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Brook with her new bike


Tuesday, January 4, 2022: This is Brook with the bike I found for her. She plans to set the bike on a Wahoo Kickr just like mine. That's why she has the rear wheel off, it is ready for the Kickr as soon as it arrives. She has a giant screen TV and an Apple iPad to run Zwift. She is new to indoor cycling but is really excited about the exercise.

Riding a VV EventRiding the TdZ Warmup

Monday, January 3, 2022: I did two Zwift rides today. The first was the TdZ Warmup (Tour de Zwift) for the eight session event starting January 10. It was an information ride only to give you an idea of what it will be like since thousands of riders will likely do it. I rode in street clothes and with slippers, no cleated riding shoes. That's how easy it was for only 20 minutes.

The second ride was the first event with the VV (Virtual Velo) group. I have done "Meetups" with them which are always "KET" (Keep Everyone Together) so if you start to fall behind, the magnet effect of the group pulls you up to the group. With an event such as this, no KET. Once the event started, I was left alone within 30 seconds. They were riding at 2.5 w/kg and above with the leaders at 4.0 w/kg. I usually ride at 1.8 w/kg (watts per kilogram of weight so a power measurement). I simple can't keep up with a group riding at 2.5 w/kg and above. I did the entire ride along although I was ranked 7th/9 riders. I never saw number 8 and 9. I switched to a triathlon bike hoping for more speed but it didn't help much. Click the photos for more views.

Riding with Ben and GlenRoute Complete

Sunday, January 2, 2021: This day began with a Zwift ride with son Ben and friend Glen. Fortunately a shorter and easier ride than the two 2 hour rides we did last week. This one was a little less than an hour. Click these two photos for more views.

After the ride, Gwen, Abby and I drove to Grants Pass, about an hour plus twenty minutes to meet up with Brook to deliver her bike. I failed to get a photo of her with the bike but hoping she will send me one.

After returning, we watched the Packers run over the Vikings in Sunday night football.

Climbing the AlpsReaching the top

Thursday, December 30, 2021: This was a bicycle kind of day. My son, Ben created a Meetup on Zwift for us today to start at 9:30 this morning. He chose a very difficult route, "Road to Sky". It is only 18 km long but 1100 meters (3609 feet) of climbing. Much of the climb had a grade more than 10%. Ben has only been riding Zwift about two months so this was a brave choice on his part. It took us two hours to complete the route. Two hours on a trainer is like 4 hours riding the road. We both felt this ride.

After our morning on Zwift I began working on the bike I picked up for Brook. It is a wonderful bike but in need of a minor tuneup including so deep cleaning, new pedals, new chain and double checking the shifting. The bike I found for Brook to use on her Wahoo Kickr Trainer (when she gets one) is an interesting bike. It is a Specialized Sirrus which seems to have been designed for touring. It has rack braise-ons, cantilever brakes, triple chainrings, and 700 x 28 tires. It will make an excellent bike for the Wahoo Kickr Trainer. It will be ready by Sunday when Brook will pick it up. Click the photos for more views.

My riding companionStormy view



Friday, December 24, 2021 (Christmas Eve): I rode again this morning and Maise was my riding partner. Maise is Dave and Brooks dog.

This has been a very stormy day so my view of the ocean was rough.

This ride, I was able to ride with my friend Glen and son Joe on Zwift today which made it special.

Missing plugKickr setup with a view

Tuesday, December 21, 2021: We had breakfast at our favorite breakfast location in Brookings, Natties Pancake House. Once breakfast was complete Gwen did some shopping while Abby and I waited in the car. When Gwen returned, I took Gwen home while Abby and I went to a local pet shop to use their dog wash station.

Dave and Brook gave me a key to their house and told me where I could set up my bike and Kickr. Have you ever packed for a vacation and wondered if you got everything you needed? Once I set up the bike and Kickr, I was ready to plug in but the electrical cord I needed is still back in Sutherlin under the gazebo. I remembered a Goodwill store in Brookings and knew they would have what I needed. Unfortunately all the cords were marked $6.99 which I believed to be outrageous. After searching every cord I found one for $4.99 and it looked brand new. Sold! Now with the right cord, my bike and Kickr are set up with a great view of the ocean. Click the photo for a better view of what I was seeing. Everything worked perfectly so I rode for an hour plus ten minutes. My goal is to ride every day until we must leave on Monday.

Riding to Bullards Beach Lighthouse Bandon Beach Bullards Beach Lighthouse in the distance
Friday, December 17, 2021: First, let me say it was not a good idea to bring either the bike or my Kickr. We have had so much rain it has been impossible to keep the bike dry until I discovered the bike frame with no wheels will easily sit in the basement of the motorhome. However, the chain has turned to rust already. I don't dare get the Kickr out of the basement for fear it could be damaged. Today was the first day in two weeks where the weather was good enough to ride the roads. I took the route to the lighthouse across from Bandon in the Bullards Beach State Park. Then I rode a short distance on US 101 to Riverside Drive and on into Bandon and the views of the Bandon Beach. It was an 18 mile ride with damp roads but no rain. Click these photos for larger views.

Wahoo Kickr packed and readySunny road ride today

Monday, November 29, 2021: We are leaving tomorrow for a month on the Oregon Coast. I have packed the Wahoo Kickr and my CoOp bike is ready for a road ride or ready for a Kickr ride. Click on the Kickr photo to see the CoOp bike after I returned from today's ride.

Since my CoOp was off the Kickr, I did a road ride on this sunny but cold day for 18 miles. In the above photo the Plat I reservoir has been drained. Click the photo to enlarge and notice it is in focus. It certainly would NOT have been in focus with my Samsung S20 Ultra!


Riding with Ben


Friday, November 26, 2021: My son, Ben Has scheduled a Meetup each morning at 9 am for three days in a row beginning today. None of the rides are easy, all are a good workout of at least 50 minutes and more.

We stayed together the entire ride today and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's ride. I'm in the green and red stripped jersey while Ben is in the blue, Type T-1 jersey.

Tomorrow we have a volcano to climb.

Toes and Fingers are warmCold temperature riding


Monday, November 15, 2021: My road ride today began with a temperature of 47 degrees. This gave me the chance to find all my cold weather riding gear and make sure it all still fits. I haven't worn cold temperature gear in years but this year I plan to road ride when the pavement is not wet. 47 degrees is not that cold so it is another test to learn how much gear I will need to wear to stay comfortable. Today's outfit would be good to about 45°. Any colder and I would need a balaclava and possibly a vest. Today's ride was only 20 miles but very pleasant and comfortably warm. My head and ears were warm too. I did today's ride early because rain was forecast for noon. I finished a bit after noon and the rain began about ten minutes later.

I am planning to ride with Glen tomorrow. Forecast is for a high temperature of 50° so today was a good practice for that ride.

Click these photos for another view.

The fields have turned green againLove the return of the green
Sunday, November 14, 2021: This was one of the few days with no rain or wind. That makes it an excellent day to do a real road ride rather than a Zwift ride. Glen joined me for this 34 mile ride around the countryside through Driver Valley, the historic town of Oakland then Green Valley returning to Sutherlin via Wilcox Road. The green hills and valleys returned about a month ago with the amount of rain.
More ridingRiding Zwift
Thursday and Friday, November 4 & 5, 2021: Rain, rain and more rain. My project needs a dry day so I can put the tablesaw outside. The only thing I can do is ride under the gazebo. Here's a couple of Zwift photos from my riding.
Oregon is turning green again
Friday, October 30, 2021: Oregon is slowly turning green again with recent rains. Click the photo for me at the Rochester Covered Bridge.
Norris Blueberry Fields
Thursday, October 28, 2021: My ride today took me by the Norris Blueberry Fields which have turned red. Click the photo for a closeup of the red leaves.

Plat I Reservoir has been drainedFound the sqeak

Wednesday, October 27, 2021: Just a week ago I replaced 30 year old pedals thinking they were failing by making a squeaking noise even after lubrication. I did a road ride today since the streets were dry and the new pedals installed. About a mile into the ride my left pedal began to squeak as before. I'm thinking, "Damn, it wasn't the pedal!" I begin to wonder, Is it a loose crank arm? the bottom bracket? the chain? or worse, something in the motor? I begin to experiment to learn the source of the squeak. After a short while, I discover it is my shoe hitting the rubber harness on my cadence sensor located on the left crank arm. A simple problem with a simple solution, just move the cadence sensor. I was not feeling very good about replacing pedals which did not need replacing. My friends, Erik and Glen are happy I have the new SPD pedals saying I "have joined the 21st century".

The ride today was cool, low 60s but felt really good to be on the road again. Now that I know where the pedal squeak is coming from and how easy it will be to fix, the riding seems normal again.

Tablet kicked off the tableTablet on the handlebars

Monday, October 25, 2021: While visiting my son, Joe, he got the idea of mounting his tablet to his handlebars to view Zwift Companion while Zwifting.

When I returned to Sutherlin I decided to do the same to keep from knocking my tablet onto the floor under my bike.

So now I have a nice big Companion view on my handlebars while I use "Screen View" on my phone to mirror Zwift onto a 42" TV in front of me.

The Zwifting situation is ideal except for the unpredictable weather while riding under the gazebo.

Type font is so small must have a magnifing glassSPD style pedals



Friday, October 22, 2021: I have used Speedplay Frog pedals for 30 years. They have begun to make noise which lubrication has not fixed. My choice was to upgrade them to SPD pedals rather than replacing bearings on the Frogs.

It was an easy install.

So far, I like them better than the Frogs. They are easy in and easy out compared to the Frogs.

The instructions had such a small font I had to use a magnifing glass to read them.

Ready to rideSouth Umpqua River
Saturday, October 2, 2021: This day was forecast to be 53° at 10 am warming to 60° by noon. However, the reality between 10 and 1 pm, 47° to as high as 53°. This was a scheduled club ride of about 40 miles on all new roads for me. So it was a cool, sometimes cold ride but not unbearable. This was a ride to the southeast of Roseburg, an area I have not ridden previously. The pavement was good with a few steep 12° ascents. The riding in rural Oregon is always good with little traffic and great farm and ranch scenery.

Coles Valley Loop



Wednesday, September 29, 2021: This was a good 35 mile ride with nearly perfect riding weather. 52 degrees so a bit chilly but sweating on the ascents and freezing on the descents. As the ride went on, the temperature warmed.

This ride is one of my favorites with two steep ascents, one short and the other long. My pedals were squeaking so it sounded like a bird was following the route. I have fixed that now so no more birds following me.

I made a video to remind me of the great riding in Oregon since we spend the winters in Arizona.

Click this photo to see a view of the Umpqua River on this route. We had rain the last couple of days so the river level is higher today.

Zwift riding today
Monday, September 27, 2021: It is raining today so I did a Zwift ride with the ZZRC group. For some reason the riders don't like red socks so if you can find the rider with red socks, that is me. This ride was right at my limit averaging 2.0 w/kg (watts of power per kilogram of body weight). There are riders which can do much better, as much as 5 - 6 w/kg. I can't average any better than 2.0 w/kg. The name in yellow, R. Smalley is the leader of the group and currently behind the rider group I'm in. You can see he is from the UK. Today, for the first time, I tried the APP which allows the riders to listen and talk with the other riders. However, I could understand only about 20% of what I heard due to the British accent of the riders. I did introduce myself and told where I was riding. No one was impressed and I was only acknowledged when I thanked the leaders for the ride. My guess is the British could NOT understand my OREGON accent. This is a good group to ride with because they ride at my level and usually without much climbing and the sixty minute ride is the right length for me. Click the photo to see the report at the end of today's ride.
Battle Rock in Port Orford Erik waiting for the Umpqua ice cream Glen promised Cape Blanco Lighthouse
Saturday, September 11, 2021: Glen, Erik and I chose to drive out of the heat and smoke to the coast for the Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway. This is one of the Oregon Scenic Bikeway routes which begins in Port Orford. We arrived and began to ride at 10 am. The forecast promised no higher than 65° but a wind from the north at 18 mph. I believe the wind was actually greater than forecast. The first half of the ride follows the Elk River up a gentle climb into the coast mountains. The route turns around at the distant bridge crossing the Elk River. It returns to Highway 101, heads north then west to the Cape Blanco Lighthouse where we experienced the full force of the wind. This has been a great ride with Erik and Glen with a reward at the end of fish and chips at the Crazy Norwegian Cafe in Port Orford. Click the photos for more views.
Barry caught me on a climb
Thursday, September 9, 2021: I did a 34 mile ride today. While climbing Oak Hill early in the ride, Barry caught me. I have ridden with Barry one other time when climbing McKenzie Pass a few months back. Barry lives in Roseburg and we just happen to be on the same road riding in the same direction today. Barry is 79 years old and a very strong rider. I could not keep up with him on the hills, he would out-climb me. On the worst climb, Cole Road, he was a good 400 yards ahead, reached the top then turned around to come find me, lagging behind. Barry rode with me much of my route before he parted for home. I can't use my age as an excuse! Barry had a heart valve replacement two years ago. I guess I need a new heart valve to keep up with him. Click the photo to see a view of the valley where we were riding.

Marc shares a bikepack presentation


Wednesday, September 8, 2021: Last night was our annual Umpqua Velo Cycling Club business meeting where officers are elected and end of the year planning takes place.

After the business meeting portion, one of the members, Marc, shared his bikepack trip done this summer. His trip was only 50 miles short of 1,000 miles looping around southeastern Oregon. This route also has 45,000 feet of climbing with a full camping load on the bike. His daily riding ranged from 80 to 120 miles, far more than I could do especially when he did it day after day in hot temperatures.

I learned about the Outdoor Research Echo hoody. It is a lightweight hoody used to keep the sun off arms, neck and ears. I also learned about Warm Showers. Warm Showers is an organization of like minded bikepackers, bicycle tourists and their supporters. A touring cyclist can find a host for accommodations while traveling.

Marc gave a great presentation. It was obvious how much he enjoys touring by bicycle and camping much of the time. Some of the areas where he traveled on this tour were very remote in the desert or mountain areas. That means he must carry everything needed with no stores along the way for supplies.

Click the photo for a view of our meeting area.


Kanipe Park is the first stopRiding my CoOp bikeMonday, September 6, 2021 (Labor Day): Today's ride was different for me. I took by CoOp bike off the trainer where I do Zwift rides and prepared it for road riding. I'm wanting to get an idea of my physical condition without the assistance from my eBike. I started on a 30 mile ride but chose to extend it to 50 miles when I reached the 20 mile mark. I'm definitely slower on the hills. The last time I did a comparison, I was 14% slower on the CoOp bike. When I'm riding alone, slower doesn't matter. When I'm riding with others like Glen and Erik, I want to be able to keep up with them. The CoOp bike has plenty of gears so the hills are not intimidating but having to use lower gears means moving slowly when climbing. Riding on level ground and descending seems about the same as the eBike.

My first stop was the Mildred Kanipe County Park where Peacocks roam free and there is water to refill my water bottles plus a restroom. As I arrived a couple was entertaining a flock of Peacocks. Click the sign to see what they are doing. I finished the ride today after riding past the historic Wilcox house. Click my photo to see the Wilcox property.

Helping to serve at the Century Rest Stop
Riders taking a breakA tandem trikeSunday, September 5, 2021: This is the day of the Vineyard Tour Century Ride presented by the Umpqua Velo Cycling Club. I helped with the Henry's Winery Rest stop. This tour has several different routes from short 15 mile route to 100 miles. I learned all of the routes use Henry's as a rest stop so we were busy early. There was a large variety of riders and bicycles as well as a huge range of ages doing the ride. I was surprised to see a lot of older riders my age or older. I talked to as many riders as I had time for. They had come from distant locations. Some from Southern California, Redding, California, Portland, Oregon, Bend, Oregon, and one from Seattle, Washington. Unfortunately the wildfire smoke returned during most of the ride. It cleared again late in the afternoon as it did yesterday. I heard lots of good comments from the riders and from the volunteers. I enjoyed my day visiting with riders and the other volunteers. Click the photos for more views.
Thick smoke hides the nearby mountains

Riding in the smokeCan't get enough air through the mask


Saturday, September 4, 2021: This has been the most wildfire smoky day this year. The smoke was so thick, the nearby mountains have disappeared. I decided to try to Zwift ride with my particle mask in place. I learned I just couldn't get enough air through the mask to ride for more than 20 minutes.

