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Cycling and Kayaking While Full Time RVing
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Activities for RVeCafe  
Georgetown Lake dam road Joining the San Gabriel River bike trails Historic Georgetown cemetery
Sunday, November 10, 2019: Nice ride to the bike trails along the San Gabriel River in Georgetown, Texas. Since this is a Sunday the trails were busy with hikers, other than that, this was a perfect ride with perfect weather. The trail had one very steep section but the bike made the climb easily. Click the photos for more views.
Ride to Florence, Texas
Saturday, November 2, 2019: This is my longest ride since I began riding again. This was a great ride into rural Texas onto single lane paved roads. The main roads on the route had at least 10 foot shoulders another plus. Additionally, the asphalt on the route was pretty smooth. I planned ahead and had a small ham and cheese wrap which I ate in Florence. Perfect weather. The only negative, about ten miles into the ride a bubble bee (at least it felt like a bumble bee when I flicked it away) landed on my lower lip and began biting (or stinging). That hurt and bothered me the rest of the ride with my lip swelling triple size. By the end of the ride the swelling was reduced somewhat but still stinging. This is such I nice ride, I'll try to do it again someday before we leave. Click the photos for a view of the route.
Thursday, October 31, 2019: Check out the new Widget above from Ride With GPS a new APP I'm trying with cycling. While traveling I'm always in a new area. An APP which would help me find good cycling routes would be helpful. This APP promises to be that help. It tells me when and where to make turns to follow a preplanned route and their are many route published by other cyclists. I can also create a route myself by outlining the route on the map. Of course it also has a "Widget" I can use to publish my rides on this Webpage.

Steep hills and deep dipsRiding in Missouri

Thursday, October 17, 2019: We are parked at the Ruark Bluff East Corp of Engineers Park near Greenfield, Missouri. The park is on Stockton Lake. I've not seen the horse and buggy warning sign since Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I didn't see any Amish today. I rode into Greenfield, 25 mile round trip, which is the county seat of Dade county. They have a nice looking courthouse but the business buildings around the courthouse are old and mostly empty. The road between the campground and Greenfield was rolling hills with deep dips and steep hills. I kept my Ebike at the second level of assist standing on the steep climbs rather than shifting into a higher assist level. That worked to get me to the top of the hills. Very nice 70 degree weather today with little wind. It was interesting exploring Greenfield, not as clean and organized as some of the Wisconsin towns I explored. Click the photos for more views. The previous ride was 30 miles and I had not charged the battery. It was at 66% when I began the ride. After 25 miles, the total was 55 miles and the battery showed 35%.

Tahoe Pyramid Trail Joe in front Dale and Joe
Joe and Scott, always behind 64 steps Crossing the Truckee
Sunday, October 6, 2019: Joe, Scott and I decide to ride the newly finished Tahoe Pyramid Trail between Hirschdale, California and Verdi, Nevada. I was thinking of a nice paved trail down the scenic Truckee River Canyon but instead, it was a full on mountain bike trail. This is an incredible trail from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake, 114 mile trail. I borrowed one of Scott's bikes. I was very interested in the trail since we often stay in Verdi while visiting the Reno area. Unfortunately, the second half of this trail (the part closest to Verdi) may be a little too crude for my bike. I have ridden the trail east into Reno and that will be better on my bike. Today's ride ended with a "Dale's Pale Ale" provided by Scott. Click all photos for additional views. Also, watch the short video I made of the ride.

Riding back to Columbia


Wednesday, September 25, 2019: While Mz Ruby is waiting to get a diagnosis, I take myself for a ride back into Columbia. I actually find the Hominy Creek Trail again which leads to Steven's Lake and Park. So this time I wasn't lost and did not have to stop to look at the map or ask Google Maps to save me again. Gwen drove off this morning to get away from all the noise and activity around Freightliner and I forgot to get my helmet out of the car so I am using her helmet. Click the photo for an interesting old car I found. While riding Steven's Lake I also found Columbia's idea of Stonehenge. It is so easy to create a ride animation, I did it again. You'll see that I am ten miles outside of Columbia. You'll also see where I took the photos.

