Note the shelf for the potted plant and the solar light mounted on the corner.

Click the photo to enlarge.

Welcome to FFA Plant SaleDeck is nearly finished


Saturday, April 18, 2020: Our Sutherlin FFA has a plant sale in April every year. This year, like every year, the selection is spectacular and also very popular. I got online the very first day of the sale and nearly everything was already sold. I was still able to get some plants for Gwen. I believe she plans to put them into the new flower boxes. I drove to pick them us this morning. I was greeted at the "check-in" table by this dinosaur. It is a unique way to have a face/body shield to block the COVID-19 virus. She gave me the paperwork and the next stop gave me the plants and I was on my way.

I spent the rest of the day finishing the deck. It is completed except for the two steps where I need the lumber. Also we plan to put a sealing stain to preserve the wood. Click the deck photo to enlarge.

Yes, Abby wants to help but usually gets herself tangled in her leash.

In line at Home DepotThe frame has come together.

Friday, April 17, 2020: The new project for today is a small 3 x 5 foot deck and stair off the door of Mz Ruby. I had to stand in line for entry into Home Depot, maybe 15 minutes. The material turned out to be a heavy load for the lightweight rack on the Subaru. Click the left photo.

The frame came together pretty quickly. I used pressure treated lumber for the base then Cedar for the deck and steps. As it turns out, I was one ten foot Cedar board short for the steps so will finish them another day. I only have one 2 x 4 Cedar board for the railing so probably short on the railing too. I hope to finish most, if not all, tomorrow then use deck stain to water proof. Click the right photo to learn how far I got today.

Shopping for materials at Home Depot Mitred corners Pilot hole for 3" deck screw

Planter box assembly


Thursday, April 16, 2020: Gwen requested two planter boxes be made for our side yard. She showed me several she liked which were in the hundred dollar range. I thought I could make what she wanted much cheaper. That changed once we got to Home Depot and I had to pay $120 for cedar. That made each box $60 and I had to do a day of labor to build them. This would give me practice for the cedar deck and steps I plan to make for the Mz Ruby.

I bought 2 x 6 cedar for the frame and ripped them in half giving about 2-3/4" wide boards for top and bottom of the boxes. I cut a rabbet in these frame boards to inset the sides and hold the bottom boards. I mitred these and routered the edges for a more professional look. I drilled a pilot hole for one three inch deck screw in each corner. I also used wood glue on the corners.

I used rough cut cedar fence boards for the sides cut 13" tall. These were attached using my pneumatic staple gun which made it easy and fast.

I suggested to Gwen using pots inside the boxes rather than filling with potting soil. She has chosen to line with plastic then fill with potting soil. I hope we get some nice flowers.

Click all photos for another view.

The day began gloomy


Sunday, April 5, 2020: The temperature this morning read 44° with the Dew Point at 42° . I wrote my kids with that information and asked, "What does this mean?" Then I sent them this photo. My son, Joe, answered, "Fog"! That's why I always report the dew point in my weather observations. I actually saw the dew point in negative numbers in Arizona. It seemed the dew point was always close to the temperature in the summer midwest.

Click the photo to see what I was doing today. I unloaded the storage shed of the summer patio furniture. You can also see an overhead line with a leash attached to it. This 100 foot line is attached to a tree up the hill then to our awning arm closest to the road. Abby's leash is attached to the dangling leash giving her a 100 foot run. She likes going up the hill to play in the grass at the top then she'll run down the hill at full speed to the front of Ms Ruby. She is on a harness at the time, not connected to a neck collar.

Later this afternoon we had a fifteen minute cloud burst with thunder, lightening and hail. It was the most rain I've seen in fifteen minutes here at the park and anytime during our midwest trip last summer.

Home Base in Sutherlin, Oregon
Saturday, April 4, 2020: We have returned to home base due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which has shut most everything down. It has also kept friends and families from visiting so we are back to home base six weeks before our planned return date. Today was a stormy day bringing rain with more rain forecast for tomorrow. Abby is liking the new surrounding and liking the hill behind Ms Ruby to climb then slide down. We will get out the patio furniture when the rain stops. Click the photo for a panorama of the park around Ms Ruby.


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