Gwen took the photos and claimed I was turning blue. Maybe it was just the smoke between me and her camera.

Fortunately the smoke has cleared for the Umpqua Velo Century Ride tomorrow. I will be helping by servicing the riders at one of the rest stops.

The Garmin Varia Varia Graphic on the Hammerhead Bright strobe rear light

My new thermal jerseyMonday, August 30, 2021: Today was a couple of firsts. I wore my new thermal jersey today. It was a warm 56 degrees compared to the ride on Saturday which was only 44 degrees much of the ride. Too warm really for this thermal jersey but I wanted to try it out. In colder weather, say 40 degrees and cooler, what really gets cold when riding are toes, fingers and ears so I would need to protect them in really cold weather riding.

The second first is the use of my new Garmin Varia. It is a bright, rear, strobe light but much more. It has what Garmin says is "radar" to detect vehicles approaching from the rear. I have found it detects cars, trucks and motorcycles. Once detected, I get an alert tone and a visual graphic on my Hammerhead computer. A vehicle shows up in a yellow stripe on the left side of the screen. The vehicle moves higher on the screen as it gets closer. If there is more than one vehicle, multiple vehicles are shown on the stripe. Once all have passed, the stripe turns green for a few seconds before it disappears. You can see I wear a rear view mirror on my helmet but about one third of the cars passing me I have not noticed until they are next to me. My friend Jami introduced me to the Varia and he does not wear a mirror. I intend to continue with the mirror. It is nice to know of the cars behind me but I also want to know they are giving me space so I still want to watch them as they get closer.

Today's ride was 35 miles ending with getting to see the north bound train. It has a tanker car behind the engines spraying water to be sure the engine do not start any fires in these very dry conditions. Click the photos for more views.

Sunrise bike ride Sunrise over the North Umpqua River The Atom, a good rest stop

Glen at the top of Buckhorn PassErik at the top of Buckhorn PassSaturday, August 28, 2021: Today was another metric century with friends, Glen and Erik. This time it was from Sutherlin to the little town of Glide in the Cascade Foothills. Round trip including a stop at Glen's house in Roseburg was exactly a metric century (62.3 miles) with some good climbing in between.

This was an unusual weather day. We started early, 6:30 am with sunrise about 7:15 am. It was 51° when I left Sutherlin but the temperature dropped as we began the climb toward Glide to 44°. We arrived at The Atom at 8:30am and the temperature was still only 48°. It didn't bother Glen or me, but seemed to bother Erik even though he had a jacket. The Atom makes the climb to Glide worthwhile! I had a large Mocha and toasted bagel with cream cheese. Glen and Erik had Americanos. That drink and bagel always gives me the energy to hop back on the bike and finish the ride strongly. Riding in cooler weather feels very good especially on the ascents when we are working hard. It can be a little chilly on the descents. Click the photos for more views.

Lighthouse Cafe
Thursday, August 26, 2021: A nice 25 mile loop ride today with the Lighthouse Cafe in the middle of the ride. The cafe is open only Thursday, Friday and Saturday so this was my lucky day. Click to see a new feature on my Karoo 2 cycling computer. My friend Glen taught me how to change the settings so the name of the road appears with the direction of the turn. Before Glen's instruction, I saw only the arrow.
We started early Historic School House near Mildred Kanipe Park Someone spent a lot of time decorating this fence
We reached Yoncalla for a treatIn Elkhead valleySaturday, August 21, 2021: My friend Glen and I rode the Yoncalla Metric Century this morning. This is some of the most scenic riding in Oregon and by far the least amount of traffic. A metric century is 100 kilometers or 62.13 miles. We did a bit more than that at 64.5 miles. We rewarded ourselves with a snack at 39 miles when we reached Yoncalla. The Main Street Espresso makes very good drinks and excellent bakery items. Glen had a Cranberry scone while I had a cinnamon roll plus we both had coffee drinks. This ride included 3,800 feet of climbing so we added a trip to the "taco truck" at the end of the ride. We both got vegetarian burritos while we checked our ride statistics on our Hammerhead Karoo 2 cycling computers. Our friend Erik would have ridden with us but he was on a backpacking trip with his son. Our friend Jami would also have ridden with us but he has moved to Colorado. We miss him already. My plan is to prepare for a full 100 mile century. I asked Glen at the end of this ride if he could do another 35.5 miles? We answered "yes". Now we just need a cool day on Thursday, Friday or Saturday (the days the Lighthouse Cafe is open because it is on the 100 mile route). This ride took 4.5 hours so I figure 100 miles will likely take 7 to 8 hours. When I was younger, I could do a century in six hours, but no more. Click these photos for more views.
Oakland, Oregon Historic Oakland Oakland Wine Tasting
Wednesday, August 18, 2021: Gwen and I did some major shopping today at Albertsons, Sherms Market, Oregon Recycle, Safeway and finally at Costco. The refrigerator is full so we believe we did a good job. Before the shopping I did the Driver Valley Loop counter clockwise which ends through the historic town of Oakland. Not much happening in Oakland today. In the early 20th century it was a very busy little town with a railroad station and major supply location for this area. Some new money has come into Oakland but so far it looks like a losing cause. Perfect weather today for a ride.
Checo River in Southern Oregon Nice new asphalt for at least ten miles Karoo 2 climbing screen

Riding as far as gravel


Wednesday, August 11, 2021: Our first day in Brookings took me on the North Bank Chetco Road until the pavement turned to gravel. The road has next to no shoulder but the traffic is light. The road passes the Alfred A. Loeb State Park which is full of campers this time of year. It boarders the Chetco River. The road is parallel to the river the entire route. Once the road passes the state park there is new asphalt until you reach gravel, so ten miles of new asphalt making for a nice smooth ride. There was 1700 feet of climbing but most were gentle ascents making this a very pleasant ride. There are lots of campers at the wide spots in the river. The river is very low but still enough water for fishing and kayaking. Click all these photos for more views. This was my first ride on my new Selle Anatomica X2 saddle. It is advertised to be the most comfortable saddle and I would have to agree with that statement. It is different feel from all the previous saddles I've ridden. This saddle "cradles" you between the nose and butt of the saddle which felt odd at first but comfortable. I was in the saddle for 2.25 hours, 34 miles with 1700 feet of climbing and it felt good the whole ride.

Original CoOp saddle eleven years of wear on my road bike saddle The new Selle Anatomica X2
Monday, August 9, 2021: After a Zwift ride early this morning I played musical saddles between my two bikes. The saddle on the left came stock with the CoOp bike. It looks new because the previous owner did not ride much and I haven't put many mile on the CoOp either. It sells for $20. The saddle in the middle is my favorite road bike saddle. It has eleven years of wear on it. It is beginning to show its age but very comfortable. I believe I paid $175 for it eleven years ago. The saddle on the right is a Selle Anatomica X2, hand made of leather in California. It will be a rather expensive experiment. I paid $132 to it. I didn't have time today to make all the fine adjustments to get it just right. That will have to wait until Wednesday. The road bike saddle is now on the CoOp bike. The X2 is on the eBike and the first saddle is on a shelf in my shed. After musical saddles I got everything ready on the motorhome to travel tomorrow. I just need to disconnect the utilities and we are headed to the cool coast. A heat wave is forecast with temperatures as high as 104° in Sutherlin.

Today's ridersToday's ride

Saturday, August 7, 2021: My riding buddies all have jobs so their only day to ride is Saturday or Sunday. Erik had volunteered to help the high school band today so we rode early and we were done with our 36 mile ride by 9 am. It was a familiar route although not one I usually do because it is a ways from Sutherlin. We crossed the South Umpqua River once, the Umpqua River once and the North Umpqua river once plus lots more scenery and the temperature was never above 70°. Jami is moving to Colorado so today was my last ride with him. Click these photos to enlarge. After the ride, I drove to Costco and bought a new TV for the inside of the motorhome. I bought it because it was on sale and because I intend to move the Gazebo TV to the outside of the motorhome. That leaves no TV for the Gazebo. Instead of buying another Gazebo TV, I bought a slightly larger ROKU TV for the motorhome. I'll move the current motorhome TV to the Gazebo giving a larger TV in the Gazebo. I use the Gazebo TV for my Zwift rides, Gwen likes watching TV in the evening outside because it's cooler and very pleasant. The articulated arm I ordered for the new TV will not arrive until Monday so there will be a delay in the installation.

a pot to boil a chain

Thursday, August 5, 2021: I went shopping at St. Vincent de Paul today for a small pan to melt wax. I also found some tongs. One pan, 25¢, tongs 50¢, so for 75¢ I have a small six inch pan to melt wax and tongs. I need to melt wax because Erik and Stan have talked me into lubricating my chain with wax. Wax helps keep the chain clean, no black fingers if you have to touch the chain. Today, I melted the wax and soaked a clean chain. I removed the current chain from the Yamaha bike then replaced the chain with the new waxed chain. The first ride will be on Saturday, I'm riding on Zwift tomorrow morning.

Single lane on Oak HillFishing on the Umpqua River

Tuesday, August 3, 2021: I have begun a routine of road riding one day and Zwift riding the next. Yesterday was a Zwift ride. Today the weather was much more favorable with cooler temperatures making today's 35 mile road ride very nice. I rode one of my favorite routes to Rogers Road over Oak Hill to the Norris Blue Berry Farm then by Henry's Winery where I will be stationed during the Umpqua Velo Vineyard Century Ride. Then I followed Hubbard Creek Road into Coles Valley back to the Lighthouse Cafe and onto Cole Road. That took me to Wilcox Road and eventually through the Rochester Covered Bridge. After riding toward Oakland I intersected Highway 99 back to Sutherlin. The temperature was 66° at the beginning of the ride and 75° at the end of the ride. Perfect riding conditions. Click these two photos for larger views.

First stop on the tour Cavitt Creek Covered Bridge BLM rules for Cavitt Creek
Swimming hole at Cavitt Creek Stan's idea of camping food Monster's nearby
Saturday and Sunday, July 31 and August 1, 2021: This was a 76 mile round trip bikepack to Cavitt Creek Falls Campground. The route takes me up North Bank Road to Glide, Oregon where I stopped at my favorite coffee shop in Glide, The Atom. By the time I got to Glide on Saturday morning it was already 80 degrees so I chose a blended Mocha drink, yummy. The Peel Country Store was only ten miles further and a good place to grab a lunch item before arriving at the campground a bit after 1 pm. My buddy's, Stan and Erik got a late start so I set up my hammock and chair in the shade to relax. Before they arrived, I walked the campground to find the swimming hole and talk with the campground host. Erik's wife and kids arrived just before Erik and Stan. They brought an ice chest of cold drinks which were very welcome. The kids went swimming while Erik, Stan and I caught up on the day's ride stories. Erik and Stan had tents and slept on gravel while I found the two best trees for my hammock and slept very well off the ground. We were up early and on the road again by 8 am to avoid the heat. I was anxious to visit "The Atom" again for a good cup of coffee and bagel for breakfast. We were all back home to air conditioning by 11 am. Click the photos for more views.
Bike is packed
Thursday, July 29, 2021: After an early morning ride, I installed my rack and panniers to prepare for an early morning start on Saturday. My riding buddies keep posting photos of their packed bikes so though I should get read too. Tomorrow morning, I'll do a Zwift ride on the CoOp bike. This bike feel pretty heavy with this load. Click the photo to see the bike packed from the rear.
Ready for a bikepacking trip
Wednesday, July 28, 2021: It has been more than 20 years since I have done any bikepacking. That is, riding with all my gear to a campground to camp for the night. I did that along the Oregon Coast the last time. Erik has planned a bikepacking overnight trip to a campground 34 miles from Sutherlin so I will be able to ride from home. Erik, Stan, Jami and me are planning to go, Glen refuses to go because he wants a motel room (funny). Fortunately I have all my backpacking gear and everything I need will fit into these two panniers plus the rack-top bag. It is only one night so I just need two meals. If it was more than one night I'd find it hard to put more meals into these two bags. I happen to find them, used, in Bend, Oregon as we passed through on our way to Idaho. They look identical to the bags I owned 25 years ago. They don't exactly fit my bike rack but I will improvise with zip ties. Our trip will begin on Saturday morning, returning Sunday morning. They guys have been packing and sending around photos of their bags strapped to their bikes. So here I am packed. I'll put the rack on the bike on Friday to be ready for the ride on Saturday.

Replacing the front wheel on the CoOpPaint for the project


Tuesday, July 27, 2021: My intention is to take the CoOp bike and the Wahoo Kickr trainer with us when we travel south in the fall. Since we are also taking Gwen's bike and my eBike, we simply don't have the room for another bike. My idea is to leave both CoOp wheels here since neither wheel is required when the bike is used on the trainer. If I disconnect the rear derailleur, take off the pedals and turn the handlebars to the side, I believe it will lay flat in the storage tray. I need some way to hold the front forks at the proper height when I'm using the bike on the trainer. I built the fork support today. It too will be taken apart for transportation and lay flat. The front axle hub is a thru axle which makes it easier to a fork support. Click the left photo to see how the fork support will work. I used whatever lumber I had on hand and used whatever paint was on hand. It turned out to be "Satin Fire Orange". Click the right photo to see the painting of the fork support.

Jami, Glen and Erik riding on Tyee Road next to the Umpqua River
Photographing the Umpqua RiverAlong the rideSaturday, July 24, 2021: Did a nice 50 mile ride today with Jami, Glen and Erik. We rode a route I chose, Glen usually does the route planning. This route took us through the historic town of Oakland then out Green Valley Road until it meets Hiway 138 to the coast. 138 is a busy road with little or not shoulder so we usually avoid it but this was a 3 mile run, all downhill which meant we were on 138 only ten minutes. The majority of the ride was on Tyee Road, a route parallel to the Umpqua River for at least 20 miles. The guys wanted a refreshment break at the Lighthouse Cafe on our route. Even though they had to stand in line for 30 minutes, they got bakery items, soup and cold drinks. I settled for my water bottles and energy bars. We started early so avoided the heat until leaving the Lighthouse Cafe when it was nearly 80 degrees. But this was the last 10 miles, no problem. Click the three photos for more views.
Riding Driver Valley On Guard Cooper Creek Park
Thursday, July 22, 2021: Riding Driver Valley loop but this time clockwise. It seems strange that the direction of the ride can make a difference. But today was a good example of the difference it can make. There was a strong wind coming from the northwest. In the clockwise loop a northwest wind meant I was struggling against it much of the time with little relief as I made the loop. Additionally, the wonderful descents I usually enjoyed were now ascents. I was in no hurry so took these photos. Click the three to see more.
The end of Hubbard Creek Road

Calapooia Creek entering the Umpqua RiverUmpqua Post Office


Tuesday, July 20, 2021: 53 mile ride today which I titled, "To the end of Hubbard Creek Road". The end is when Hubbard Creek Road turns to gravel which is at mile 24. It is a popular ride because much of it is in the shade, it is very lightly traveled, follows the Umpqua River then follows Hubbard Creek. I returned through the town of Oakland near Sutherlin. On the return ride, much of the ride follows the Calapooia Creek. Very scenic ride but a bit warm since I got a late start. Click the photos for more views.

Climbing information from my K2 Fishing the Umpqua River Apparently only Friday services
Unexpected view
Sunday, July 18, 2021: Nice 34 mile ride this morning. Watching the climbs on the new K2 computer. An example of one climb in the photo above. You can see the "Upcoming Elevation" profile. Fortunately, the reward at the top of climbing is the steep descent on the other side of the hill. Lots of fisherman on the Umpqua River, many in kayaks. Behind the Coles Valley Church is the Henry Estates Vineyard Tasting Room. This is significant because I have volunteered to help with the Umpqua Velo Club's Vineyard Century Ride on September 5. I will be at the Henry Estates rest stop to make sure participants get the food and drinks they need. Finally, I came across this accident being worked by the Sutherlin Police and Fire Department. It was located only 200 yards from the Rochester Covered Bridge. I saw only one vehicle in the accident. I don't know any other details. Click the top three photos for more views.
Riding new roads in Douglas County

An area called Ten MileErik climbing


Friday, July 16, 2021: Erik and Glen took the day off work so we did a nice 60 mile ride into an area where I rarely ride. This area is southwest of Roseburg. I've been here maybe once before and some of today's roads were entirely new to me. We made an early start of 7 am to beat the heat. We added a treat to this ride by stopping at the Treat 42 Cafe for breakfast at mile 22. This was a nice break and gave me plenty of energy to finish the ride strong. Glen designed the route and sent it to each of us. I was able to use my new Hammerhead K2 computer to guide my turns and anticipate all the climbing and descents along this new route. Click all these photos for more views.


