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Tuesday, June 21, 2022: Today was my chance to check my glucose level during a ride using the Dexcom G6 monitor provided by Ben during our Tour de Fronds ride. I have been using a heart rate monitor since 1982, so 40 years. I have used it to know how hard I am working while riding. I read a book by Greg LeMond to learn how to use a heart rate monitor. I have learned to ride to my anaerobic threshold, the point at which the muscles begin an oxygen debt. The muscles actually begin to break down rather than build strength. According to Greg, you want to limit rides above the anaerobic threshold to once per week. When I was younger, my AT was at 165 beats per minute, now my AT is at 140 bpm.

The glucose monitor is just another meter to know what my body is doing. Twenty minutes into my ride I got a warning alert tone that my glucose level was low, the 75 at left. Ben says my body is using up glucose with muscle exercise. The body then reacts to release stored glucose to meet the demand from the muscles. Click the 75 photo to see my level at 45 minutes. After the alert I drank some of my hydration water which helped to bring up the glucose level and my body naturally released glucose to meet the demand. The photo at the right is my glucose level at the end of the ride, 1 hour 17 minutes. My body has adjusted the glucose level perfectly. Click that photo to see my computer showing my heart rate at the top.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 17, 18 & 19, 2022: The Tour de Fronds happens only once each year in the tiny town of Powers, Oregon which is very close to the Oregon coast. Glen, Erik, and I chose to ride to Eden Valley a total of 64.5 miles. My son Ben joined us by driving all the way from Reno, Nevada to do the ride. We rented a cabin at the county park for two nights, Friday night before the ride and Saturday night after the ride. The ride takes participants into the rural and mountain areas around Powers. It is very well organized with friendly people, good rest stops and organizers who look after every participant. The weather was nearly perfect with rain decreasing in the morning and cool riding all day. We were able to dodge most of the rain drops. Besides the good snacks at each rest stop, we got a good dinner Friday night, a continental breakfast Saturday morning, lasagna with homemade dessert Saturday after the ride, then a pancake plus ham steak Sunday morning. Ben is a diabetes specialist in Reno and was able to bring a Dexcom G6 glucose monitor to each one of us. Monitoring a cyclist glucose level is a new measure for cyclists to insure they have the best glucose level before a tough ride. All of us had fun checking and discussing our glucose levels during the ride and before and after meals. I made a short video to give and idea of what the ride was like.  Also click each photo to enlarge.

Thursday, June 9, 2022: I woke this morning knowing the weather forecast was for 83 degrees and I was feeling strong. I chose to plan a metric century (62 miles, 100 kilometers). Unfortunately the increase in temperature was slow. When I left the temperature was 58 degrees so I wore leg warmers and socks with my new cycling sandals. The route I chose had several bail-out points in the case I wasn't as strong as I imagined. The first bailout was at 9 miles, the second at 19 miles, the third at 26 miles. I was feeling good at those points and continued forward for a full metric century. I reached Yoncalla after 2.5 hours of riding. Yoncalla is 2/3 of the century ride (40 miles) and the location of my favorite mid-point stop. I bought refreshment and lunch at the Main Street Espresso and Bakery. It was now 71 degrees so I removed my leg warmers and socks. With two climbs left to return to Sutherlin, the return took another 2 hours. Arriving in Sutherlin, the temperature finally reached 79 degrees.  This was a wonderful, enjoyable ride which I plan to do several more times this summer. Click on all the photos for more views.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022: This morning began early with a Zwift ride with my son, Ben. Ben lives in Reno. One of the advantages of Zwift is the ability to ride with someone else even if they are in a different state. We used a different APP to talk with each other while riding. This was a long ride because that is what Ben wanted. We sat on our trainers for two hours averaging 15 miles per hour which is what we average on the road.  The difference, you can't coast or stop pedaling while riding a trainer so more difficult.

This afternoon my new clipless sandals arrived. I have had them on my Amazon wish list for a year but they have always been out of stock. Three days ago my wish list showed them in stock for only $60 and with my $13 Amazon credit only $47.  After delivery today I checked Amazon again finding them for $99. I got a real bargain. I mounted the cleats to the bottom and gave them a try. I have found my new favorite cycling shoes. I love the cool air on my feet.  Click the photos for more views.

