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Completed Stage 2

Friday, January 14, 2022: The most important event of the day, finishing Stage 2 of the Tour de Zwift. Second most important event was getting dollar store dehydration containers to soak up the high humidity in our clothing storage cabinets.

Riding at the back of the pack again

Tuesday, January 11, 2022: A couple days ago I rode the first stage of the Tour de Zwift. A month long event which happens only once each year. There were 3000 riders in that event and I ended up in the last 10% of the riders across the finish line. That didn't have me concerned until today.

Today I rode with the ZZRC group for a 60 minute ride. This is a group I rode with last year and had no problem staying with the group. However, today the group rode away from me and I couldn't match their pace. I did finish the ride (click the photo to see the end photo). However, I was very near the tale end of the riders.

It makes me wonder if my conditioning is not keeping up with my reduction of strength due to age. On the other hand I have experienced this before when I was much younger. In that case I had been training wrong and breaking down my body rather than building it up. That could be happening now I just need to continue monitoring my heart rate to be sure I'm within my strengthening heart rate.

Glen in the foreground and DaleSaturday, January 8, 2022: My day began with the Montana State vs North Dakota football game. Unfortunately the Montana starting quarterback was injured in the first quarter and it was all North Dakota after that.

Glen and I had scheduled a road ride today with a forecast of cold but clear weather. Most of the morning was fog with temperatures not reaching 40. So we delayed our start until 1 pm where it reached 42 degrees. I dressed in my warmest winter riding gear but Glen must be immune to cold weather with only a light jacket. We did 42 miles in 3 hours, probably too much for our first road ride of the year.

I finished the day by watching the Cowboys tromp all over the Eagles on the Eagles home turf.

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