My new Hammerhead K2 has arrivedScreen can be customized



Thursday, July 15, 2021: My new Hammerhead Karoo 2 computer has arrived. I'm still learning how to make it do what I would like. The feature I have found which I like the best so far is the graph of the "Upcoming Elevation". It shows a graph of the two miles ahead indicating what the climbs or descents look like. It takes the surprises out of cycling the rural roads around Sutherlin. I am able to customize the screens to show exactly what I want to see. For example, heart rate, speed, cadence, elevation change and temperature plus much much more. I'll be learning all it can do over the next several months.

Trim an inch off the handlebar ends Replace worn brake pads Move the light off the handlebars
Tuesday, July 13, 2021: This was bicycle maintenance and remodel day. I first removed both wheels to do a thorough cleaning. Next, I decided to remove one inch from the ends of the handlebar making them 590 mm wide rather than the 640 mm currently. Since I ride exclusively on pavement, this will improve handling and less stress on my body. Next, after 1 year, 10 months and 4400 miles, it is time to replace the disc brake pads. The Shimano pads are easily removed, parts cleaned and new pads installed. I have installed a new mount to the front of the handlebar. It is for a new bicycle computer which should arrive on Thursday. Ten years ago I purchased a Hammerhead navigation computer as a Kickstarter to help the startup of a new company. I received that computer but never actually used it. That company has grown into producing one of the top bicycle computers in the world. It has been reviewed favorably and I ride at least once each week with Jami, an employee of the company. Jami told me of a substantial "loyalty" discount for those who supported the very first product. Well, that's me so I got a very good discount on the current model. It is called the Hammerhead Karoo 2. I'll show more after I get it. I purchased a special mount for the K2 which has an under mount for a light. I wanted the light off my handlebar so modified a GoPro mount to fit the light. It fits perfectly and frees up more space on the handlebar. Click all three photos for more views.

A morning workout with the guys


Saturday, July 10, 2021: Glen designed a morning workout route for us. (Click the photo to see the route)

Erik, Stan, Jami joined Glen and me on this route. We started early, 7 am, because today was a hot one.

In this photo we are standing on the bridge crossing the Umpqua River. It is right at the 15 mile mark on the map. We actually crossed the south Umpqua River at the 27 mile marker (out of view), and the North Umpqua River at mile marker 31.

We passed through the little village of Wilbur twice. Wilbur has a convenience store and post office plus a few other commercial buildings and a couple of manufacturers but no real retail or shopping areas.

Traffic was heavy on Garden Valley Blvd but light everywhere else.

The ride was completed before 10 am.


Oregon Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway Tour
July 4 - 8, 2021
Oregon Painted DesertWild flowers
5 am start time
Miles to go Erik on a climb At mile 36
Breakfast a Gravy Daves in Union, Oregon Nearing La Grande Our La Grande motel
On the tour back to Baker City Which way to turn Closer to Baker City
Erik at a scenic location Back to Baker City Side trip to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
Oregon Trail Interpretive CenterThe Oregon Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway is an official cycling route between Baker City and La Grande, Oregon. These are two cities in the far eastern part of Oregon. They are very hot in the summer so we started our tour at 5:30 in the mornings. There is no dedicated trail but the ride goes through the rural roads between the two cities with little traffic. The vehicles we did see gave us plenty of room to ride which we appreciated. The photos here do not do the scenery justice. The views were spectacular and the little villages and towns we passed through were interesting. We spent three nights in a motel. The first night at the Baker City Motel, nice, we would go back again on the third night. Night two was in the Rodeway Inn, La Grande. It was not one we would visit a second time. We enjoyed breakfast the first day at "Gravy Daves" in Union, mile 45 of 80 miles. Greek food was on the dinner menu after walking the historic district in La Grande. Breakfast on day two was at a little cafe in North Powder. Very good food there. All the restaurants had "Help Wanted" signs in the windows. Our last meal in Baker City was at "Barley Brown", a local favorite and well worth the 5 stars. This was after a quick trip to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. The outdoor exhibits were open of the center was closed due to the pandemic. We finish both days about noon so avoided the worst heat of the day. The tour was a big success with all three of us feeling good and strong and looking forward to the next adventure. It was a lot of driving, about 8 hours each driving day. We all agreed we would ride it again but earlier in the year. Click on all the photos for more views.
Our Saturday morning ridersCrossing the Umpqua River
Saturday, July 3, 2021: My friend, Glen, planned a 55 mile bike ride this morning with 3000 feet of climbing. Seven riders showed up for the ride. We started early, 7 am, to avoid the heat. The ride was finished by 11 am. We didn't hurry with several rest stops but did ride hard. Riders, from the left are Stefan, Kristen, Eric, Jami, Erik, Glen and myself, Dale. I believe it was my first time to ride with Eric and Stefan, both strong riders. I see Eric a lot on Zwift. Also, even though we rode a route near Sutherlin, it was my first time to ride to the end of Hubbard Creek Road. It may become my new favorite. Little to no traffic and lots of shade. Erik had a new bicycle computer, the Hammerhead. It provides more information than any phone APP or computer I've ever tried. Both Glen and I were very interested. Click these photos for more views. Our short, two day bicycle tour begins tomorrow with driving all day across the state. Riding begins on Monday.
Clockwise on the Driver Valley LoopOur club riders this evening
Wednesday, June 30, 2021: The Umpqua Velo Club ride this evening began in Sutherlin and took a familiar route that I ride at least once each week. The difference tonight was clockwise on the Driver Valley Loop and I always ride counter clockwise. This group rode hard tonight. The ride doesn't begin until 6 pm. Tonight was a two hour ride, 29 miles plus 1000 feet of climbing. Click the photos for more views. I rode with my rack and empty rack bag to learn of potential problems before our tour on Monday.
Riding along the North Umpqua River Well above the North Umpqua River A pleasant stop in Glide
Saturday, June 26, 2021: It's forecast to be 103 today so our bike ride began early. I rode with Glen, Erik, Jami and Stan. We all began our ride at 6 am from our respective homes. We met in Wilbur at the junction of Highway 99 and North Bank Road at 6:30. North Bank Road is parallel to the North Umpqua river so we got great views of the river for twenty miles as we rode to the tiny town of Glide. We had a destination in mind in Glide, a nice little coffee shop for some 8 am refreshment. After climbing to Glide we had a bit more climbing to do to the top of Buckhorn Pass. I caught this sign at the top of Buckhorn Pass which made me laugh because there are likely plenty of riders climbing the pass saying, "help me Jesus" as they climb. After reaching the summit, then a wonderful descent back into Roseburg arriving at 10:30. It was a 50 mile ride to beat the heat.
Historic School House Elkhead Entering Yoncalla
A 16 oz White Mocha revived me A tough climb out of Rice Hill A bit more than a metric century
Wednesday, June 23, 2021: I was determined to complete a metric century (100 Km) because I knew Glen and Erik had already completed one this year. I started early, 6:33 am, to beat the heat. I mapped out a route I called the Yoncalla Century because the tiny town of Yoncalla was at the halfway point. This route covered many of the roads I ride almost every day except for the distant roads near Yoncalla. All of the Elkhead area was new to me with some steep climbing. Also the climb out of Rice Hill had me looking for lower gears which I did not have. My body did well, especially after the 16 oz White Mocha I had in Yoncalla. This is a great route with virtually no traffic and great scenery. Click the photos for more views.

Riding Driver ValleyRiding with a train on its way to Sutherlin




Monday, June 21, 2021: I did a fitness ride today onto the Driver Valley Loop. I started early to avoid the heat. Today has been the hottest day in Sutherlin so far this year. This was a 27 mile ride in less than 2 hours.

I got the rare treat today of riding parallel with our morning train. Sutherlin gets a morning train heading south each day. They get another train in the evening heading north. Today's train was traveling at 12 mph and I ride faster than that so I was passing the cars slowly until I stopped to take a short video. When I reached Sutherlin the traffic was stopped due to the train making it easier to get through town.

Click both photos for more views.

Climbing to McKenzie Pass The Dee Wright Observatory After 4200 feet of climbing
Saturday, June 19, 2021: I was invited to go along on an Umpqua Velo Club ride to the top of McKenzie Pass. The pass road is closed to all but bicycles during the month of June making this ride a unique opportunity. We began the ride at the McKenzie Range Station, two miles from the entrance to the pass road. We climbed for 2.5 hours at 7 mph on a mostly shaded two lane road with 15 mph switchbacks. I learned the road has two gates. Unfortunately we had to ride 14 miles to get to the second closed to vehicle traffic gate. The first gate was open although not heavily traveled. There were many cyclists enjoying this ride and the uphill riders had to be on the watch out for riders descending at high speed. The round trip ride was 49 miles with 4200 feet of climbing. The Dee Wright Observatory is at the top built from lava rock. Click these photos for more views. Here is a short video to give you an idea of this great ride. Here is a story about early mail delivery in the area. Here is another story about road building in the area.
Riding early to avoid the heat Over 1600 feet of climbing on this route Top of Cole Road

Thursday, June 17, 2021: Today was forecast to be above 80 so I got a 10 am start on this ride. I was shooting for 30 miles and made 29.3 miles. This route is one of my favorite due to the lack of traffic and a good amount of climbing and descending. The Lighthouse Cafe is in the middle of the route in case refreshments are needed.

After the ride I fertilized our new vegetable plants, washed the car and tried to stay cool. Gwen and I had a comfortable dinner under our gazebo. Click the photos for more views.

Trying the new chain hanger tool Rack mounted and panniers fitted Unpqua Velo road ride this evening

Wednesday, June 16, 2021: I started this day by examining the rear tire. I've been losing air in that tire and needed to learn the reason why. It didn't take long to find air was leaking from the valve core. I tightened the core to fix that problem. Next, I mounted the rack anticipating the need for the rack in a couple weeks for a two day bike tour with Erik and Glen. I tried fitting the panniers for a future bikepack. I don't expect to need the panniers for the bike tour since we will stay in a motel. When it came time to replace the rear wheel I noticed the cassette was sliding back and forth. I took the cassette off learning that the cassette mount was sliding back and forth. I quickly learned the bearing retainer was reverse threaded, tightened the retainer and reassembled everything. Once the wheel was back on the bike, I didn't like the sound coming from the freewheel and it wasn't freewheeling the way it should. I took everything back off again. Disassembled everything but this time also disassembled the freewheel. I learned it was full of gunk and the three little locking pins where not moving freely. I cleaned up everything and lubricated with white lithium grease. I reassembled everything, mounted the wheel to the bike and everything now worked perfectly.

The Wednesday night Umpqua Velo Club ride was beginning only a mile from my location. They chose to ride one of my favorite routes, Driver Valley. At first I believed it too long of a ride since they weren't to begin the ride until 6 pm but these are all good riders and I think most covered the 24.5 miles in 90 minutes.

Click the photos for more views.

Axle adaptors for the CoOp bike


Tuesday, June 15, 2021: I finally got the needed axle adapters so I can mount the CoOp bike to the Wahoo Kickr Trainer. They work perfectly so took the first ride on the Kickr with the CoOp. Both work great but the new trainer has a learning curve for me to get use to. The adapters I needed were the quick release inserts shown on the left and right. I already had the thru axle adapters, top and bottom but now I will have extras.

Click the photo for a view of the CoOp mounted on the Kickr.

Gwen and I took the time to check out the new Brewery Restaurant in town, Backside Brewery. We shared a hamburger and taco since it was taco Tuesday.

Time to clean the tunnel mud from the bike



Monday, June 14, 2021: This entire day was used to setup home base. Awnings, utilities, sweeping, cleaning and getting the mail.

I still had time to begin the job of cleaning all the Hiawatha tunnel mud from the bike. It was caked on and covered everything including the internal workings of the derailleur.

Click the photo. The chain was also full of mud so I removed it and replaced with the original chain. It was not stretched so I had planned to install it for some more miles. I measured the muddy chain and found it was not stretched either. It is soaking to clean. I install it again later.

I'm anxious to see this when open When to visit A crude Fix-It station
Monday, June 7, 2021: I rode into Port Townsend today hoping to catch this "Non-Profit" bike shop open I'll have to catch them another day. You will find some interesting, historic homes by clicking on each photo.
First tunnel entrance
Dress warmly at first Lunch Stop The next tunnel entrance

Mud from the wet tunnelsBackside was the worstWednesday, June 2, 2021: Gwen and I rode the Trail of the Hiawatha on this hot June day. The Hiawatha is a "rail to trail" starting on the other side of Lookout pass in Montana. It is 15 miles long with ten tunnels, the first one is 1.6 miles long, and 7 trestles. The trail is gravel except for a thin layer of wet mud inside every tunnel.

We were warned to have good lights for the tunnels so we bought new headlamps at Costco. I wore mine through the first tunnel then decided my bike lamp was good enough. The headlamp was very uncomfortable with the helmet.

The trail is a 2% grade downhill with a shuttle at the bottom to transport riders back to the exit side of the first tunnel. Gwen took the shuttle, I rode back uphill the 15 miles. The best I could do on the 2% grade and gravel was 11.5 mph.

We had purchased sack lunches from the vendor so had our lunch along side the trail on the way down.

It was easy for me to imagine the excitement train passengers would have had traveling this route.

We began our ride at 9 am and finished at 2 pm. Seems like a long time for such a ride but we stopped often for photographs and I took a video. Click the photos above the muddy me photos for more views.

Rural Coeur d'Alene

Nice bike lane in town



Monday, May 31, 2021: This route took me into the rural area northwest of Coeur d'Alene. I found lots of Alfalfa and the small town of Rathdrum. I created the route on "Ride With GPS" hoping to find some remote rural roads with little traffic. I was only partially successful. About half the ride was quiet with little traffic. I did get to see areas I've not seen before. Click these two photos for more views.

On the North Idaho Centennial Trail riding east Lake Couer d'Alene with I-90 bridge Condos overlooking the lake

4 hours of riding todaySaturday, May 29, 2021: This time I rode east on the North Idaho Centennial Trail toward the downtown area of Couer d'Alene then on to Higgens Point. Higgens Point is the east end of the trail. This is the Saturday before Memorial Day so the trail, parks, beaches and ball fields are crowded. In addition, today's weather was a perfect 70 degrees with very little wind.

I wasn't rushing my ride, especially through the crowded areas. I stopped for photos and took video of the best areas.

I wore my Camelback pack for the first time this year as practice for the tour I have planned with Erik and Glen in early July. I also wore my sun sleeves for the first time. They are advertised to have a "cooling effect" but I didn't notice that. Perhaps they have to be wet to cool.

I spent nearly 4 hours on the bike to do 45.6 miles. That sounds like a lot but my friend Glen did 70 miles today. I'm going to have to work to keep up with him.

Click these photos for more views.

Here is the video of today's ride.

Riding the North Idaho Centennial Trail Almost to Spokane Hiding from the rain
Thursday, May 27, 2021: Yesterday was just an introduction to the North Idaho Centennial Trail. My intention today was to ride 40 miles, 20 miles toward Spokane then 20 back. However the dark clouds in the west finally gave way to rain at 18 miles so I turned around to try to beat the rain back to the comfort of the motorhome. My plan didn't work so I got rained on much of the 18 miles back. I had fought a 20+ MPH headwind (our current wind gust has been 25 mph) riding to Spokane but benefited greatly on the rush back. The trail is nice. 90% of the trail is off city streets so I hope to ride it again when the weather improves. On returning to the motorhome I learned Gwen had gone shopping and locked be out. I hunkered down under a slide, out of the rain, waiting for her to return. Click all photos for more views.