Friday, June 3, 2022: During my bike ride today I rode past the Plat I reservoir again. This time I stopped to take a photo of the county park across the lake. I also took a photo of my friend, Bill's house on the hill overlooking the reservoir. He has a nice view of the lake and surrounding rural area. I happen to know of a very unique house on Fair Oaks Road, an attractive rural area about two miles from the reservoir. It is almost 4,000 square feet but with only 1 bedroom and 1 bath. Whoever built this house must have built it only for hobbies and outdoor recreation. What is interesting, it is for sale. I would love to know the story about building such a unique house then having to sell it. Click the photo above to see the real estate listing and you will understand why I believe it is so strange.

Sunday, May 29, 2022: Another rainy day. Rain made is a good time to ride Zwift for an hour. This group is called ZZRC and they are usually riding at my pace. Today it was just right. It seemed a bit higher than the advertised pace however. 

$354 of dieselOld West We have a view of John Day River out the windshield

Rented from the Forest ServiceStove, Microwave, utensils but no waterLocated at the Long Creek General Store

Day 2 and 3 were wetDay 1 or 4 was sunny

May 27, 2022: The above photos are from myself and 3 friends biking the Old West Scenic Bikeway. It is a 178 mile look starting in John Day Oregon. We began in the Clyde Holliday State Park 7 miles west of John Day. This ride actually happened about a week ago but due to my computer problems I'm just now reporting it. We experienced 2 good weather days and 2 bad weather days. Our first night was at the Sunshine Guard Cabin we rented from the Forest Service. It had furniture, kitchen, beds, pit toilet and electricity. It lacked water so I had stashed water on my discovery tour. We had an easy 28 miles to highway 395 our next day. However, turning south on 395 gave us a terrible headwind as well as occasional showers. We struggled our way to Long Creek against the headwind to find a wonderful breakfast at the General Store. We then turned west into 9 miles of climbing and heavy rain before 11 miles of steep downhill into the tiny village of Monument, Oregon. Here we enjoyed a nice motel with showers, kitchenette, and satellite TV.  The motel owners had a small food truck which provided us with dinner and breakfast. On day 3 we turned south following the John Day river to the tiny village of Dayville. We had a wonderful late lunch and breakfast at the Dayville Cafe. We camped at a hostel located in the back of the community church. It had everything except beds. Out sleeping pads came in handy that night. We finished our loop on day 4 back to the Clyde Holliday State Park. Fortunately day 4 was a good weather day giving us an easy ride for our last day.

Another cold rideErik enjoying the ride on his gravel bike

Tuesday, April 26, 2022: This was a relatively short ride (30 miles) on my CoOp bike (not my eBike) so I was always behind my two friends.

I met Erik and Glen in Roseburg to begin the ride. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to put my front wheel into the car so I had to return to get it before I could ride. Of course Erik and Glen took advantage of my mistake to make jokes about it while riding and I deserved the jokes.

Glen took all these photos and a short video when we crosses a unique bike/pedestrian bridge under Interstate 5.

Click both photos for more views.

Preparing to ride

Our reward at the Joseph Jane WinerySaturday, April 23, 2022: This is Earth Day. Our Umpqua Velo Cycling Club planned a nice ride on one of the popular routes around the Umpqua Valley. The ride began at 10:30 so it was a bit chilly to begin. I noticed during our ride only three women and probably 25 men on this ride. Also one teenager riding. Our ride took a bit more than 2 hours because we stopped to take photos along the way. The group stopped at the Lighthouse Cafe for refreshments but the three of us, Erik, Glen and me (left to right) rewarded ourselves at the Joseph Jane Winery. They have excellent wood fired pizza with very comfortable outdoor seating. Comfortable today because we have good sunlight with temperatures above 60. I ordered a Cranberry Peach smoothie not realizing it also had a good bit of wine in it. As the meal progressed I felt better and better. It was about that time Erik and Glen informed me of the reason I was feeling so good. I believe I will return for more of these smoothies. Glen and I took several videos which I combined into one. Click all these photos for more views.

