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Oregon is dry
Monday, July 26, 2021: Oregon dries out fast. It has been six weeks since our last rain and it could be another eight weeks before rain returns. It is one of the reasons Oregon and California have such terrible wildfires. When we traveled through the mid-west it seemed like we had rain every afternoon. The mid-west was green during the summer. Apparently that's what comes with high humidity. Currently Oregon has the largest wildfire in the nation and these dry conditions with wind make this area like a match waiting for a spark. Click this photo for a wider panorama view.
Ice cream social
Sunday, July 25, 2021: Our park has an ice cream social every Sunday, this was my first time to attend this year. I never remember but today, Gwen walked to the clubhouse for another purpose. When she returned she told me of the crowd gathering for ice cream. I rushed over and chose Strawberry Cheesecake and Butter Pecan at 50¢ per scoop. You can see the flavors on the right of the photo, strawberry, chocolate, mint chocolate chip and vanilla were the other flavors. Volunteers do the serving.
In-park yard sale

Nice stand-alone fan


Friday, July 23, 2021: I scored a treasure today at the in-park yard sale. I almost missed the treasure. I drove Abby and myself to the sale, walked both sides of the street finding nothing to buy. I hoped back into the golf cart with Abby and began to drive away when a stand-alone fan caught my eye. Gwen and I had just purchased such a fan at Costco for $40. I began to think it would be good to have two fans. I was also thinking a fan would be nice when I ride my bicycle trainer. When my buddy, Glen, rides his trainer he has THREE fans blowing on him. This fan came with misters intended to connect to the fan housing and blow water mist for cooling. I tried that but found it was too messy. I ended up mounting the misters to the top of the gazebo where the water wets the windbreaker and has a cooling effect. For $6, this is a treasure. Click both photos for more views.

Golf cart races



Wednesday, July 21, 2021: This is the annual meeting week at the Timber Valley SKP RV Park. Much happens this week to organize the committees, volunteers and board officers this week.

There are also many fun activities where participants enjoy the competition and games. One of those activities is a golf cart race. It is not a traditional race between participants. In this case a two person team is in each cart. The driver is blind folded. The blind folded driver must follow the directions of the team mate to negotiate a set course. The best time wins the trophy. Click the photo to see all the participants.

Anita's chair is broken Doweled and glue the joint Ready to pick up
Saturday, July 17, 2021: My friend, Anita, has a chair which needs repair. The joint connecting the front legs to the back legs has broken. I used my doweling jig to set a dowel into the joint. I planned to use the two original screws to reset the joint so only enough room for one dowel. I'm hoping the screws and the extra support of the dowel will keep this joint strong. I'm letting the glue dry overnight before giving the chair back to Anita. Click these photos for more views.
Hiking on an ocean trail Some of the trail was deep sand Taking a break
Wednesday, July 14, 2021: Gwen said, "Let's go to the ocean"! We drove to Tahkenitch Creek Trailhead a trail located between Florence and Reedsport on the Oregon coast. We did a nice two hour hike which included tuna fish sandwiches Gwen had made. We walked through forest and sandy dunes. Abby enjoyed all the new smells but was not allowed on the beach due to the Snowy Plover protection areas. After the hike we drove to Winchester Bay to investigate RV sites. The price has gone up for dry camping to $25 and $30 and $55 and up for full hookup sites. It would take about $80 round trip of diesel fuel to bring the motorhome so might be just as cheap to rent a motel if only one night. We are just thinking ahead. We did find a nice coffee shop in Reedsport then chose to stop at the Harbor Light Restaurant for a dinner reward before returning to home to 88 degree temperatures. Click the photos for more views. We have clear skies only because the wind is blowing the smoke away from us.

In the country side



Monday, July 12, 2021: I found this today on one of my regular bike riding routes. It must have happen recently but I've not found any reports about this even on the Facebook page of the Fair Oaks Rural Fire Department located only a mile from this location. Click the photo to see a side view.