Riding the North Idaho Centennial Trail


Wednesday, May 26, 2021: Today I had the Forester tires rotated, and the oil changed. I also did some grocery shopping.

But I still had some time to explore the area and found the "Prairie Trail" which lead to the "North Idaho Centennial Trail". I only had an hour to ride (so 15 miles). That means about 7.5 miles on these two trails and 7.5 miles back. I hope to extend the ride tomorrow or in the next few days. The North Idaho Centennial Trail goes all the way to Spokane, Washington. It is nice to ride on a paved trail built for bicycles and runners. No traffic to worry about.

Riding the Wallowa Valley
Monday, May 24, 2021: Enterprise and Joseph have put together a cycling route around the Wallowa Valley. I rode the outer edge of the route for a total of 36 miles. It was a blustery, cloudy day with a temperature around 50. I was actually comfortable riding. The route takes the rider through Joseph twice (once going and once returning). Then the route takes the rider into the farm land. Lots of green grass which must be valuable because the farmers have purchased expensive irrigation equipment to irrigate the grass. There was no traffic in the rural areas. I made a short video to illustrate the ride and give you a feeling of the beautiful country side and mountains.
Riding the Twin Bridges Scenic Bike Route The mountains west of Bend First Aid for bikes

Riding through the tiny town of TumaloGwen brought lunchFriday, May 14, 2021: While visiting Bend Oregon, I chose to ride the Twin Bridges Scenic Bikeway. Oregon has put out an effort to attract bike rides with published "Scenic Bikeways" and the Twin Bridges route is one of those. It starts and ends in Bend, Oregon passing through horse country to the northwest and return through Tumalo plus Tumalo State Park on the Deschutes River.

The route passes hundreds of horse ranches. None were the "cheap" kind. Beautiful horses and ranch buildings to go with them.

The view of the mountains to the west is spectacular. I wouldn't want to be in this area if any of them ever become active again as did Mt. St. Helens a few miles to the northwest.

Gwen joined me at Tumalo State Park after I had finished 34 miles. She brought Abby and a good lunch plus nice cold water.

Click all these photos for additional views.

I have created a short video along the route. I was disappointed in the video because the camera angle is a little low. Since the camera is on my helmet, it is difficult to know the correct angle.

Oregon is green this time of year.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021: Another great day to ride in Oregon.

This time I put a little more effort into my eBike to make a better comparison with the new CoOp bike. I wanted approximately the same average heart rate for both bikes to indicate the same about of effort on both bikes.

I updated the chart below with today's ride. Perhaps it was the great weather and temperature but everything really felt good. The new data will give me a challenge for the next ride to best this data.

Click the photo for another Oregon view.

Using Simple Green as the degreaserCleaning Gwen's drive train

Monday, May 10, 2021: We have a multitude of things to do before leaving on Thursday.

Today I used Simple Green as my degreaser to clean the crude from Gwen's drive train. This bike hasn't been used much but it still collected crude which needs to be cleaned before lubricating.

I learned to use two nail brushes together to clean the chain by watching a video showing how to detail a bike. It seemed to work well. I bought the nail brushes at the dollar store.

Gwen doesn't do much riding but we have made reservations to ride the Trail of the Hiawatha on the Idaho/Montana border together in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to that ride.

Finally, made adjustments to make sure the gears are shifting smoothly.

Click the photos for more views.

My standard route for time and distance.


Saturday, May 8, 2021: Our friends Gary and Jeanne came to visit this afternoon. It's good to visit and make summer and winter plans for travel.

Before their visit I did another ride on my "standard time and distance" route. This time on the CoOp bike with road tires to compare to the gravel tires and to the eBike. I added today's ride to the chart I made earlier. I can't explain the data because I don't believe I can do as well on the CoOp bike as I do on the eBike. It has me worried since I couldn't keep up with the group ride on Wednesday. Maybe the eBike won't work to match their riding. It looks like my heart rate is lower on the eBike, so I'm not working as hard. Also I may have had a slight tailwind today. Perhaps I just need to work harder when riding the eBike. Whichever bike, I enjoy the ride! Click the map for a list of all the data and a ride profile.

Glen gave me a quick release Seat tube clamp removed The old clamp on the right, QR on the left Quick release seat tube clamp installed
Thursday, May 6, 2021: My friend Glen gave me a rear quick release skewer for the CoOp bike. Once I get the adapters needed for the Wahoo Kickr trainer the quick release skewer will make it easier and faster to install the bike on the trainer. I did think of another reason to not have a quick release, no handle to catch on brush as you ride the trails. I also installed a quick release clamp on the seat tube. I have no plans to be moving the saddle position while riding but I do like to remove the saddle when I carry the bike on the car. I did do a "recovery ride" today on the eBike. I actually had to make a few adjustments to match the CoOp fit. My average heartrate today was 128, while average heartrate yesterday was 145. Still, it felt like I was working hard.
Rid'n with the club
Wednesday, May 5, 2021: I took the CoOp on a 30 mile club ride tonight. I worked hard on my ride, enjoyed the ride in a new area but I couldn't keep up with the group. So I've learned my lesson to bring my eBike on club rides. It was a good ride into an area I don't usually ride. Erik was the leader and took us on a route I had often wondered about but never ridden. You can see the sun was getting pretty low in the evening sky, always a very dangerous time to ride but very little traffic. Click this photo for another view. I was the only rider on a hybrid bike, all the other riders had road bikes. I was riding above my anaerobic threshold, I'll bet they weren't even close to theirs.
Umpqua Velo Meeting

Gravel tire on the left, road tire on the rightTuesday, May 4, 2021: I changed to the road tires on the Co Op bike. I found the ride to be much different. Yes, the speed increased but a HUGE sacrifice in comfort and stability. I've always gone for speed but this was so noticeable it makes me wonder if I have made the right decision.

Tonight was the Umpqua Velo Club meeting in Roseburg, Oregon. We were scheduled to meet outside at the Backside Brewery but too crowded outside so they put us in the warehouse. This is an active cycling club with scheduled events for the whole summer. The next club ride is tomorrow night with my friend, Erik as the leader so I plan to participate. Tomorrow is forecast to be warm so an evening ride should be enjoyable.

My new-to-me Co Op CTY 2.2
Rear axle skewer Adjust handlebar height on the steer tube Replace the pedals
Gravel tiresMonday, May 3, 2021: I spent much of the day making adjustments to the new-to-me Co Op CTY 2.2 before making my first ride. This bike is sold by Recreational Equipment (REI) hence the "Co Op brand". I'll start my report by saying I am very pleased with my purchase. First, the few negatives: the shock fork turns out to be a spring rather than air fork, a method for REI to save money on the manufacture. Also the rear axle should have been a thru axle but REI saved money again by using a skewer. The front axle IS a thru axle. Now for the positives and adjustments. I began this morning with investigating the rear axle. I was hoping for thru axles but the drop-outs were obvious but no quick release lever. I learned a 5 mm allen wrench is needed to release the rear wheel skewer. Next, I aligned the rear brake caliper which was rubbing on one side, easy and quick to do. The handlebars were too high so I lowered them on the steer tube and flipped the stem over to make the angle down rather than up. I removed the mountain bike style pedals and replaced with my road pedals. I've been riding with this style pedal for 35 years and these pedals might actually be that old. This bike came with 40C width gravel tires with a maximum inflation to 50 lbs. My road tires (32C) will inflate to 100+ lbs. I will admit to liking the comfort and confidence I had immediately with the gravel tires. The ride was much more comfortable and knew I wouldn't lose control if riding from the pavement to a gravel shoulder when needed. However, comfort sacrifices speed so if I do much more road riding with this bike I will likely switch to road tires.

Compare eBike to Standard Bike
data from RideWithGPS


with road tires 5/11/21

Standard Bike
with gravel tires

Standard Bike
with road tires





Elevation Gain




Avg Mvg Speed




Moving Time




Riding Time




Time per mile




Avg Heartrate




Max Heartrate




Bike Weight




Looking at this data, you can see I was working harder on the Co Op bike as expected since I get a small assistance from the eBike. I was about 8% slower without the eBike. However, the question is, what effect the slower and heavier gravel tires had on the effort. That question will be answered another day when I put road tires on the Co Op bike. Click on all these photos for more views. Since my intention is to ride the Co Op bike exclusively on my Wahoo Kickr, how does it feel compared to the eBike? With the adjustments I made, it fits me perfectly and feels identical to the Yamaha eBike. My road ride today and any in the future is to test and compare ME as the only motor to the assisted bike.


Sunday, May 2, 2021: I have been looking for a used bike for some time in the same style as my eBike. Why another bike? I've spent the last couple of months with my eBike on a trainer. I don't want to be wearing out the expensive eBIke (assistance does NOT work on a trainer if you were wondering) on a trainer. I want a much cheaper bike permanently mounted on a trainer. When I say "permanently mounted", I really mean semi-permanently mounted. This bike has really good components, frame, wheels and shock fork. I could have made due with a much cheaper bike if I was going to leave it on the trainer. I'm anxious to try it on the road. This bike has triple chain rings with the smallest only 22 teeth. It also has a very wide range cassette, 11 - 36 teeth. That means with the chain on the 22 tooth chain ring and 36 tooth cog in the back, a super LOW gear for climbing steep hills. Additionally, the bike came with "gravel" tires. Gravel riding is becoming very popular. It's a cross between road riding and mountain biking. The difference, you are riding on a graded gravel road, not paved but not as technical as trail riding on a mountain bike. The real reason people are going to gravel riding is to get OFF paved highways with dangerous traffic. Even light traffic is dangerous. A gravel bike gets the cyclist off the dangerous roads. My friend Erik bought a "gravel bike" and has made good use of it. Additionally, when we did our traveling through Wisconsin, Minnesota and Missouri I found some great bike trails, all mostly compact gravel, not pavement. I can use this bike as a gravel bike should I choose.

It has a thru axle front wheel but the back wheel is something I haven't seen before so I will be taking it apart tomorrow. I will also be making other adjustments like adjusting the rear brake, replacing the pedals. adjusting seat height and eventually replacing the tires with road tires. I want to try the gravel tires tomorrow so road tires are in the future.

Jami joined our ride for the first time Glen is topping Metz Hill Finding carved masterpieces

Glen is fooling around with a carvingI am trying the figures in the patio areaSaturday, May 1, 2021: A great 45 mile ride today with three friends. I took my friends on one of my favorite routes and added a treat. At the ten mile mark I took them to see Ed and Mary. Ed and Mary do incredible log carving and I love showing friends the work that they do. The carvings are also priced well. My riding friends are Glen, Erik and Jami and they were amazed at the carving. They walked around taking lots of photos.

We continued our ride around Driver Valley Road and took a break at Mildred Kanipe County Park. The ride continued along Metz Hill Road where a 2500 acre Equestrian Resort is planned. We passed through Rochester covered bridge before arriving home. Jami wanted more riding so continued his ride to Roseburg. Glen and I rewarded ourselves with a meal and drink at the new Backside Brewery in downtown Sutherlin.

Rochester Covered BridgeNorris Blueberry FarmWednesday, April 28, 2021: Sutherlin is one of the very best road riding areas because the roads are nicely paved and the traffic is very light. I had a nice 27 mile ride today which passed the Norris Blueberry Farm and the Lighthouse Bakery & Cafe. Norris provides a lot of seasonal employment. The Lighthouse is a vegetarian restaurant with the best food for 60 miles around. Unfortunately they are open for bakery items, soup and drinks only for 3 days/week during the COVID pandemic. The Rochester Covered Bridge can easily be seen on several of my cycling routes. Click the photos for views of Norris Blueberry and of the Lighthouse.


Waiting for the ride to beginGreat rural riding

Saturday, April 24, 2021: This is an Umpqua Velo Bicycle Club Earth Day ride. Rain was forecast for the day but it never showed up so I rode from Sutherlin to the start point at Kruse Farms, 14 miles away. The club ride began at Kruse Farms to Lighthouse Bakery and Cafe returning the Kruse Farms, a total of 26 miles. I left Lighthouse Bakery and returned to Sutherlin for a total of 38 miles. As it turned out, the weather was perfect for riding. Those who returned to Kruse Farms complained about the headwind but I didn't experience anything unusual. A photo of the group is behind the left photo, just click to see it. A photo of the Umpqua River is behind the right photo, just click that photo.

From 11 speed to 9 speed 9 speed installed Bike back on the trainer
Thursday, April 22, 2021: The Wahoo Kickr I bought came with an 11 speed cassette. My bike is a 9 speed. That means my rear derailleur and shift lever is set up to match a 9 speed, not an 11 speed. I ordered and received a 9 speed cassette today. It is a simple matter to remove and replace the 11 speed. Once the bike is mounted back onto the Kickr, a slight derailleur adjustment was made to match the new cassette. That adjustment will likely have to be reversed for the cassette on the wheel. I will admit to looking for another used bike specifically to keep on the Kickr. I don't want to carry another bike as we travel so I will still need to be able to put this bike on the Kickr when we travel. Everything is working fine, I'm able to shift through all the gears. Click the photos for more views.

North and South Umpqua meet


Wednesday, April 21, 2021: Nice Umpqua Velo Wednesday night ride with three friends. The Umpqua Velo Bicycle Club is a cycling group in Roseburg and around of both road bike and mountain bike cyclists. Bill was the leader of the ride, Erik and Glen came along to challenge Bill and me. The photo at the right is where the North and South Umpqua Rivers join to form the Umpqua River, the second largest river in Oregon. Click the photo for a view of the four of us.

It is a single gear until I get a new cassetteMy new Wahoo Kickr smart trainer

Sunday, April 18, 2021: My friend Glen, found a used Wahoo Kickr advertised on Facebook. Both he and I have been looking for one since I would like to have a smart trainer similar to his. This turned out to be a good deal since it is a version 4, 2 versions newer than Glen's, and for the same price Glen paid for his. Unfortunately, it was in Bend, Oregon, a 3.5 hour drive. Glen talked me into going for it and even offered to drive his vehicle.

It is set up for my Yamaha eBike but my bike power assist works like a regular bike with the power off. In fact, it will not work at all on the trainer. There is a sensor in the rear wheel which must be present for the assist to work. The rear wheel is removed to mount the bike to the trainer.

The trainer came with an eleven speed cassette. My Yamaha is a nine speed so the rear derailleur and chain do not match the trainer cassette. I can't shift gears. I have ordered a nine speed cassette for the trainer. I also made a wedge to place between the brake pads on the rear disc brakes. I've done a couple of single speed rides and the trainer is working fine.

I agreed to replace Dave's wheel bearings Using White Lithium Grease for the new bearings Replace the cones
Friday, April 2, 2021: When checking over Gwen's son Dave's bike we learned the front wheel bearings were very rough. It's been 31 years since I last replaced bicycle wheel bearings but I still remembered how to do it. After walking (Gwen had the car) to two auto parts stores I found a bike shop with bearings. The auto parts store had NO bearings. I cleaned out the races and cones. I filled the races with White Lithium Grease and used tweezers to place the new bearings. I reset the cones and adjusted with a cone wrench. Click the photos for more views.
The Elk River Road near Port Orford Road narrows Nice canopy of trees
Wednesday, March 31, 2021: Erik turned me on to the "Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway" near Port Orford, Oregon. It is advertised as a bike trail but very little of it is actually a "trail". The part I rode (35 miles) is a rural county road (Elk River Road) and forest service road. It is paved but becomes single lane in about 8 miles. After the first 4 - 5 miles there is very little traffic. The scenery along the Elk River is unbeatable. All you hear is the sound of the water as it comes down the narrow canyon. There is an RV park about 3 miles up the road and a forest service campground near the end of the pavement. The area is remote, not cell towers and no services so bring a lunch for a picnic along the Elk River shore. Click on these photos for more views.

New asphalt is nice and smoothNorth Bank Chetco River Road

Saturday, March 27, 2021: Our first full day in Brookings, Oregon. I found the North Bank Chetco River Road which follows the Chetco River to the east. Riding east the traffic was lite, riding west on the way back, much more traffic. This is a busy weekend due to spring break.