Platform pedalsThe old pedals

Tuesday, April 19, 2022: I switched to SPD pedals last year by buying inexpensive (cheap) pedals. Unfortunately one pedal stopped working so I chose to replace that pair with the same style my friend Glen uses. Brook also put this style pedal onto her bike. I got the chance to ride her pedals the last time I visited. Let's talk about shoes. I have worn mountain bike cycling shoes for 35 years. Mountain bike shoes have the pedal cleat inset into the rubber sole. When the rider is walking they are not walking on the cleat and the rider has good grip from the rubber sole. Road bike shoes, on the other hand have a solid smooth plastic or wooden sole. The cleat is mounted to the bottom of this sole. The rider, then, is walking on the cleat when off the bike. Since the sole is solid it does not flex and gives excellent support to the entire foot and needs nothing but a small point of attachment to the pedal. The mountain bike shoe, on the other hand, does flex and benefits from the platform style pedal to give more foot support. The pedals on the left are made for road bike shoes while the pedals on the right are made for mountain bike shoes. When I rode Brook's bike I could feel the advantages to the platform pedal giving my foot extra support. That is why I chose the platform pedal to replace the cheap pedals which stopped working. My feet still lock to the pedal but now have more support for the entire foot. Click both photos for more views. When installing pedals, always use lubricant on the threads.

Don't bother me!Calpooia Creek

Sunday, April 17, 2022: It was cloudy today but forecast to be 57 degrees. My bicycle computer never showed more than 50 however. I dressed warmly and rode my unassisted CoOp bike continuing to prepare for the bikepacking trip I plan to do in May.

Today's ride was a bit more than 40 miles and definitely slower than when I ride my Yamaha eBike at its lowest assistance level. So I had to ask myself if I could ride another 20 miles for a total of 60 miles. That is the distance of our first and second day on the bikepack trip. Yes, I could do another 20 miles but it definitely would have hurt. I expect we will be stopping often for photographs which will help to spread the load over time. Click both photos for more views of today's ride. My friend, Glen, also rode earlier today in the same area. He made a video of the scenic views. You will likely need a Facebook account to see the video since I got the video from his Facebook post.

Riding the covered bridge scenic route

Saturday, April 2, 2022: Glen, Erik and I rode the Covered Bridges Scenic Bike Route near Cottage Grove, Oregon. We found four bridges before we decided to visit the Coast Fork Brewing and Feed Company store. They have great food and beer. Thank you Glen for the photo and video.

A short video of our ride.

Climbing to the radio towers

Sunday, February 27, 2022: I had a choice today to ride on the road with the guys or ride with my son, Ben, on Zwift. I chose the Zwift ride. Ben had chosen the "Mountain Route" which took us to the infamous Radio Towers, a long and steep climb so at times we were only moving at 5 kph. We both achieved the top and then flew down the other side. It still took nearly 2 hours. Click the photo to see our finish.

After the ride and lunch, I took Abby for a mile and half walk around the park. The forecast calls for rain this next week so she may not get much exercise.

After dinner we watched the final episode of 1883 concerning the Dutton families move to Montana. It can be found on Paramount plus and I can highly recommend the story and fine acting.

First ride with PaulTwo rides completed

Twosday, 2/22/22: What a day for Twosday. My goal today was to ride my age in miles. Last year I rode my age in kilometers and I wanted to prove I was in better shape than last year. Besides, my riding buddies claim they don't know what a kilometer is (I'm joking). I chose two rides on Zwift to total 75 miles. I would have ridden outside but it was too darn cold and wet from the rain last night. It is much more difficult to ride on the trainer since the rider can't coast and it is more difficult to stand on the pedals. Zwiftinsider showed both rides to be 61 km but the second ride turned out to be longer due to a long "lead-in". That made my total mileage to be 80.53 miles and total riding time of 5 hours. I did get more than 4,900 points toward the next Zwift level, a nice birthday gift but I had to work hard for those points. My friend Paul rode the entire first ride with me which helped in many ways. The second ride was alone and more difficult because of the earlier ride and the need to give my butt a rest from sitting on the bike saddle that long. When I ride Zwift, I normally cast the game from my iPhone to my 32" TV and have Zwift Companion on my tablet mounted to the handlebars. That gives me the best control of the game. For this long ride I planned to use my old Samsung Galaxy S6 to listen to pod casts during the ride. I learned my S6 was now dead and would not accept a charge so nix that idea. I grabbed Gwen's old Samsung Galaxy S7 and it charged up just fine. Many people do not know that old phones work just fine as long as they are connected to a WiFi source. I downloaded Spotify to the S7 then connected Bluetooth to my Bluetooth speaker. I listened to "Hidden Brain" pod cast (an NPR radio show usually on Sunday). I finally got tired of Hidden Brain late in the second ride so tuned to my "Liked" tunes. That means I had three devices working today while riding. The reason for that, I have had a problem with my tablet dropping Bluetooth connections if it must connect to more than one BT device. It is a cheap Samsung tablet and does not offer many features. I didn't want to take a chance on my iPhone to run another BT device, hence the need for a third device. Finally, if you are wondering, while on Zwift, I am riding unassisted, eBikes do not work on a direct drive smart trainer.