Due to the materials used to make RVs, once a fire starts the RV goes up like a match. This RV appears to be older and poorly (cheaply) built. Even the best RVs are fire traps.

All RVs have at least two escape windows. We have one in the living room (not sure why we wouldn't use the door). We have a second one in the bedroom. The window is about 8 feet off the ground. We have an escape ladder next to the window. However, neither of us are anxious to test it. We would have very little time to get the window propped open, connect the ladder, get Gwen out the window, get Abby out the window followed by me. It would be tough for 70 year olds and next to impossible for 80 year olds. I do have a large fire extinguisher next to the bed but the fire would have to be caught early. I hope no one was injured in this fire.

A field of lavender leads to the boothsStanding in line for shaved ice




Friday, July 9, 2021: This is the first day of the Roseburg Lavender Festival located 8 miles into the country west of Roseburg. There were two dozen booths with Lavender and other crafts or agricultural products. Gwen purchased a large bunch of Lavender. She plans to hang and dry them. The fragrance filled the car as we drove home. It was a hot day so the most popular booth was selling shaved ice. The ice dishes were artistically done. Click both photos for more views.

Golf Cart with side curtainsGolf cart without side curtains

Friday, July 2, 2021: Before I get into this story let me explain why these two photos are a little fuzzy. The short answer is the terrible camera which is part of the Samsung S20 phone. Trusting Samsung, I paid nearly $1500 for the phone about a year ago. The camera has never been right. It has gone back to Samsung for repair which did nothing. When taking a photo, all you can do is HOPE it will be in focus, much of the time it is not. I am VERY SORRY I purchased this phone and highly encourage anyone looking for a new phone to explore all brands other than Samsung.

I pressure washed the golf cart today to get it ready for the golf cart parade on July 4th. Gwen plans to decorate the cart and drive with Abby in the parade while I join with Glen and Erik on a long drive to eastern Oregon for a short bicycle tour. I also removed the side curtains because they need to be replaced. The shop which made the curtains is still in business in Roseburg. I took the old curtains to them. They will duplicate the curtains. These side curtains are really needed for winter driving.

The awning looks complicatedLooks good on the shed

Monday, June 28, 2021: I really want some shade at the front of the shed. My friend, Glen, installed a retractable awning at his house which I really liked so decided to get one for our shed. When I pulled all the parts out of the box, I thought, "a two day job". But surprisingly, it only took a couple hours to get it mounted today. The "Chinese English" instructions were little help and often confusing. Somehow, I figured it all out the first time and with Gwen's help, got it mounted today. Click both photos for additional views.

Summer Arts Festival Inside the Arts building Flowers in front of the Arts building
Friday, June 25, 2021: This is day one of the Summer Arts Festival in Roseburg. It is a popular, well attended festival with many high quality arts and crafts. These next three days are to be a record breaking heat wave and today is forecast to be the least of the heat. We walked the entire festival twice to see all the booths. We did find a nice birthday present for my four year old granddaughter. Click these photos for more views. Here is a short video of one of the three music groups at the festival during our visit.

A stop at the Portland IKEA

Sunday, June 13, 2021: This was a wet travel day from Chimacum, Washington to Sutherlin, Oregon. We don't usually drive this far or this long (10 hours) in a day but it was raining the whole drive and we both anxious to get back to home base.

We did make a stop in Portland at IKEA, just for fun. We bought a few items and got an idea for shoe storage near the door. I'll be making that soon.

We also had lunch at the IDEA cafe. An interesting experience. Apparently their Swedish Meat Balls are popular and recommended by friends so we both had to try them. I didn't understand the attraction. I DID enjoy the cold brew coffee drink, however. The traffic going out of Portland was very heavy but the traffic returning to Portland was incredible. It was backed up to Albany (60 miles). We arrived in early evening.