Hominy Trail




Monday, September 23, 2019: Today I spent 2-1/2 hours mostly lost in Columbia, Missouri trying to find the Hominy Creek Trail. By the time I found the trail I had learned it was only about three miles long but it took me ten miles to find the trail. Now that I knew the trail was short, I took all the side connecting trails no matter how short or how long. That added to the mileage but by the time I found my way back to where I had started it showed only 21 miles on my trip computer so I rode on down the road another ten miles to get a decent ride. So there was nothing linear about this ride. It was all over the place with spikes like a cactus. Here is an animation of my ride. Still, this was a fun ride and I felt great at the end of the 31.5 mile ride. It took longer because of the many times I stopped to consult the map. Click the photo for another view.
The Katy Trail Trailhead nearest to Columbia Huck Finn slept here The trail is closed due to flooding
Evidence of flooding, sand bags to protect the neighborhoodLewis and Clark slept hereThursday, September 19, 2019: Missouri has a state park called Katy Trail State Park. It is 240 miles long and the state takes responsibility for the trail. I started at the McBaine Trailhead, the closest to Columbia. I met a large group of riders who where taking six days to ride the entire trail. They were riding from one bed and breakfast to another. I later learned that there are a lot of B&Bs along the trail. I had planned to ride 30 miles to Boonville but learned from the group, the trail was closed nine miles from this point due to flooding. There were no signs so I decided to see for myself. In nine miles I found the signs and sent Gwen a text telling her to meet me at the Columbia Visitor's Center at the end of the MKT Trail which would give me a 27 mile ride. The Katy Trail is along the Missouri River in this sections so it was my first view of the Missouri River. Lewis and Clark followed the Missouri River in their exploration to the west and I came across a marker showing one of their campsites. There was also evidence along the trail of floods threatening some of the neighborhoods. I found a wall of sand bags which looked like they may have held back the Missouri at one time. Here is an animation of my ride today. Click all the photos for more views.
I found the MKT Trail in Columbia

Lots of bridges on the routePassing lakes along the way

Wednesday, September 18, 2019: Another great ride today in Columbia, Missouri. I went looking the the MKT Trail (Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad). It is a short, ten mile, trail which connects the center of Columbia to the Katy Trail a 240 mile long trail through the center of Missouri. On my way to finding the MKT Trial I stopped by the Mizzou Stadium. I had hoped to attend the Tigers game with South Carolina this weekend but the forecast is for rain and I can think of other ways to spend four hours other than sitting in the rain. But I still wanted to see the stadium (click the top photo) and imagine what it is going to be on Saturday at 3pm. Here is an animation of the ride I did today. I'll admit to being lost about half the ride and ended up saving myself by using Google maps. I did find a mosque is downtown Columbia, my first mosque. It has been a hot day so the sweat poured of me. I weighed myself after the ride just for fun and I lost four pounds during the ride. Click these photos for more views.
Riding the MRT

Sunday, September 15, 2019: We are visiting Clark's Ferry, Corp of Engineers Park a few miles downstream from Davenport, Iowa. I drove into Davenport today and rode the MRT, Mississippi River Trail, Davenport Section. It is a well maintained, paved trail along the shores of the Mississippi River. The river seemed high to me and there were several sections where the water was just reaching the trail pavement. You can see a new bridge construction between Davenport and Moline, Illinois in the distance. Click the photo for a panorama of another section of the trail. Also, the trail turned onto an island for several miles and the bridge to get there seemed new. Here is an animation of today's ride.

I need to explain about the pedal assist bike I ride. I must be pedaling to get any "assistance". The harder I push on the pedals, the more assistance I get. If I lightly push, I get next to no assistance. So I get the same workout as with a non-assist bike, but I'm going farther and faster. I'm making my mind think I'm in better condition than I really am by riding this bike but I'm getting into BETTER condition while riding. I hope to transfer my conditioning to my road bike when I return to Oregon. This bike will carry me about 40 - 70 miles depending upon the terrain, with conditioning, my road bike will take me farther than that.


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