I will definitely want to spend more time on this road and area. At 7.5 miles the road turns to single lane with new asphalt. I need to spend some riding time on that asphalt. I rode out to 10 miles then turned around to give a total of a 20 mile ride. Click these photos for more views.

The Oregon State Beavers are playing in the March Madness Sweet Sixteen today so I must get back quickly. As it turned out, the Beavers won and are moving on to the Elite 8.

Spokes are the right length Removing the cassette almost finished
Monday, March 15, 2021: It's time to replace the broken spoke. The first step was to check the length of the new spokes to be sure I ordered the correct length. The broken spoke is on the right, new spoke on the left, perfect length. I removed the wheel from the frame and removed the tire and tube. The brake rotor and cassette were easily removed with the right tools. Both had to be removed to be able to feed the new spoke onto the hub. The nipple must be turned clockwise onto the spoke. The nipple is slotted so easy to start using a flat blade screw driver. It can be confusing when using a spoke wrench knowing which way to turn the nipple but just think of threading it like a nut onto a bolt. Tightening the spoke brought the wheel back into true. Had I owned a truing stand I would have made the wheel perfect but it was darn close so chose not to visit a friend who owned a truing stand. Click all three photos for more views.
Riding from Rogue River to MedfordBear Creek Greenway
Sunday, March 14, 2021: Today is a cold, wet day so I'll share the wonderful ride from yesterday. Gwen's goal today was to meet her daughter at Hobby Lobby in Medford. I chose to ride my bike from the city of Rogue River to the Medford Hobby Lobby, about 1.5 hours riding time. Most of the riding was on rural roads but I discovered so bike trails along the way. On the left is the old Gold Hill bridge crossing the Rogue River toward the tiny town of Gold Hill. A new-to-me bike trail passed under the bridge. This trail was about 5 miles long and got me off the road. The only climbing was between Gold Hill and Central Point where I dropped back down and caught the northern most section of the Bear Creek Greenway (BCG). The BCG is 20 miles long stretching from the southern most Oregon town of Ashland to the northern section above Central Point. I was able to stay off the roads until reaching my turn-off toward Hobby Lobby. After an hour and thirty-five minutes, I arrived at Hobby Lobby. Click these photos for more views along the ride. The weather was perfect in the high 40s, low 50s at the end of the ride.

Tools to fix the broken spokeGwen will use the spin bike

Wednesday, March 10, 2021: I was going to sell the spin bike but Gwen decided she wanted to use it. Maybe she will get excited about the workouts.

The tools I need to fix the broken spoke on my bike have arrived. I need to remove both the cassette and brake rotor before replacing the spoke. These are the two tools needed to do that. The tool on the bottom left fits the brake rotor lock ring to release the rotor. It also fits the lock ring on the cassette. Getting both these out of the way allows me to push the new spoke through the hole in the hub, interweave with the other spokes and attach to the rim.

The spokes are due to arrive on Saturday, I'm hoping they will arrive early because we aren't going to be home on Saturday. If that's the case, I won't be able to fix the spoke until Monday. The wheel actually doesn't have much of a wobble so I've been riding the bike on the borrowed trainer. There is a lot more tension onto the spokes on either side of the missing spoke because they now carry an extra load. It might be a good idea to change them when I replace the broken spoke.

Broken spoke on the rear wheelGlen loaned me his dumb trainer

Monday, March 8, 2021: My friend Glen loaned me his "dumb" trainer with his Wahoo Speed sensor so I can continue using Zwift. My spin bike has unexplained, sudden problems with connecting to Zwift. My goal is to replace the spin bike with a "smart" trainer such as the one Glen just bought. It is portable and can go with us when we travel. I visited Glen yesterday to try out this trainer to be sure it fit my bike. While testing the trainer, we noticed the rear wheel was not true (it wobbled). So today I got out my spoke wrench with the plan to true the wheel. However, I quickly found the reason for the wobble, a broken spoke. I had to make a decision, do I buy the tools needed to replace a spoke (both the brake rotor and the 9 speed cassette must be removed and I don't have the tool to remove them). Also, once the spoke is replaced, the wheel must be trued. It would be much easier to true with a truing stand. So, do I buy the tools and spokes and do the work myself, or pay a bike shop to do it. The price of the tools and parts is $32 not including a truing stand. A bike shop should charge about an hour for this work if I take them a wheel with no tire saving them time. I chose to order the tools and parts thinking I would be prepared when the next spoke breaks and knowing I will likely need the same tools to make cassette changes when I find the right smart trainer. I owned a bike shop for a few years about 30 years ago so I'm hoping wheel truing comes back to me.

I squeezed the bike and trainer into my shop/shed. I already have a fan in the shop and an articulated TV mount for the TV currently hanging in the gazebo. Yes, it is an eBike but the assistance is left off. My ride with the guys tonight went very well. The stool in front of the bike helps me get onto the bike since it is raised off the floor.

Riding 74 km on a spin bike Riding with Zwift Happy Birthday to me
Monday, February 22, 2021: Happy Birthday to me. I decided to ride 74 kilometers on Zwift in honor of reaching the age of 74 today. Since it's raining, it took 2 hours and 42 minutes on my spin bike to make the 74 km. This was non-stop with an average heart rate of 134. I only burned 1500 calories for an almost 3 hour ride, doesn't seem fair. I'm sure I will have more calories than that with cake and ice cream. Perhaps next year I must ride 75 miles rather than kilometers. I was afraid I couldn't walk after a ride that long. Anyway, now I've got the bug to sell my Echelon Spin Bike and get the Wahoo Kikr like my friend, Glen. Maybe next year the Kikr will make it easier. Anyway, it was an enjoyable ride and the time went by quickly. I listened to Spotify "Discover Weekly" where Spotify picks the tunes trying to match my musical interest. They did a good job today with lots of blues, saxophone, clarinet and trumpet blues and jazz. Click the photos for more views.
Longest Ride on Zwift to date
Tuesday, January 26, 2021: Raining all day again today so I found an event sponsored by Focus Bikes. It was a 26.4 mile ride so the longest I've done using Zwift. It's also the longest time on the spin bike. The "Achievement" I earned is called "Marathoner" but in checking the badges, there is an "Achievement" with the title 100 clicks or 100 km. That would be 2.5 times this ride or about 4 hours on the spin bike. I've done that long on my real bike but the thought of spending 4 hours on my spin bike hurts to think about it.
Tour de Zwift
Tuesday, January 12, 2021: The Echelon APP motivates riders with a leader board and live instructors. The Zwift APP motivates with group of friends riding together and special event rides plus more. I registered for the "Tour de Zwift" series of rides and did Stage 2 today. It was my longest ride yet with Zwift and Stage 3 will be even longer. I use to place in the top 10% of riders on the Echelon APP but in the bottom 20% with Zwift. That says something about the type of riders found on each APP. I did earn a "level up" today. As I increase levels I get to choose more gear and better bikes for my rider. Another thing about Zwift, it is used by riders all over the world. That's why you see different flags next to the riders found around me. The riders listed above my name are in front of me while the riders listed below me are behind me. Note, I'm the only rider from the USA around my position in the ride. You move ahead in the ride by working harder. Work is measured in Watts in the top left corner. I can generate a maximum of 325 Watts. I generate Watts with a combination of cadence and resistance. If I increase one or both, I increase Watts. Some of the riders can do much more than 325 Watts, hence my position in the ride. This ride was 17.2 miles long and took me a little more than an hour. That's almost exactly what it would take me on a real bike. When this virtual ride comes to a hill, the mph slows down and speeds up on a descent. So ascending a hill will take much longer than descending, just like real life. The difference from real life, I can't coast on the spin bike. I can reduce cadence and resistance to simulate coasting. My leg muscles are feeling today's ride.
Monday, January 11, 2021: When I purchased the Echelon Spin Bike, I did not realize it would login only to the Echelon APP. There are many fitness APPs and a spin bike needs to login to your choice. The Echelon APP, to get live classes, costs $40 per month. That is much more than many of the fitness APPs. Since my friends ride with the Zwift APP, I wanted to join them. With Zwift, it is possible for friends to virtually ride together on one of the Zwift routes. I did a lot of searching but found no way for this Echelon bike to use Zwift until I was contacted by Roberto Viola who lives in Italy. Roberto created an APP to capture and report the metrics coming from the sensors on the spin bike. That means, there was no need to login to the Echelon APP. The Zwift APP, then, captures the power reading from Roberto's APP allowing me to ride with my friends. Nothing on YouTube explains any of this so I decided to create two videos showing how to use Roberto's APP. That's what I worked on much of today. Here is the first video showing the basic connection and use. The second video shows how I personally use Roberto's APP and how I connect with Zwift and with Zwift Companion.
Today's Zwift ride
Tuesday, December 29, 2020: I did a solo ride today on Zwift. I must run three different APPs on two devices to make Zwift work. I must run the Zwift APP on the phone which is cast to the TV. Then I run the Echelon connect APP and the Zwift Companion APP on the tablet. I use a split screen on the tablet so I can see both APPs at the same time. It worked today for this 45 minute ride. I earned a new "helmet" in today's ride.
Heart rate dataMy Zwift Avatar
Monday, December 28, 2020: I've been off the spin bike for a week during the trip to Reno. I found an APP which will receive the data via Bluetooth from the Echelon Spin bike. That data prints out on the phone screen showing the metrics which previously could only be seen in the Echelon APP. That about doubles the value of the Echelon Bike since now it can be used with nearly any exercise APP. I am no longer locked into the expensive Echelon APP. With the help from Roberto, the APP author, I was able to get it to work with Zwift and made my first group ride with four friends from nearby Roseburg. This turned out to be a very strenuous ride with my friends pushing me the whole way. I'd have to say, I worked harder than when following an Echelon class. You can see that by looking at my heart rate report. It was an average of 145 and maximum of 164. I can't work that hard every ride or I will be tearing down muscle rather than building it up. I will try Zwift again outside of an organized ride and keep my heart rate around 140. I will admit, this was pretty fun tonight. The group leader has already announced another ride for Wednesday night. Oh, BTW. The temperature tonight at my bike was 31 degrees but I was shedding clothes after the first 5 minutes.
Last ride for a weekSunday, December 20, 2020: Everything is packed for a long drive tomorrow. Rain all day so riding under my gazebo in the rain. This was a short class of 20 minutes but Rilde worked us hard. I added a cool down so 13 total miles. It's most difficult to stay in the top 10% of the class.

Another Echelon class

Saturday, December 19, 2020: The forecast calls for heavy rain all day tomorrow so I packed the car with the castle shelf, plus other large packages for the grandkids. I was surprised that everything fit in the car. I still have my luggage and ski gear to fit but there is room.

I still had enough time to do another Echelon class with Jama. It is always a challenge. I will be away for a week so hope I don't lose much conditioning. I got some good news today from Echelon. When I bought the bike 3 months ago Walmart advertised 6 months of free classes but I only got 3 months. I emailed them concerning the mistake and they have added another 3 months free. I may have more good news. I've been disappointed with the Echelon bike because it will login only to the Echelon APP so it won't work with the other cycling APPs. My riding friends use the Zwift APP to ride together virtually. I'd like to join them but can't because of the Echelon limits. I posted a notice in the Facebook Group, "Zwift after 50" and actually got two solutions to be able to connect my bike to other APPS. I won't be trying them until I return in a week. The most promising is an APP written by Roberto in Italy. I ended up in a long discussion with Roberto while I was trying to understand his APP. I learned Italy is in a COVID-19 lock down much like Oregon. I'm looking forward to joining my friends on Zwift.

My instructorSt. Louis, MO
Monday, December 14, 2020: I spent much of the day working on a project for Gwen. Then I went on a simulated ride in St. Louis, Missouri for 45 minutes. I worked my way up on the leaderboard but it didn't show up with the final report. Still, I was covered with sweat at the end of the ride.
Second class, 20 minutesFirst class, only 10 minutes
Friday, December 11, 2020: I chose to do two short rides today. The first was only ten minutes and the second was 20 minutes. I learned that short-class instructors work riders harder. I fixed the screen so I could see more riders on the "Leaderboard". I worked hard to stay up with a rider named, "Fat Papi". I just couldn't let a rider with that name beat me. I worked hard enough to have him a couple riders behind me at the finish. The weather forecast calls for rain the next ten days. I can stay dry under the gazebo and clouds means the temperatures are usually ten degrees warmer. The ten minute class was an "On Demand" recorded class while the twenty minute class was live.

My new monitor in the gazebo


Thursday, December 3, 2020: I've been riding the spin bike in the gazebo since the purchase of the bike. I've been watching my spin classes on my phone or my little eight inch tablet. I soon learned of "Smart View" on my phone where images and audio on the phone is "cast" or "mirrored" onto a smart TV. A 32" smart TV is surprisingly inexpensive this time of year so I've installed one in the gazebo. Today was my first ride with the new TV projecting the class. Since it is a smart TV it will do much more than show spin bike classes. We are looking forward to warm summer evening under the gazebo. Click this photo for another view. Gwen took a short video so you can get an idea of what a spin bike class looks like. These instructors talk non-stop for the whole lesson. It's hard to imagine since I'm pretty breathless about ten minutes into the class. Today's class was 60 minutes long, there was never a time Nicole stopped talking. She mentioned she has classes all day tomorrow. She must be in extraordinary condition. If you can see the monitor in these photos and video, my heart rate is in the top right corner. I shot for 140, anything over that and I'm working too hard. It's pretty strange having to wear tights on a stationary bike but it is always between 33 and 40 this time of year. The two towels on the handlebars are to wipe off the sweat. Yes, I work hard enough that the sweat pours into my eyes and drips onto the bike. There were 230 riders nationwide on this ride.

Early in a 90 minute ride


Thursday, November 26, 2020: This is Thanksgiving Day which began early for me. I decided to do a 90 minute spin bike class (not because I wanted to do that long a ride but because it was the only LIVE class in the morning). I knew I needed to go easy for the first half and increase my output during the second half. The 45 minute ride I did yesterday generated 505 watts output. In theory, I should do 1,010 watts then for 90 minutes. Well, I only did 810 watts so that can be a challenge for me. I honestly can't imagine doing my 45 minute effort for a full 90 minutes but these instructors keep pushing so who knows. This photo was taken early in the ride on a 42 degree day. By the time this ride if finished this t-shirt is soaked with sweat. Click the photo for the report of the ride. Click here for a 3 second video.

Cold weather gear

Friday, November 20, 2020: This morning I drove to Roseburg, visited three different lumber companies looking for just the right hardwood to make a Christmas project. This was my third trip trying to find just the right lumber. I finally gave up and bought clear Pine. Next, to Costco because they have a sale starting today on butter, honey coated mixed nuts and an Epson printer. The Canon printer we have jams every time we send a file to it and we (I'm) tired of it! Abby went along on this shopping trip because she likes to go.

After returning home midday, it was still only 38 degrees and "the guys" were talking about a bike ride tomorrow. The temperatures are forecast tomorrow to be the same as today. I searched through my storage bin marked "Bicycle" and found my cold weather gear. I don't believe I've used it for twenty (possibly thirty) years. If I ride tomorrow, I'm wearing all this.

I've just learned the guys are whimping out due to the cold weather. I'm told their limit is mid-40s for Glen and 50+ for Erik. I may still take myself for a ride. Click the photo to enlarge.

Norris Blueberry Farm

Thursday, November 19, 2020: A cold day but no rain so time for a nice bike ride to the west.

The photo shows the Norris Blueberry Farm about 7 miles to the west of Sutherlin. Click the photo to see more of the farm closer to Sutherlin. The red leaves are the blueberry plants.

When I started the ride the thermometer showed 53.8 so I wore a long sleeve jersey and shorts. At the end of the ride the thermometer was 45 so I was wishing for a few more layers. My toes and fingers were frozen.

I decided, any new planned rides should end before 3pm.