Visiting the Sequim Farmers and Artisans Market


Saturday, June 12, 2021: Gwen and I visit the Sequim Farmers and Artisans Market. This morning was one of the first with clear, warm skies. That made visiting this outdoor market more enjoyable. Sequim is a 30 minute drive on a very busy Route 101. There were lots of quality items but we bought nothing. We will be taking Route 101 south tomorrow to join with Route I-5 south. We have decided to cut our travel time a few days short since rain is in the forecast. Click this photo and the next photo a second time to see a panorama of the market.

After the market, we visited Costco for a few food items. We were careful to buy only food since Washington charges a sales tax on everything except food. We will be back in sales tax free Oregon tomorrow.

In line for the Whidbey Island Ferry On the bluff overlooking the ferry, Port Townsend Overlooking the ferry in Port Townsend

Walking the Deception Pass BridgeRepair on the Deception Pass Bridge













Wednesday, June 9, 2021: The three of us took a ferry to Whidbey Island today just to take a look around the island. Back in 1970 I applied to the Whidbey Island School District for a teaching position strait out of UC Davis Graduate School. I never heard back from them or the nine other Washington State school districts I applied to. Our first stop was Coupeville and learned nearly every business was closed on Wednesday. We really had no intention to walk into stores anyway. Our second stop was Oak Harbor, to the north. I DID visit a bike shop in Oak Harbor. We walked historic old town but did not visit any store. Third stop was Deception Pass, at least the bridge over Deception Pass. We walked the bridge for the views and I took a short video to show the fast Tidal Current coming through the pass. We bought sandwiches for lunch and ate them in an Oak Harbor City Park. With the few minutes we had left before our return ferry, we drove to Langley on the southern end of the island. It had a cute historic district and several restaurants which looked busy. Click this photos for more views.

Professional deer, hired to entertain the tourists Olympic Mountains in the background Shooting toward Mt. Olympus
Tuesday, June 8, 2021: Gwen, Abby and I drive into the Olympic National Park. We chose the road to Hurricane Ridge which overlooks the Olympic Mountain Range. I stopped at the Visitor Center to be sure there was a view since heavy clouds were obscuring the mountains. The range showed me the Webcam on the ridge and the mountains were visible. We drove the 17 miles gaining nearly 6000 feet to the ridge. It wasn't crowded and the views were spectacular. There were professional deer at the top, hired specifically to entertain the tourists. The gift shop was also open. No t-shirts for us. Instead we bought two coffee cups created by a First Nations Artist from Vancouver B.C. They are double wall, glass with a color design on the outer glass and white design on the inner glass. Mine is an Eagle while Gwen's is an Orca. They were $35 each, so $70 for two coffee cups. A lot, but much better than a t-shirt. It's a risky purchase when you live in an RV. There were still huge piles of snow which Abby was able to enjoy. Click the photos for more views. Double click the panoramas.
Parked at the Evergreen CoHo SKP Washington park
Sunday, June 6, 2021: This was a travel day from Ellensburg to Chimacum, Washington where the only Washington Escapee Park is located. It was a 4 hour drive over Snowqualmie Pass dropping down to sea level as we drove west. We did see ONE wildlife overpass over I-90 as we neared the pass. We first saw many of these in British Columbia. I'm glad to see Washington State has begun to protect wildlife too. We tried to remember the location of a cafe we visited here previously but couldn't find it. We traveled to Port Townsend, only 8 miles, looking for it and gave up. We finally said, "we're stopping at the next cafe we see". That turned out to be a little cafe right on the water looking toward Whidbey Island. It was good food and we were starving. Click this photo to see the Palouse to Cascades State Park Bicycle Trail Trailhead in Ellensburg. I took the photo just before we left. It's a gravel trail but gravel is becoming popular because cyclists don't like riding in traffic.

Leavenworth, WashingtonStreet fair in Leavenworth


Saturday, June 5, 2021: A drive from Ellensburg of 1 hour 15 minutes brought us to the picturesque German style town of Leavenworth, Washington. Many friends had recommended that we visit.