Riding with The Herd


Tuesday, February 15, 2022: My day was a Zwift ride with The Herd, advertised to be a "recovery ride" and I was able to stay in the group until the last ten minutes when the leader of the group and the group took off leaving me behind. So much for the advertising. There is a definite advantage to staying in the group. It's called drafting and Zwift simulates drafting efficiently. Click the photo to see lonely me at the finish.

Hammerhead Cycling ComputerClimbing to Glide

Saturday, February 12, 2022: With good weather and Erik turning 54 our Umpqua Velo Bike Club did a 54 mile ride and climb to Glide, Oregon.

The day began in fog and cold but the weather forecast called for 60s by early afternoon. The day did warm but never made it into the 60s. Still, much more comfortable later in the ride.

Our route climbs North Bank Road to Glide which is 27 miles from Roseburg. North Bank Road is the north bank of the North Umpqua River so some great views along our route. We have all ridden it many time. The traffic seemed heavier than usual on this Saturday.

Once we got to Glide, we headed to The Atom Bistro and Coffee. I ordered a large coffee and bagel with cream cheese.

Once leaving Glide, we have one last big climb on Buckhorn Road then a long descent into Roseburg. My destination was another five miles beyond Roseburg to the River Forks Park where the ride began. Click both photos for more views and click here for a short video of the ride. Thank you again to Glen for the photos and the video.

I will add, this was an unusual ride for me. You know I normally ride my eBike on road rides. Somehow I lost track of the number of rides from my last charge. When I arrived at River Forks Park I noticed my battery was only at 36%, I knew I couldn't do this 54 mile ride with only 36% in the battery. I simply did not turn on the assistance for any of the ride except the steepest climbs. I avoided the assistance for 90% of the ride arriving back at River Forks Park with 11% left in the battery. I had considered riding my non-assist bike this day but chose the eBike thinking I needed the help to keep up with all these younger riders. However, my non-assist bike is 25 lbs lighter and lower gears than the eBike. It would have made an easier ride.

Long road ride today Nine riders today Country side ride

Sunday, February 6, 2022: All photos today were provided by Glen, Thanks Glen! The forecast called for a 60 degree day so a group of nine of us chose to road ride. It actually reached 57 but still felt plenty cold in the shade. Glen planned a long road to Ten Mile and back. The ride turned out to be 48 miles and I was glad to see the last mile after riding Zwift yesterday for nearly 2 hours. Click each photo for more views.

Riding with Ben

Wednesday, February 2, 2022: My morning began with an hour Zwift ride with son Ben in Nevada and friend, Jami. in Colorado. After the ride it was time for a shower and lunch.

Following lunch I took Abby for a mile long walk around the park. She likes looking for rabbets but ignores the wild turkeys.

When the walk was over, Gwen, Abby and I drove to Drain, Oregon to meet Gwen's son Dave. He is driving back to Brookings, Oregon from the Portland International Airport. We visited The Rose Inn with Dave for dinner and to catch up on his adventures.

St Jude Donation ChallengeStage 7 TdZ

Monday, January 31, 2022: I completed the January 200 mile St Jude Donation Cycling Challenge today by completing Stage 7 of the Tour de Zwift. One more stage for the TdZ and it will also be completed. Stage 8 does not become available until Friday. If you wish to donate to St. Jude, please click the link above. If I can do 500 miles each month, that will be 6,000 miles for the year, my goal. I'd like to do that and maybe more as the weather improves. Glen and Erik are pushing me to do more.

At the beginning of the rideAlmost home

Saturday, January 29, 2022: My friend Glen mapped a route around the rural area of Coquille, Oregon. We chose Coquille because it was at least ten degrees warmer than our valley. Erik and I join Glen on this route. These are Glen's photos and Glen also did a video.