My new 100 Valleys of the Umpqua Jersey


Monday, November 16, 2020: Finally, the rain has stopped long enough to get out onto the road. I picked up my new "100 Valleys of the Umpqua" Jersey today. Now I can match the guys when we ride together. I do think there is something wrong with the shirt. Paul sold me the shirt and promised it would take 15 minutes off my best time. That didn't work today! :-(

No rain but the road was still wet from rain last night. Rain is forecast again tomorrow. The spin bike is helping to keep me in shape.


Today's spin bike ride

Wednesday, October 28, 2020: I really like an APP called "RideWithGPS" but it has not been working properly for a couple weeks. I have been trying everything with the help of the RWGPS support. When searching for solutions I discovered another APP called "Wahoo Fitness" which automatically posts to two other APPs, RWGPS and Strava. So today's spin bike ride was recorded on Wahoo then posted to RWGPS. Today's spin bike ride is the longest I've done so far. I always ad on to the ride with a warm up and cool down. I'm not sure what is meant by "Low Impact" because this was a very tough class. I had a very wet T-shirt by the time I was finished.

Cool day for cycling


Saturday, October 24, 2020: The temperature was 56 when I began today's ride and 57 when I finished. I should have put on a vest but I never got uncomfortably cold.

I'm feeling like I need to spend more time on the spin bike during "off" days because my endurance seems to be suffering. I'm losing strength yet my spin bike rides "hurt".

Today's ride was one of my favorites. It was the Driver Valley Road loop with very little traffic and usually a nice view of wildlife. Today it was only one deer.

Click my photo for a nice view of the weather.

North and South Umpqua RiversRiding partners
Saturday, October 17, 2020: Riding with a group of seven today. This was a 38 mile ride and about all I could do. I need to spend more time on my spin bike or out riding on my own. I'm losing my endurance. This was a 50 degree day so we dressed warmly, almost too warm toward the end of the ride. Still a great ride. Nice stop at the Lighthouse Bakery and Cafe for a muffin. Click the photos.
Echelon Ride ReportEchelon Ride Report
Wednesday, September 30, 2020: I did two rides on the spin bike for a total of 45 minutes. There is NO coasting on a spin bike as there is on a road bike. In theory, half the riding on the road is level, easy riding or coasting down hill while the other half is working. On a spin bike you are always working and legs are always moving. So, in theory, a 45 minute ride on the spin bike is equivalent to 90 minutes on the road. I'm still learning how to use the software. I did get my heart rate monitor to work so I was able to ride to my usual heart rate of 135 - 145 bpm.
Echelon Connect Sport Partial assembly Nearly complete
Tuesday, September 29, 2020: The recent wildfire smoke followed by rain was a hint of what the winter weather will do to my ability to ride this winter. We usually head south during the winter months but because of the COVID virus, we are staying in Oregon this winter. I had the experience years ago of riding rollers all winter but riding a "spin bike" will be a new experience. This one comes with a three month membership to online spin classes and video cycling. Changing this bike just a little with my pedals and a better saddle should make it into a bike just right for me. This bike is made especially for Wal-Mart. They also make one identical for Amazon. When researching, I learned both the Wal-Mart and Amazon bikes are difficult to find. The Roseburg Wal-Mart happened to have one so I picked it up. Click each photo for assembly views.

Riding during "Bicycle Travel Weekend"


Sunday, September 27, 2020: Glen on the left, Erik on the right. Glen drove to Cottage Grove with the two of us for the Bicycle Travel Weekend loop ride from Cottage Grove to Lorane then to Creswell back to Cottage Grove. It's a nice 43 mile ride with some good climbing in between. This was a free organized ride which Glen learned about it then invited his riding friends to join him. This was all new territory for me, two fun towns, Cottage Grove and Creswell. There were about twenty riders but we left all of them behind within the first seven minutes. Glen set a blazing pace to begin the ride, I needed a little more warmup but apparently he didn't. You see I have my GoPro, I chose to video long rides to use as "Training Videos" during the winter months when I can't ride due to the weather. Here is a short video as we started out in Cottage Grove. I slowed it down so you can see some of the stores. Click this photo to see our group.

Erik, first to the top Glen, second to the top Randy is the rear guard
 The four amigosMonday, Labor Day, September 7, 2020: Glen organized another ride today since it was Labor Day and everyone was off work, we did another 50 mile ride. Well, they did 50, I did 46 since I started at a different location. I'm standing on the left, then Glen, Randy and Erik on the right. You see those great 100 Valleys of the Umqua Jerseys? I have ordered one so I can be a part of the team too. Glen has one, just for got to wear his. This ride began early, I had to set my alarm for 5:15 am to be able to get to the starting point by 6:30 am. I guess I need to organize the next ride so the starting point is nearer to me. All the roads today were new to me which made it a positive ride. We were actually riding for about 30 minutes before the sun started to show above the mountains. Erik is now talking about a century ride this weekend. I'd like to have had more warning but if the guys are doing it, I'm going to give it a try. I've done many century rides but the last one was about nine years ago. It may take a lot of ibuprofin to get me to 100 miles. I won't have my new jersey by then so I will have to look through my storage bin for something to wear.
Entering Crater Lake National Park Climbing toward the summit My first glimpse of the lake
The view from Crater Lake LodgeThe loop around Diamond LakeThursday, September 3, 2020: This was a warm day with 3000 feet of climbing to reach Crater Lake Lodge from Diamond Lake Lodge. Glen organized the ride and invited Randy and myself to push him up the mountain. The ride to Crater Lake Lodge is about 21 miles but if you add a loop around Diamond Lake on the return ride, the total ride is 50 miles. The photos don't show as much smoke as what we actually saw coming from the California wild fires. We had an early start so the traffic and the forecasted warm temperatures for the day did not bother us. The afternoon ride back down was quick where we were within a few MPH of hitting the 45 MPH speed limit. It was a reward for the climbing we did to get to the summit. Another reward for this ride, beside the incredible scenery, was the pizza and ice cream at the end of the ride. We sat outside the pizza restaurant comparing heart rates. Randy is a runner so recorded the lowest average around 135 BPM (if I remember correctly). Randy reports his resting heart rate is in the 30s, incredible! I was second with an average heart rate of 140 BPM but I had the highest maximum heart rate of 172. Glen's average was 156 BPM (if I'm remembering correctly). It all just means we were working hard most of the time. Click each of these photos for larger views. I also did a video of the ride. I believe it does a good job of showing the strength and endurance it takes to do a ride like this as well as the grandeur of the scenery along the way. Turn up the volume.
Erik chugging uphill
Glen chugging uphill
Saturday, August 29, 2020: Only a thirty mile ride today but some steep hills to climb. Erik and Glen are showing me their hill climbing talents. This was another early morning ride so some cool riding weather. We were finished by 10 am. Click on the photos for another view.
Erik focused on the road Riding along the Umpqua River More of the Umpqua River
A one lane bridge over the Umpqua On the bridge The Lighthouse at the 50 mile mark

This is what Erik saw most of the ride.


Saturday, August 22, 2020: It has been a while since I last rode a century ride. Erik and I rode a Metric Century today. That would be 100 Km or 62+ miles. Neither of us planned on a century bet we did plan a 50 mile ride. Erik wanted to show me a nice single lane, paved road on the far side of the Umpqua River. We rode 6 mile down that road then 6 miles back. "Erik, you realize you just added 12 miles to a 50 mile ride." I said. We had to make sure we did 62+ miles (we actually did 65.5 miles). Before you say, "but you were on your eBike, Dale", I never come higher than the lowest assist setting and my average heart rate for today's ride was 139 BPM. That's working! Our "rest stop" was at the 50 mile mark at the Lighthouse Bakery. Click on all these photos for a view of more great riding in Oregon along the Umpqua River. Thanks Erik for the two photos of me.

The Umpqua River, thanks Erik for the photo
Sunday, August 16, 2020: I went on a great ride with Erik and Glen yesterday on a route which they introduced me to. I have already marked the route in my memory because it will be a nice ride from Sutherlin, probably 50 miles or so. Click the photo for a view of Glen and I as we pass Erik who took the photo. The above photo was taken by Erik or Glen, it's the Umpqua River (second largest river in Oregon) as it passes through the Umpqua Valley. Yesterday's ride was 30 miles. I did another ride today with Erik. I showed him one of my best routes on Driver Road then past the Mildred Kanipe County Park. We did both rides early finishing around 10 am due to the excessive heat forecast for both days. It was 105.7 degrees yesterday. Here is a link to a nice video of today's ride with Erik. Watch for wildlife, the Rochester Covered Bridge and the great Oregon summer countryside. And, of course, enjoy the music!
Skogs is the new Tolly'sOakland, Oregon will see a revival
Wednesday, August 12, 2020: I called this ride, "Three Firsts". Today was my first time to wear my new sunglasses. I have some wonderful cycling glasses with interchangeable colored lenses, changed for the weather. However, I can't read my computer with those glasses and the style which hides prescription lenses behind the cycling lens offer only ONE prescription. I need distance vision and reading vision lenses. So I ordered these sunglasses with progressive lenses. They work great in bright sunlight. I have been using an old pair of progressive glasses which turn dark in the sun. However, they are shaded by my helmet and don't turn dark enough. Perhaps I'll use those on a cloudy day. The second "first", I did the entire route on one click above "OFF". I usually ride two clicks above off for the assistance setting but today was on the lowest assistance setting. My first ride with Glen and Erik was on my Torelli road bike. I couldn't keep up with them. When I last rode with Glen and Erik I was on my fitness bike set two clicks above off; I could easily keep up and left them behind on the hills. I want to try to match their speed and the lowest assistance setting will likely be perfect. An additional benefit, after 27 miles today the battery was at 84%. So I used only 16% of the battery to do 27% of a traditional century. Now I will have a new goal, a traditional century. Of course, I need to do a metric century first, that's coming up. The third "first", today was the first time I listened to music (in my right ear only) the entire route. I lived on the California side of Lake Tahoe for 13 years from 1977 to 1990 (age 30 to 43). During the winter months I would switch from cycling to Nordic Skating. I loved both sports. I also kept in shape by riding my road bike on rollers in an unheated bedroom. Even unheated, I still needed a fan blowing on me because the sweat would pour off. I enjoyed rollers but hated a trainer where the wheels were locked in. You can't snooze while riding rollers. I would put on headphones and listen mostly to two albums. Who Are You (1978) and Who's Next (1971) were the two albums so those albums were in my right ear today. Just hearing the music from those two albums brought back memories. I added a third album today, All Rights Removed (2011) by Airbag. Airbag is a group from Norway, a group I discovered after subscribing to Spotify. They are extremely talented IMHO but perhaps you had to be introduced to Rock and Roll at UC Davis in the 60's to appreciate them. Here is an image you can enlarge of today's ride. The photos were taken in Oakland, Oregon. Much of downtown Oakland has been purchased recently by two couples. SKOG's was Tolly's restaurant for many years and was a popular restaurant but could not seem to be profitable the last few years. I hope Skog's has good success. Several other store fronts in town are due for renovation with the new owners. It is going to be interesting to see the transformation.

Erik is pushing up the hill


Saturday, August 8, 2020: Glen organized a Glide Loop Ride today which included our friend Erik and myself. This is a nice 50 mile ride to the tiny town of Glide, Oregon on highway 138 driving toward Crater Lake. We stayed off of 138 taking North Bank Road out of Wilbur riding along the North Umpqua River. We stopped at a wonder coffee shop in Glide then returned using Buckhorn Road. There is some good climbing along the route and some good descents. I made a short video of our adventure. Click the photo for a view of the North Umpqua River.

Meet Trevor, the new owner of my Torelli road bike

Wednesday, August 5, 2020: Meet Trevor from downtown Roseburg. Trevor saw my Craigslist ad for my Torelli road bike and acted on it. He is now the new owner of this fine, lightweight bike which will give him years and miles of pleasure.

I have had several cyclists interested but Trevor was the first to recognize what a great bike it is. He is a mountain biker and new to road riding. Have fun Trevor and take care of that bike!

In case you missed it, here is the day I bought that bike.

So why did I sell such a fine bike? I have been riding a road bike since I was 11 years old. I have done many century rides (100 miles) and know what training is and know what I should be able to do on a bike. I was expecting my eBike to get me into shape again to perform well on the road bike and I believe I am in as good a condition as is possible after 1 year of riding (training). Yes, I feel great, I've lost 20 lbs and really enjoy riding. But I can't do on my road bike what I use to do and I don't enjoy the road bike nearly as much as I enjoy my eBike. When you read the reports of my riding by clicking the print-out in the upper right corner, you'll see my heart rate is right where it should be, average of 140 BPM. That shows I'm working but I can't do on the road bike (speed and distance) what I can do on the eBike (not like I use to). And I enjoy the eBike much more. I don't expect anything to change as I age so chose to sell the Torelli.

Cycling with two left socks.


Monday, July 20, 2020: Cycling with two left socks.

Today we had breakfast with Gwen's daughter Lesa and her partner, Jeff, in Roseburg. I took my bike and rode out Garden Valley Blvd to Oak Hill Road for a round about route back to Sutherlin.

This was the hottest day of the year so far this summer which did not make for a pleasant ride although I finished before 1 pm. I did get to try out my new cycling socks.

Sweat in my eyes

Thursday, July 16, 2020: It was a warm day today, 91 for the high but 85 when I was riding. Still the stinging sweat filled my eyes so I couldn't open them. I did 40 miles. My goal is to build endurance to ride a metric century (that's 63 miles). The one I have picked out has 3300 feet of elevation increase too. I'm just waiting for a cool day to do it. Today's ride was on much of the route I have planned for the century ride, virtually no traffic.

Calapooia Creek Lots of interested farm animals Nice ranch for sale
More farm animalsMonday, July 13, 2020: I took a different route this ride. The main street through the city of Sutherlin is Central Avenue. Two miles outside of town Central Avenue changes names to Nonpareil. Nonpareil is paved for another 16 miles into the mountains toward the southeast. At the end of the pavement the road turns to gravel and continues into the mountains onto forest service roads. One of these forest service roads will lead to Highway 138 going east to Crater Lake. The other way will take you to the tiny town of Glide then on to Roseburg. I've never been on those gravel roads. Today, I rode around the Plat I Reservoir then on to the end of the pavement on Nonpareil before returning home. It was 40 miles and 2 hours, 20 minutes. It was a great ride, as always. Very little traffic with lots of new scenery to see. Click all the photos for more views. I crossed Calapooia Creek three times. Note how clear the water is on this ride compared to further downstream on the previous rides.
I like this houseCrossed this creek multiple times

Friday, July 10, 2020: I nice long ride today. Weather began overcast and cool then cleared after an hour and I was dressed to warmly. Still, I enjoyed this ride, one of my favorites. Note how the area is no longer green but turning brown with the summer. Summers in western Oregon can be dry, unlike what we experienced during our trip to the northern mid-west states last summer. Here is the short video from today's ride. Click these photos for more views.

Umpqua, Oregon Post OfficeLighthouse Cafe and Bakery

Sunday, July 5, 2020: My ride today took me past the tiny village of Umpqua in the center of the Umpqua Valley created by the Umpqua River, the second largest river in Oregon. It is also the name of my favorite ice cream, Umpqua brand, Espresso Madness! I did a 40 mile loop today which I call the Cole Valley loop named for Cole Road thru the valley. I also did some experimenting with my GoPro camera you see attached to my helmet. In the photo, the camera is facing to the rear, so that's the first thing I tried. Then I set the camera on "Time Lapse" while riding thru Cole Valley. Normally, in a time lapse video, the camera is sitting on a tripod and the activity is happening around the camera. In this case, it's mounted on my helmet and I'm passing thru Cole Valley. Here is a link to that video.