In the 1960s the town was a dying timber industry town. It was at that time several town members visited Solvang, California, another Bavarian themed west coast town. The idea caught on and now the entire town has adopted a Bavarian theme with festivals and events happening year around.

Today was a busy day in Leavenworth with lines of customers waiting to be seated at one of the many restaurants in town. I believe there are more restaurants than shops in this little town. I think the motels and hotels may out number the restaurants. Apparently, the popular thing to do is stay the night and walk the town looking for good food or baked goods. I counted at least six bakeries. We walked Abby through town as did many other dog owners. This was Abby's first time to be in such a large crowd and to see so many other dogs. She did well and was welcome in many of the town stores.

I found nothing to buy. I wanted a baked pretzel but the line was too long. Gwen found a couple of small items and some fabric at a quilt store on the way out of town.

The weather was threatening rain in mid-afternoon but only developed a few small showers.

Click the photos for more views.

Columbia River in Eastern Washington
Friday, June 4, 2021: This was a travel day from Cataldo, Idaho to Ellensburg, Washington. We are staying at the Yakima River RV Park in a rural area of Ellensburg. Much better than the three days in Cataldo where we were just off I-90. The noise was awful but Gwen's earplugs saved the evening sleep. Our original plan was to stop in Moses Lake but Ellensburg was only another 70 miles and enable us to make a day trip tomorrow to Leavenworth, Washington. That will cut two days off our original travel plan. Not that we are in a hurry to get back to Sutherlin but may allow extra days in some future location. Click the photo to see our Ellensburg parking location.
The Pulaski firefighting tool Pulaski Tunnel Trail Mine blower

On the Pulaski Tunnel trailPlaying in the creekThursday, June 3, 2021: Abby and I hiked the Pulaski Tunnel Trail from Wallace, Idaho. Ed Pulaski was a forest service ranger during the terrible 1910 forest fires burning the Idaho/Montana border. He and his 45 man firefighting crew were trapped in the "Big Blowup" and would have died. Ed led his crew to a mine shaft up the ravine were Abby and I hiked today.

Abby enjoyed every part of today's hike except for the hot weather. She has not learned to lay in the water to cool off but has learned to wade, drink and splash in the water.

This is a popular trail in Wallace. As you hike the trail, signs tell the story of the Pulaski Crew and of the 1910 forest fire.

Two years after the fire, Ed Pulaski invented the Pulaski firefighting tool still in use today. It is called the "Pulaski". Click on the photos for more views.

Dusty road to the trailheadWarning for eBikes

Tuesday, June 1, 2021: This was a travel from Hayden to Cataldo, Idaho. It puts us within a 45 minute drive to the Trail of the Hiawatha Trailhead.

We arrived a 1 pm with enough time to do a dry run so we know where we are going tomorrow. The online instructions left us with many questions hence the dry run today. The access is along the most beautiful Interstate 90 drive between Idaho and Montana. Our trailhead is actually in Montana.

We are to pick up our passes, lunches, light for Gwen, shuttle pass for Gwen at the Lookout Pass Ski Lodge then drive another five miles to exit 5 to access the trailhead. The online instruction did not mention the 2 mile, very dusty, access road to the trailhead. I guess we should have figured since the entire Hiawatha trail is gravel. We drove to the trailhead and explored, asked a few questions and got excited. We will try to arrive early.


Sun SleevesNice Jersey but too expensive for me


Friday, May 28, 2021: I went shopping today for sun sleeves. They aren't easy to find so I ended up visiting three bike shops, and one fly fishing store. I found what I was looking for at the first bike shop but they wanted $40. You can get sun sleeves online for $20 but delivery time is too long. The sun sleeves are used to block UV rays on arms. At my age and the amount of sun I get when bicycle riding increases the danger of skin cancer. The sun sleeves will give them the protection they haven't had.