It is winter so still cold. As we rode, it was 42 in the shade and 53 in the sun but warm enough with our winter riding gear.

This was a 48 mile loop into the rural and mountain areas around Coquille and Myrtle Point. We were able to find a coffee stop in Myrtle Point and warm in the sun with no wind.

We are dedicated cyclists and anxious for any outdoor winter riding in good weather. The driving time to Coquille from our valley is 1.5 hours each way. Fortunately we also found The Pub and Grill in Coquille and enjoyed a delicious meal after the ride.

Click these photos for more views.

Ride begins with a flat Road turns to gravel and mud Turning around at the end of pavement

Wednesday, January 26, 2022: Glen drove to Myrtle Point, Oregon for a rural bike ride because it was ten degrees warmer. I went with him. It felt considerably warmer except in the shade, very cold in the shade. We were three miles into the ride when I got a flat. I had been bragging about not getting any flat tires while road riding and the bragging was a mistake. The route was chosen from "Ride With GPS" so we had no knowledge of what it was like. At about nine miles it turned to gravel then mud in the shady areas. The mud stuck to everything. It was only a two mile section but that was enough to coat our bikes. We continued to ride until we reached a sign saying "Pavement Ends" where we turned around not wanting anymore mud. We also chose a different route back to avoid the mud. It was still a good ride and we plan to return to the same area this weekend hoping to avoid the gravel roads. Here is a short video taken by Glen.

012 The Willamette River Mobile transportation

Monday, January 24, 2022: Glen and I did an easy ride today in Eugene. We rode the Ruth Bascom Bike Path on both sides of the Willamette River. No hills to climb just some great views. After the ride we visited Glen's daughter who is living near the University of Oregon. We also went looking for a bike shop who might have belt driven bicycles to try out. Glen has ordered one online but never ridden one. We were fortunate to find the "Arriving by Bike" bicycle shop which Siri says is the best bike shop in Eugene. It had two belt drive bicycles we were able to try. Each bike had an 8 speed Shimano transmission which shifted very smoothly. We were impressed with the easy of pedaling and lack of chain noise, virtually silent riding. Glen's bike will be a little more sophisticated with a Shimano 11 speed transmission. Click these photos for more views.

Riding in the real world

Sunday, January 23, 2022: It was riding in the real world today with friends. Glen planned a route through Roseburg into Green then east toward the community of Dixonville back to Roseburg. It was a 32 mile ride with temperatures in the low to mid-40s. Those on the ride were Georgie, Erik, Stan and Glen from left to right. This was a great ride with some good climbing to keep us all warm.

Click the photo to view the route map and elevation graphic.

Completed Stage 2

Friday, January 14, 2022: The most important event of the day, finishing Stage 2 of the Tour de Zwift. Second most important event was getting dollar store dehydration containers to soak up the high humidity in our clothing storage cabinets.

Riding at the back of the pack again

Tuesday, January 11, 2022: A couple days ago I rode the first stage of the Tour de Zwift. A month long event which happens only once each year. There were 3000 riders in that event and I ended up in the last 10% of the riders across the finish line. That didn't have me concerned until today.

Today I rode with the ZZRC group for a 60 minute ride. This is a group I rode with last year and had no problem staying with the group. However, today the group rode away from me and I couldn't match their pace. I did finish the ride (click the photo to see the end photo). However, I was very near the tale end of the riders.

It makes me wonder if my conditioning is not keeping up with my reduction of strength due to age. On the other hand I have experienced this before when I was much younger. In that case I had been training wrong and breaking down my body rather than building it up. That could be happening now I just need to continue monitoring my heart rate to be sure I'm within my strengthening heart rate.

Glen in the foreground and DaleSaturday, January 8, 2022: My day began with the Montana State vs North Dakota football game. Unfortunately the Montana starting quarterback was injured in the first quarter and it was all North Dakota after that.

Glen and I had scheduled a road ride today with a forecast of cold but clear weather. Most of the morning was fog with temperatures not reaching 40. So we delayed our start until 1 pm where it reached 42 degrees. I dressed in my warmest winter riding gear but Glen must be immune to cold weather with only a light jacket. We did 42 miles in 3 hours, probably too much for our first road ride of the year.

I finished the day by watching the Cowboys tromp all over the Eagles on the Eagles home turf.

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