Preparing for the ride "Look like you are enjoying this ride" We saw no covered bridges on this route
Friday, July 3, 2020: Great ride today with my friend Glen and his friend (now my friend, too) Eric. Glen chose to do the Row River Trail which is a "rail to trail" route starting in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Because it is a rail to trail, there are no steep climbs or descents, perfect for riding my Torelli road bike. The ride began in the rain on a day when the weather forecast was for 80 degrees and only partly cloudy. The rain turned to heavy mist then finally cleared. This was a great ride through the trees and along Dorena Lake. Great for a hot day but not so good for my cycling program which follows my route using GPS. The software lost the GPS signal at one point and reported our ride to be only 39 miles when it was really 41.2 miles. Still, I did get a short video of the ride. Click these three photos to enlarge.
Ride reports and remote control A ride junction Arrived at dog training
Thursday, July 2, 2020: Today, Abby must attend the vet at the same time of her training class. Gwen is taking Abby to the vet while I ride my bike to the training class. Click these photos for more views. I made a very short video of today's ride.
Riding North RoseburgGreat road riding in these parts
Wednesday, July 1, 2020: Off for a fitness ride while trying some new features on my GoPro. I took 45 minutes of video on this 1.25 hour, 20 mile ride then edited it down to a bit more than 7 minutes. Take a look, you will at least learn what this area of Oregon looks like on July 1.

Glen and me, after today's ride



Sunday, June 14, 2020: Glen wanted to do a ride in the Sutherlin area. I took him around the Plat I reservoir then onto Driver Valley Road. This is not his first ride in the Sutherlin area so he knows to expect to see no more than two cars on Driver Valley Road. It is one of the best road rides around.

Glen has pushed me in the past. He has made me work harder than I wanted and kept me in the rear of the ride all the time. However, Glen has been slacking off for one reason or another an has gained 20 lbs so today HE was lagging behind and breathing hard. I'm feeling pretty good, especially knowing I am 18 years older. However, if Glen gets back into the cycling groove, I could be in trouble again.

Plat I Reservoir

Riding in the rainStearns HardwareFriday, June 12, 2020: I had planned to ride with a friend today but he cancelled due to the rain. I didn't let the rain stop me so off on a ride of my own. I did the Driver Valley Loop but added in the Plat-I Reservoir which I haven't seen in about four years. It is very close, only about five miles and this was my first time to ride around the entire reservoir. I didn't see good access to this lake so not sure if it is used for recreation. Also, I'm not sure if it has any fish to draw the fishing crowd.

I did have to put on my rain gear but not sure how good it is. Yes, it's waterproof, but that's the problem. I get about as wet inside the gear as outside from sweat. Waterproof rain gear does not let perspiration out so I began to feel damp inside the gear.

I did pass through Oakland, Oregon again but this time rode by the Oakland High School. I was there one other time to watch a football game. Also, Stearns Hardware store is one of my favorites because I know the owner by first name. It is a very small hardware store so inventory is limited but I can count on Bill to have the nuts and bolts I often need. Click all three photos for more views.

Roseburg bike trails Veteran National Cemetary in Roseburg Bike trail under Interstate 5
Tuesday, June 9, 2020: We did some shopping today at Costco and I thought to bring my bicycle along. I wanted to try some new areas. I rode from Costco along whatever bike trails I could find. My goal was to find the bike trail leading under the Interstate 5 bridge crossing the South Umpqua River then ride through old town Roseburg then back to Sutherlin. This was my first time to ride many of the trails I found. I saw more cars in this one day than I would see in a year on my Sutherlin rural rides. Click all the photos for another view. Also click here to see the short video I took of the ride under the bridge.
The beginning of Driver Valley Road Historic School House Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park has lots of roaming Peacocks
Mildred donated the land to the county A remote vineyard Only ten miles to go
Friday, June 5, 2020: One of the best rides yet. Great country for road riding, very little traffic and perfect weather today at 68 degrees and little wind. I haven't done this ride in four years but thought I was feeling strong so rode it today. I wasn't as strong as I thought, legs were weak with ten miles to go, but I would do it again. Here is a map of the ride. You can also find the details by clicking the ride above. Click on all the photos for more views. The Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park is a favorite place for the Equestrians and for wildlife viewing. There was a large equestrian group in the camping area. Peacocks roam freely in the park also. You can hear them screaming before arriving at the park. I also made a video. It's 8 minutes long but worth watching to the end.

Alpacas are curiousMore views on the route


Saturday, May 23, 2020: I did the Wilcox loop today but in the reverse direction. That doesn't sound like much of a change but I did it to create more interest and to turn all the downhill runs into climbs and all the climbing to descents.

When you ride in the reverse you see lots of new things so I took some more photos.

Click these photos for more views.

Steep grade

Country roadHazelnutsFriday, May 15, 2020: The first clear day in a few days so Gwen cleaned the whole place and gave me the job of an Abby bath.

After the bath, however, I went on another great rural ride with some steep ascents and descents. I call this ride the "Cole Loop". It combines part of the Roger's, Rochester, Oakland loops but adds Cole Road. Cole Road has the steepest climbing and descending of anything I've ridden so far. It also has lots of new farms and rural dwellings to view. You just don't find this kind of riding in the area of Arizona we like to winter park.

Click the top photo for a unique fence decoration on one of these rural dwellings.

Driver Valley Countryside
Deer in the road Rochester Covered Bridge Historic Oakland Bed and Breakfast
Thursday, May 7, 2020: I did one of the best rides in Oregon today. I call it the Driver Valley Loop. Today's ride was a perfect 33.5 miles but can be made shorter or longer easily. The Driver Valley Road will add ten miles to any of my loop rides. Today's ride included the Oakland, Rochester and Wilcox loops plus Driver Valley Road. Driver Valley Road has one short steep section then the rest of this rural ride is rolling green hills. The other nice part of Driver Valley is the lack of traffic. Today I saw ONE car going the opposite direction. In addition, the historic town of Oakland with cafes and coffee shops is at the 21 mile mark of the ride so once Oregon is open again and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, refreshment can be had at 21 miles. Click all the photos for more views.

Donating a perfectly good road bike

Tuesday, April 21, 2020: Today was to organize the shed/workshop then work on the bicycles. The most important is to get my yellow Fuji road bike ready to donate to the Umpqua Valley Bicycle Outreach program. It is a program to train youth how to ride long distances and how to repair their bicycle. My Fuji bike and I have a long history together. I purchased it in 1997 and assembled it myself. I've made improvements over the years. The last serious riding on this bike was training for, then riding a century over a steep mountain route. That was a great year for riding and a story worth reading. I bought my current road bike that same year but it didn't replace the Fuji. I still road the Fuji often. I figure I put about 20,000 miles on the Fuji but now it is time for someone else to take over.

After cleaning up the Fuji I worked on my Yamaha CrossConnect Ebike. It has 1,500 miles on it. The rule of thumb is to remove and replace the chain at 1500 miles so I carefully measured the chain and it seemed to have stretched. However, once removed I learned it had not stretched at all. I cleaned it with the intention of reinstalling it however I lost half of the final link so installed the new chain. I'll order the link I need or pick one up at a bike shop and install the old chain again after another couple thousand miles on this bike. You might wonder, why replace the chain if it stretches but it still works. A stretched chain will wear on the rear cassette and the front chain rings making them unusable with a new chain so you are stuck with the old chain unless you replace the cassette and chain rings. It's much cheaper and easier to replace the chain when needed.

Ok, I also replaced the tires with Continental Ultrasport II tires. These are high pressure, light weight tires. They will likely improve my speed and endurance but sacrifice ride comfort. I tried out the new chain and tires on a quick 21 mile ride through the Rochester Covered Bridge.

Wild Iris alongside my routeThis time it's the road bike at Rochester Covered Bridge



Monday, April 20, 2020: This time it is the road bike on the Oakland to Rochester Covered Bridge to Hiway 138 route.

It wasn't as enjoyable as the previous ride. For some reason my RideWithGps software was not speaking to me most of the ride. Maybe that made the difference. I finally figured out why she wasn't talking around mile 19. Each mile she calls out my time, distance, elapsed time, heart rate and pace in a very pleasant voice. For nineteen miles she wasn't talking to me. That threw off my timing for sure.

When I arrived at the one way Rochester Bridge a pickup truck was waiting to drive through from the other side. I waved him through because I needed to take photos. He stopped when he came to me and asked, "Did you follow the stock market today?" I answered that I had followed it until noon. He then started talking about the price of oil. I told him I had read the oil companies were willing to pay $37 per barrel if someone would take it. They no longer had anyplace to store the oil. So the price of oil was a NEGATIVE $37. Then he told me, "When I was just learning to drive the price of a gallon of gas was $.19 per gallon." I answered, "So was the price of a hamburger!" With that, he drove off and I got to take my photos.

Click the photos for another view.

Country ridingRochester Covered Bridge


Wednesday, April 15, 2020: I went to the optometrist today. He said my eye change is so slight I don't need new glasses. Good news.

I took my EBike on the Oakland loop today but added the Rochester Covered Bridge built in 1933. It is a one lane bridge, still used to cross Calapooia Creek which is pretty high this time of year. Adding the bridge only added two miles to the route but took me onto a longer stretch of busy route 138.

Click both photos for more views of the bridge.

Verizon in the countrySpring in Oregon



Sunday, April 12, 2020: Doing the same Medium loop through Oakland and on to Hiway 138.

I stopped several times to make adjustments to my riding APP since it was the first ride with the new phone.


More spring in OregonOakland, Oregon City Hall

A little different route which took me in front of the historic Oakland City Hall which is also the library. Of course, most are closed due to the COVID-19 virus scare.

It is hard to compare the EBike ride with the road bike ride since I made so many stops on this ride to make software adjustments and to take photos. This ride was slower by ten minutes and the average speed was slower. We will do a few more rides to compare.

One of the steeper hillsOregon is green in the spring and early summer
Thursday, April 9, 2020: We made our first Oregon trip to Costco this morning for essential items. We found plenty of paper towels but no toilet paper. We didn't need either. Our main purpose was to check with the Verizon booth for a phone upgrade but learned they did not open until an hour after we left. After unpacking, I took the E-Bike onto the "medium loop", about 19 miles around the farm country and through historic Oakland. A fun ride with the spare clipless pedals I installed yesterday. I may have pushed it a little hard so may wait a day to do the same route on the road bike.
Loop ride through Oakland, Oregon
Wednesday, April 8, 2020: Today I rode my road bike, first ride since August, 2017. Since that time I had been having a mysterious right leg cramp until last summer when it mysteriously began to disappear after two years. I first bought the Costco bike to begin cycling again. I was feeling so good I traded the Costco bike for the Yamaha E-Bike. I used those two bikes to loose 20 lbs and get into good enough condition to return to riding my road bike once I returned to Oregon. Today was that ride. Two days ago I rode my easy loop through the hills and historic Oakland back to Sutherlin on the E-Bike. Today I did the same route on the road bike. Click the photo for a view with the road bike. That gave me a chance to compare the two bikes. Here is some of the comparison of the two bikes and the ride. The road bike is one third the weight of the E-Bike and has a wider range of gears. On today's ride it took 8 minutes longer on the road bike and my average heart rate was 7 beats/minute higher. Here's the way the ride went: 1) The road bike felt much more squirrelly than I had remembered. 2)The vultures began to circle me before I left the park. 3)At two miles into the ride today the front derailleur stopped working. I stopped to learn if I could make a quick repair. The vultures began to laugh, circled lower and were calling their friends. 4) No repair so I rode the rest of the route on the small chain ring. 5)Yes, I could tell, especially on the hills, that the little assistance I get on the E-Bike (I always keep it set to the second lowest assistance level) is still helpful. 6) The ride on the road bike is considerably more uncomfortable. The bike is not forgiving on a rough road. This is expected since the E-Bike has a shock fork but I hadn't remembered how rough riding the road bike was. 7) My road bike has clipless pedals. I have ridden on clipless pedals for 40 years so it wasn't difficult to return. I have an extra set of clipless pedals and have put them onto the E-Bike to learn if that improves my pedaling on the E-Bike. 8)My intention is to continue to ride both bikes. 9)The vultures were disappointed.
Dips Roadside memorial Roaming cattle
Thursday, March 5, 2020: Not a lot of choices for riding around here while staying on the asphalt. I road two miles farther on route 42E. It's a straight road so to keep from boredom I weave down the center of the road between the lines. Click each photo for more roadside views.

Highway 60, nice shoulder

Monday, March 2, 2020: Back on the bike after a couple weeks off. The riding from the Desert Gold RV Park promises to be good. The photo shows Highway 60 as it leaves the park, nice wide shoulder and this shoulder goes the entire length of 60. I only rode 60 for about a mile when I turned off onto 42E, a road with very little traffic. Both 60 and 42E are straight roads, so boring in that way. Also virtually no climbing but there is often a headwind to fight.

The report on this ride shows how straight, out and back ride. It shows 16 miles but I rode 20+ miles. My phone got wet in a rain storm and quit working at 16 miles. So today's ride was trying to stay ahead of the rain storm following me starting at mile 10.

Click the photo for a view of the rain in the distance which grew bigger and caught me at mile 9.

More views of the desert roads

Saturday & Sunday, January 25-26, 2020: Two days of desert riding and road riding with beautiful weather. I plan to spend more time road riding and less on the desert. My bike is just not a good desert road bike. Wider tires with less pressure are needed, this bike frame won't allow for that. I did make a helmet video and a drone video of the same desert road to give you a better view of the roads.

I explored 50 feet into this mine "Game Water" System Large area to catch the dew

Dome rockRough riding


Tuesday, December 31, 2019: What else but a ride in the desert on New Year's Eve. I continued to ride toward Dome Rock and the three mountain peaks remembering a "Game Water" System located behind the peak. The last time I was here, I had a real mountain bike and stronger legs. It was nine years ago. First, I found a mine and explored for about fifty feet. Another 30 minutes of riding and I found the "Game Water". The large, white panels collect night time dew which runs into a trough (of course, it will collect rain water also but I believe dew is the main water source. The water is collected from the trough into a huge tank. The tank feeds a small watering trough where animals can drink. The state of Arizona has a camera at the trough to capture photos of animals drinking here. I will have to do a search for those photos once I have good Internet access. I took more photos of the rough riding conditions. Yes, I got another pinch flat on the rear tire even though I had inflated the tire to 57 pounds. I guess I will have to go to 60 pounds. Fortunately, my patched spare tube held air so I was only delayed long enough to change the tube. There are other desert roads out this way I would like to explore but I will want more water, food and more spare tubes before coming this way again. This was my longest ride yet in the desert with the best scenery. Click all the photos for more views. Here is a view from Dome mountain toward the east.

Yes, I've ridden this bike 1000+ milesGood times riding in the desert couldn't last, my first flat
Pretty good road dips.Haven't seen the cattle yetSunday, December 29, 2019: Yesterday, I wasn't so lucky in my desert riding. I got a "pinch flat". That is when you hit a sharp rock hard enough that it flattens the tire to the point the tube is caught between the rim and rock which pinches the tube enough the rubber cracks. The solution is to have more air in the tires which gives less control on this rocky surface. The rider must find a fine balance between the amount of air pressure in the tire at the sacrifice of bike control. Of course, a wider tire would also help but this tire is as wide as the frame will allow. So I replaced the failed tube with my spare tube and finished the ride. Today, I couldn't take the chance of desert riding since I have no spare so I did a road ride. I bought this bike on September 10. During my ride yesterday my odometer passed 1000 miles. I feel pretty good about doing 1000 miles in 3.5 months. My desert riding is less than half my road mileage so the number of miles will slow down if I continue to desert ride but the amount of effort over the time of the ride is about the same. Click all the photos for more views. Every time I fix a flat tire I'm reminded, it was my grandfather who taught me how to do it. I'm hoping there will be a time I can pass this information on to my own grandchildren.
I wish all these roads were this good I hate riding in a wash, gravel is too deep. Love the clouds but they eliminate our solar power
Friday, December 27, 2019: Riding in the desert again after getting propane and water this morning. Cool day again for a ride. These desert roads are more for a mountain bike, not a gravel bike but I still enjoyed the ride. As I learn the roads, I'll find the routes I like best. Today I rode due west toward Three Hump Mountain then around the mountain. Some smooth gravel but lots of large rocks and washouts in the roads. Still, I haven't fallen yet or gotten a flat. My friend Ray introduced me to a new APP, What3Words. Every 3 meters x 3 meters on the Earth have been given a unique three word location title. This enables me to give anyone a three word location which is then easily found. Try finding the location where I took the panorama behind the middle photo. Here is the three word location: ///built.demonstrated.snails. Put those three words into the APP or at their Webpage. Click all photos for more views.
Had to watch a YouTube video to learn how to remove the rear wheel There are roads in the desert Found one of the mines in the desert
Sunday, December 22, 2019: Since we moved to the desert I need to install the new gravel tires I purchased several weeks ago. However, the thru axle on the rear wheel is different from the front. Since I had no idea of how to remove it, I watched a YouTube video showing the removal. I was able to remove and replace both tires easily. I was concerned about the clearance for the rear tire since the gravel tire has a width of "42" while the tires which came with the bike had a width of "37". As it turned out, the rear tire has plenty of clearance but the front tire is hitting the fender. I believe I'll remove the fender. These gravel tires have puncture protection but there are tiny thorn bushes all over the desert floor, hope the protection works. It has been many years since I have spent much time offroad and these desert roads are tough with all sizes of rocks which roll from under the tires. Today I didn't fall nor did I get a flat. I did hear rocks slap against the rims which made me wonder if I really want to take the chance of bike damage by riding offroad. Perhaps I should at least order a few replacement spokes. When we leave the desert I'll get some serious road tires for this bike. Here is a satellite view of today's ride. Click each of the photos for another view.
Almost every ride included D'Hanis The tiny D'Hanis Post Office The sun is always low in the sky
Not just Texas Once important to Texas ranchers Ate here a couple of times

Passed this every other rideLone Star Alamo Area SKP RV Park entrance







Monday, December 16, 2019: This is our last day at the Lone Star Alamo Area SKP RV Park near Hondo, Texas. We are driving west tomorrow toward Arizona. This is my likely the last ride in this area, don't really expect to every be here again. It has been an enjoyable month of exploring the area by bicycle where I found several good routes for road biking. No bike lanes but very little traffic. My last ride was probably my shortest ride with the most photos because I wanted to remind myself of the adventures I had here. The weather has been surprisingly warm with several days in the 80s, that is warmer than Arizona this time of year. I actually did this ride on December 15 so if you want to see the route, look for the December 15 "Last Texas Ride" in the "RideWithGPS" links above. Click all photos for more views.