The next bike shop had no sun sleeves so recommended I visit a fishing store. Hence the fly fishing shop. They didn't have sun sleeves either.

The final bike shop had sleeves at a price I was willing to pay.

While driving around Coeur d'Alene I found a popup clothing store in a renovated Airstream that reminded me of the 1956 Airstream my grandparents bought to tour the USA. Click the photos to see what else I found.

Our route north

Highway 3 between Enterprise, Oregon and Lewiston, IdahoTuesday, May 25, 2021: This was a travel day north to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. This is our second time on this road. The first time we were pulling a 36 foot fifth wheel in clear, dry weather. Today it was raining and we are driving a 41 foot motorhome pulling a Subaru Forester for a total length of 55 feet. The warning signs at the top of the grade excluded vehicles over 60 feet in length.

This is some of the most beautiful area in Oregon also the most rugged. These mountains pass through Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

We continued north along the Idaho, Washington border to Coeur d'Alene where we parked at the Elks Club RV park. It's a nice, quiet park just north of Coeur d'Alene in Hayden, Idaho. For $25/night you get a grassy place to park, water and 50 amps of power.

While shopping, I found my favorite Umpqua ice cream from Roseburg, Oregon in the store. And it was on sale.

Gwen made and narrated a video of a portion of our drive on Highway 3. Once we got to the bottom we had to climb back out with similar road conditions.

Click these photos for more views.

Our Halfway Cafe
Sunday, May 23, 2021: We are visiting Halfway, Oregon again just to remind us of our trip 12 years ago. This time the weather was wet but we still enjoyed our meal at this little cafe. We tried to find a quilt store Gwen remembered but couldn't find it. I made a video as we drove through this little town so you can get an idea of the size.
Forest road to Hells Canyon Overlook

Hells Canyon OverlookSaturday, May 22, 2021: We decided on a drive toward Hells Canyon Overlook expecting to be stopped by snow. Instead the road was clear with very little snow.

We ended up driving all the way to the overlook. The Snake River is at the bottom of the canyon but we could not see the river from the overlook. It is about 4000 feet below us. During the summer months it can be very warm here, more than 100 each day.

I made a short video of the Hells Canyon Overlook area.

Click these photos for more views.

Trouthaven Cabins on the west shore of Wallowa Lake

Our lunch stopA home on the west shoreFriday, May 21, 2021: The west shore of Wallowa Lake is the only shoreline with homes on the water. The access to these homes is a narrow road leaving the northeast side of the town of Joseph. There are no signs, I found the access by looking at satellite views on Google. Trouthaven Cabins seemed to be the only tourist space and property with the best views. It looks to be a very comfortable spot in the summer months. I imagine most of this shore property to be second homes for Oregon and Washington residents.

We continued our drive into Enterprise, the county seat for Wallowa County. Gwen wanted to visit a Quilt Shop she spotted. After the quilt shop we took a short drive around town looking for a lunch location. We decided on Friends Restaurant in downtown Enterprise. We both enjoyed our meals and the comfort of the restaurant. We returned to Joseph where Gwen found a jigsaw puzzle for rainy day entertainment. We both took Abby for a run in the city park where we were alone on the wet turf. Click these photos for more views.

Eagle Cap Wilderness is barely visable today from Joseph The famous Joseph Fly Shop Probably the most photographed bronze statue in Oregon

Rent your eBikes herePet shop and cafe combinedThursday, May 20, 2021: Our first full day at the Wallowa Lake State Park.

This was a wet, cold day with light snow this morning but getting to a high of 42 by early afternoon. Returning to snow later in the afternoon.

This made for a perfect day to visit the picturesque village of Joseph. Joseph is a village of artists of all kinds. You can find their work for sale in many of the stores.

There are two arts that I believe are made outstanding in Joseph. The first is the bronze factory producing some of the finest bronze statues. These are commissioned from all over Oregon and shipped world wide.