Hondo water towerMust flood here sometime


Sunday, December 8, 2019: I rode the same route today hoping to learn how much was left of the Javelina. However, the Javelina was gone. Some Texas rancher has picked it up. I can only guess what it would be used for. Perhaps bacon and eggs at the local Mexican restaurant but you didn't hear ME say that.

I have seen the Flood Gauge at low spots on the side of a road around on my rides. We have seen no rain in the three weeks we have been here but there must be some time when the rain is heavy enough to need the Flood Gauge.

Clear day and mid-70s so nice riding weather. 10 mph wind from the southwest made for an easy ride when heading northeast and a cooling ride into the wind.

I will admit to a mistake on my part. My heart rate monitor has been giving me strange readings the last few rides. I ordered a new one yesterday. Today I noticed the sensors which should go next to my skin were partially blocks by my new bib shorts. I wish I had noticed that yesterday. The heart rate reports today seemed more realistic but low. I guess I can check those with the new belt arriving tomorrow.

Vultures are having lunch On the lunch menu Not sure I understand the warning
Saturday, December 7, 2019: On a new route today which took me through the town of Hondo, Texas. On the way I spotted a huge crowd of vultures on the ground. I knew what that meant so stopped to take a photo before they flew off. Most did move before I could take the first photo. We learned this summer in a National Park lecture about vultures, the feast will not begin until the animal is dead 24 hours and not older than 48 hours. When riding forward, I found they where planning to feast on a Javelina. While taking the Javelina photo I noticed the vultures where all circling in the air nearby waiting for me to leave. I'm not understanding the Texas warning signs. Texas drivers need to be warned about mud (see below) and water on the road, why? Click all the photos for more views. Some more Hondo history is behind the road water warning sign. This was the smoothest ride so far. Very nice asphalt the whole route. Unusual for this part of Texas and nice 22 mile distance so I could get back to watch all the college football championship games.
Ranch ride Ranch ride Ranch ride Ranch ride
Wednesday, December 4, 2019: This is my longest ride in this area to date. I call it the "Ranch Ride" due to the number of ranches I passed today. I planned a 33 mile out and back ride but the route I planned on the computer did not exist in reality so I continued into a large loop not really knowing the exact mileage which turned out to be 45 miles. The asphalt today was better than what I'm use to. The roads were better because they are the major rural roads but still very little traffic and all the Texas drivers are careful to give me lots of space. Another little treat was a live Armadillo crossing in front of me. By the time I got my camera ready I only got a 7 second video. I didn't know they could move this fast. You can see this route by clicking the link above or check it out here.
New route today Really? Not as bad as other roads!
Monday, December 2, 2019: A new route today. It is a 20 mile out and back route (I prefer loops) on good asphalt. I may ride this more often for such a smooth ride. After the long ride yesterday, these 20 miles felt good. Click all the photos for more views. Tomorrow, no riding. We are driving into San Antonio to the River Walk.
History on this ride Zebras on the route Indian fighter is down then avenged
Sunday, December 1, 2019: This is my usual 36 mile ride in Texas but in the reverse. The link is a "Flyby" so click the video "go" arrow to start the view of the ride. I call this the "Zebra Ride" because this is only the second time I've seen the Zebras on the route and the first time I have been able to capture them in a photo and on a video. Nice temperatures today with 67 as a high and little wind. US 90 was busy with lots of folks returning from the Thanksgiving weekend. I made a 12 minute video of this ride. That's long but it will give you a December view of this area of Texas and of the roads I've been riding on. You will also see both of these rural Texas towns. This area is 50 miles west of San Antonio. We are moving west in about two weeks. Click all these photos for more views.

You don't find these in OregonA new friend on today's ride



Tuesday, November 26, 2019: Today's 36 mile ride was another into rural Texas on mostly single lane paved roads. The Old US 90 is 12 miles of the route between Sabinal and D'Hanis. It is a very rough pavement, single lane. I usually see, at the most, 1 - 2 cars, but today it was busy with about a dozen. I enjoyed taking photos of the animals along the way. In addition to these animals, I saw a Bald Eagle, hawk, deer and smelled a skunk but none would stand still long enough to photograph. Here is a cow who was interested in my ride. The weather was perfect for riding, a cool start slowly warming to about 75 by the time the ride was over. Click these photos for more animals.

Sabinal, TexasRiding rough single lane Texas roads

Wednesday, November 20, 2019: Still riding to find a longer workout ride. I found it today. I was looking for about 32 miles but 35.5 miles on this route will work find. This route is 30.5 miles on single lane, light traffic, rough asphalt with 5 miles on a four lane freeway with wide shoulders. It takes me to Sabinal, Texas at the furthest point then returning to D'Hanis. This route has lots of hawks although I viewed one up close and it looked more like a falcon to me. Also every other rural house has a dog who likes to chase cyclists. Fortunately, so far, they just chase and bark. Today there was a strong wind which was appreciated when riding north but created more work when riding south.

I'm trying out an upgrade to Relive videos so put on headphones and watch this video on your laptop. Then scroll down the video page to see all the photos from today's ride.

Making bricks in D'HanisClick for the video behind

Tuesday, November 19, 2019: Nice ride today on rough roads but empty of traffic. 10% gravel, 10% smooth asphalt and 80% rough asphalt. These were rural, single lane roads on a warm 80 degree day. Lots of bouncing but the lack of traffic made up for it. I'm searching for a nice 30+ mile route for a daily workout. Our location at Lone Star Escapee Park is about a quarter mile from the railroad tracks. We hear 12+ trains each day and night. I caught one while on this ride. Click the photo at left to see a short video. I rode through the tiny town of D'Hanis. I saw their only manufacturing facility, bricks. This ride turned out to be 24+ miles, but I have an idea of how to extend it. Click for another way to view my ride.

Riding rural roads around Fredricksburg Rock fences Many cattle guards and loose livestock

Sunday, November 17, 2019: Today was a travel day from Fredricksburg to Hondo, Texas. But yesterday, I was able to get in a 20+ mile ride into the rural area of Fredricksburg. I have the lady at the visitor center to thank for this great ride. She drew a neon pink line along the route. It is a popular route because I came across several other riders on the route. It was mostly on single lane paved roads with very little traffic. In fact, I saw more loose livestock than cars. Click the photos for more views. Track my route.

We have arrived at the Lone Star RV Park, one of the Escapee parks in Texas. We expect to stay at least two weeks and possibly a month. There is lots to explore around this area. San Antonio is a short 30 mile drive.

Georgetown Lake dam road Joining the San Gabriel River bike trails Historic Georgetown cemetery
Sunday, November 10, 2019: Nice ride to the bike trails along the San Gabriel River in Georgetown, Texas. Since this is a Sunday the trails were busy with hikers, other than that, this was a perfect ride with perfect weather. The trail had one very steep section but the bike made the climb easily. Click the photos for more views.
Ride to Florence, Texas
Saturday, November 2, 2019: This is my longest ride since I began riding again. This was a great ride into rural Texas onto single lane paved roads. The main roads on the route had at least 10 foot shoulders another plus. Additionally, the asphalt on the route was pretty smooth. I planned ahead and had a small ham and cheese wrap which I ate in Florence. Perfect weather. The only negative, about ten miles into the ride a bubble bee (at least it felt like a bumble bee when I flicked it away) landed on my lower lip and began biting (or stinging). That hurt and bothered me the rest of the ride with my lip swelling triple size. By the end of the ride the swelling was reduced somewhat but still stinging. This is such I nice ride, I'll try to do it again someday before we leave. Click the photos for a view of the route.
Thursday, October 31, 2019: Check out the new Widget above from Ride With GPS a new APP I'm trying with cycling. While traveling I'm always in a new area. An APP which would help me find good cycling routes would be helpful. This APP promises to be that help. It tells me when and where to make turns to follow a preplanned route and their are many route published by other cyclists. I can also create a route myself by outlining the route on the map. Of course it also has a "Widget" I can use to publish my rides on this Webpage.

Steep hills and deep dipsRiding in Missouri

Thursday, October 17, 2019: We are parked at the Ruark Bluff East Corp of Engineers Park near Greenfield, Missouri. The park is on Stockton Lake. I've not seen the horse and buggy warning sign since Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I didn't see any Amish today. I rode into Greenfield, 25 mile round trip, which is the county seat of Dade county. They have a nice looking courthouse but the business buildings around the courthouse are old and mostly empty. The road between the campground and Greenfield was rolling hills with deep dips and steep hills. I kept my Ebike at the second level of assist standing on the steep climbs rather than shifting into a higher assist level. That worked to get me to the top of the hills. Very nice 70 degree weather today with little wind. It was interesting exploring Greenfield, not as clean and organized as some of the Wisconsin towns I explored. Click the photos for more views. The previous ride was 30 miles and I had not charged the battery. It was at 66% when I began the ride. After 25 miles, the total was 55 miles and the battery showed 35%.

Tahoe Pyramid Trail Joe in front Dale and Joe
Joe and Scott, always behind 64 steps Crossing the Truckee
Sunday, October 6, 2019: Joe, Scott and I decide to ride the newly finished Tahoe Pyramid Trail between Hirschdale, California and Verdi, Nevada. I was thinking of a nice paved trail down the scenic Truckee River Canyon but instead, it was a full on mountain bike trail. This is an incredible trail from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake, 114 mile trail. I borrowed one of Scott's bikes. I was very interested in the trail since we often stay in Verdi while visiting the Reno area. Unfortunately, the second half of this trail (the part closest to Verdi) may be a little too crude for my bike. I have ridden the trail east into Reno and that will be better on my bike. Today's ride ended with a "Dale's Pale Ale" provided by Scott. Click all photos for additional views. Also, watch the short video I made of the ride.

Riding back to Columbia


Wednesday, September 25, 2019: While Mz Ruby is waiting to get a diagnosis, I take myself for a ride back into Columbia. I actually find the Hominy Creek Trail again which leads to Steven's Lake and Park. So this time I wasn't lost and did not have to stop to look at the map or ask Google Maps to save me again. Gwen drove off this morning to get away from all the noise and activity around Freightliner and I forgot to get my helmet out of the car so I am using her helmet. Click the photo for an interesting old car I found. While riding Steven's Lake I also found Columbia's idea of Stonehenge. It is so easy to create a ride animation, I did it again. You'll see that I am ten miles outside of Columbia. You'll also see where I took the photos.

Hominy Trail




Monday, September 23, 2019: Today I spent 2-1/2 hours mostly lost in Columbia, Missouri trying to find the Hominy Creek Trail. By the time I found the trail I had learned it was only about three miles long but it took me ten miles to find the trail. Now that I knew the trail was short, I took all the side connecting trails no matter how short or how long. That added to the mileage but by the time I found my way back to where I had started it showed only 21 miles on my trip computer so I rode on down the road another ten miles to get a decent ride. So there was nothing linear about this ride. It was all over the place with spikes like a cactus. Here is an animation of my ride. Still, this was a fun ride and I felt great at the end of the 31.5 mile ride. It took longer because of the many times I stopped to consult the map. Click the photo for another view.
The Katy Trail Trailhead nearest to Columbia Huck Finn slept here The trail is closed due to flooding
Evidence of flooding, sand bags to protect the neighborhoodLewis and Clark slept hereThursday, September 19, 2019: Missouri has a state park called Katy Trail State Park. It is 240 miles long and the state takes responsibility for the trail. I started at the McBaine Trailhead, the closest to Columbia. I met a large group of riders who where taking six days to ride the entire trail. They were riding from one bed and breakfast to another. I later learned that there are a lot of B&Bs along the trail. I had planned to ride 30 miles to Boonville but learned from the group, the trail was closed nine miles from this point due to flooding. There were no signs so I decided to see for myself. In nine miles I found the signs and sent Gwen a text telling her to meet me at the Columbia Visitor's Center at the end of the MKT Trail which would give me a 27 mile ride. The Katy Trail is along the Missouri River in this sections so it was my first view of the Missouri River. Lewis and Clark followed the Missouri River in their exploration to the west and I came across a marker showing one of their campsites. There was also evidence along the trail of floods threatening some of the neighborhoods. I found a wall of sand bags which looked like they may have held back the Missouri at one time. Here is an animation of my ride today. Click all the photos for more views.
I found the MKT Trail in Columbia

Lots of bridges on the routePassing lakes along the way

Wednesday, September 18, 2019: Another great ride today in Columbia, Missouri. I went looking the the MKT Trail (Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad). It is a short, ten mile, trail which connects the center of Columbia to the Katy Trail a 240 mile long trail through the center of Missouri. On my way to finding the MKT Trial I stopped by the Mizzou Stadium. I had hoped to attend the Tigers game with South Carolina this weekend but the forecast is for rain and I can think of other ways to spend four hours other than sitting in the rain. But I still wanted to see the stadium (click the top photo) and imagine what it is going to be on Saturday at 3pm. Here is an animation of the ride I did today. I'll admit to being lost about half the ride and ended up saving myself by using Google maps. I did find a mosque is downtown Columbia, my first mosque. It has been a hot day so the sweat poured of me. I weighed myself after the ride just for fun and I lost four pounds during the ride. Click these photos for more views.
Riding the MRT

Sunday, September 15, 2019: We are visiting Clark's Ferry, Corp of Engineers Park a few miles downstream from Davenport, Iowa. I drove into Davenport today and rode the MRT, Mississippi River Trail, Davenport Section. It is a well maintained, paved trail along the shores of the Mississippi River. The river seemed high to me and there were several sections where the water was just reaching the trail pavement. You can see a new bridge construction between Davenport and Moline, Illinois in the distance. Click the photo for a panorama of another section of the trail. Also, the trail turned onto an island for several miles and the bridge to get there seemed new. Here is an animation of today's ride.

I need to explain about the pedal assist bike I ride. I must be pedaling to get any "assistance". The harder I push on the pedals, the more assistance I get. If I lightly push, I get next to no assistance. So I get the same workout as with a non-assist bike, but I'm going farther and faster. I'm making my mind think I'm in better condition than I really am by riding this bike but I'm getting into BETTER condition while riding. I hope to transfer my conditioning to my road bike when I return to Oregon. This bike will carry me about 40 - 70 miles depending upon the terrain, with conditioning, my road bike will take me farther than that.


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