The second is the Joseph Fly Shop. They sell some of the finest fly fishing equipment and supplies. But for me, what makes them famous are the handmade flies of all sorts but especially to attract the fish locally.

I did find a unique pet shop with all sorts of dog and cat toys and treats plus specialty human food which changes each week. So it is a pet shop cafe. Click all the photos for more views.

On the road to Joseph, Oregon Typical travel road Powder River

Oops, how TALL are we?Our Wallowa Camp SiteWednesday, May 19, 2021: This was a travel day from the Clyde Holliday State Park to the Wallowa Lake State Park near Joseph, Oregon. Joseph is in the far northeastern corner of Oregon. This is Nez Perce country where the famous Chief Joseph roamed. The town of Joseph is named for Chief Joseph.

All this area is incredibly beautiful but slow driving with good two lane roads with many 30 mph turns. Our drive took 2 hours from John Day to Baker City, then another 2 hours from Baker City to Joseph.

Rain was forecast for the day but it held off long enough for us to get parked and set up. Low temperatures tonight are near freezing.

We do have an Internet connection, slow but it works. When we made reservations months ago, this was the last space available for our size rig. However, I guess those who planned to fill the park have been scared off by the weather forecast because there are many empty camping sites which would fit us. Rain is forecast for the next two days but we will still enjoy every minute. Click all the photos for more views.

John Day, Oregon
Tuesday, May 18, 2021: The town of John Day, the county seat for Grant County has not changed much since this photo was taken. I took a bike ride through the tiny town of Mt. Vernon then down the road to John Day. I did a video of the two towns. It is 8 minutes long but if you are interested in what these two towns look like now, the video is the tour. John Day is the largest town in Grant county at a population of 1,800.

Testing the waterWalking the John Day Riverside Trail

Monday, May 17, 2021: There is a wonderful path along the John Day River. It is appropriately called the Riverside Trail. We have walked it many times here at the Clyde Holliday State Park.

The river has a pretty good current so Abby tests the water then something will make her uneasy and she will jump out.

I created a short video to give you the idea of the river current and the wonderful weather today.

Here is another short video to show how nice the Hiker/Biker Camp is in this park. Good news should I decide to do the Old West Scenic Bikeway.

Central Oregon on the way to John Day

The road winds through the mountain gorgesClyde Holliday State ParkSunday, May 16, 2021: This was a travel day from Bend to the Clyde Holliday Oregon State Park. It is located one mile from Mt. Vernon (town) and 7 miles from John Day. It is a first come first served (no reservations) park situated right on the John Day River. It is a secret Oregon treasure in our opinions. It is our first time to be here and we are surprised at the huge, private, well maintained sites. We are surrounded by thick lawn on both sides of the motorhome. We have a 50 amp power connection plus water with a dump station nearby. This park is right on the "Wild West Scenic Bikeway" so I'm hoping we return again this summer so I can ride the route.

The drive here took longer than expected. Once we left Prineville and entered the mountains, the two lane road began to serpentine through the gorges, often with 25 mph turns and vanishing shoulders. It would be a fun ride on a motorcycle but several steep climbs for a bicycle and very little shoulder. The road follows Rock Creek through the gorges until it meets the John Day River. The John Day River is on its way to meet the Columbia River. This area is pretty isolated with winding two lane roads with Ontario and Baker City to the east and Redmond to the west. The nearest Costco (my measure for remoteness) is 3 hours away. Click the photos for more views.

Pioneer Park, BendDeschutes River

Saturday, May 15, 2021: We visited with friends who live in Bend this morning. After our visit we took Abby for a walk in Pioneer Park which borders the Deschutes River in downtown Bend, Oregon.

The Pioneer Park is one of the oldest parks in Bend and very popular. It is also one of the most scenic with residence and condos surrounding the park. It also has river trails on both sides of the river. The trail is paved in Pioneer Park but becomes gravel beyond the park boundaries.

The Deschutes River is a main waterway in central Oregon known for its fishing, rafting and kayaking.

We walked about a mile of the shore line. Click both photos for more views.

Wahoo Kickr BikeFound used panniers

Thursday, May 13, 2021: We traveled from Sutherlin to Bend, Oregon. We arrived at the Bend Elks Lodge at noon which gave us plenty of time to do other things. The Elks lodge provides a paved parking location and 50 amp connections but no water or sewer connection.

I had found a Facebook ad showing the same brand and color panniers I once owned. They were located here in Bend, so my first stop was to check them out since I'm thinking of doing some short cycle tours. They were in good condition and a good price so now I'm the proud owner.

I did a cycle tour from Bend back in 1997. Once of the sponsors of the tour was the Sunnyside Sports Shop here in Bend. It still exists and has some good inventory except for bikes. I had read that bike shops were running out of bikes because of the demand and slowed manufacturing due to COVID-19. Sunnyside Sports is a good example of the problem, they had very few bikes in inventory. I did get to see a demonstration of the Wahoo Kickr Bike. After visiting Costco we took Abby to an off leash dog park. This one was different. No fenced in area but lots of people walking their dogs off leash around the park. Abby can sometimes be stubborn about returning when called but this time she stuck close to us because it was a new area and with all the other dogs around she want our protection.

Route of the Hiawatha
Sunday, May 9, 2021: Today it took all day to plan our month of travel which will begin this coming Thursday. Our first stop will be Bend, Oregon then on to John Day, Oregon. We have reservations at the Wallowa Lake State Park near Joseph, Oregon in eastern Oregon. After a week in Joseph, we are traveling to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to visit a friend. The road between Joseph and Coeur d'Alene is going to be an adventure with the motorhome. One of the more exciting days of our trip will be on the Trail of the Hiawatha bicycle trail (above) advertised as the "most beautiful rail to trail in the United States". Now we will head west toward the Olympic Peninsula to visit Moses Lake, Leavenworth, Port Townsend, Port Angeles, and Forks, Washington. After the Washington towns, we'll be on our way back to Sutherlin.
Mildred Kanipe County Park
Thursday, April 29, 2021: I took our motorhome into the diesel repair dealer this morning to exchange the "slack adjusters" under warranty. It should have taken only an hour but it took four hours. We decided to take a hike in the Mildred Kanipe County Park. This is a remote county park specifically for hiking and horseback riding. Mildred Kanipe donated 1100 acres to the county for this park. A horse campground was created a few years ago so the park is popular with the horse community. I'm not sure if Mildred raised Peacocks but the park has lots of resident Peacocks making it very noisy. Abby enjoyed the hike and the pond located about half a mile down the trail. Click the photo to read about Mildred. After getting the motorhome back and set up I still had enough time to ride 28 miles.

Abby enjoyed the walkWalkway along the Willamette River

Tuesday, April 17, 2021: We had a long drive today to Portland, Oregon and back, about 7 hours driving time round trip. While in Portland, we took a walk along the Willamette River (correct pronunciation of Willamette as it relates to the Oregon wine region is “Will-AM-it” as in “It's Will-AM-it, damit!”) with Abby. There are huge, high rise apartments all around and many of those in apartments have dogs. This is the area the dog walkers come. There is also a dog park with a security gate. I watched another dog owner enter and learned the code by watching him punch it in. Abby is NOT a fan of dog parks unless she is the only dog or all the other dogs are small. I was surprised to see so many big dogs since you would expect "apartment size dogs". There are also several doggie day care facilities in the area. Click the photos for more views.

Blocks removed for a drain pipe


Sunday, April 25, 2021: The area of our patio next to the steps leading to the shed floods in the rain. I have drain pipe under the blocks along the patio reaching to the ditch. But I didn't have enough drain pipe at the time to reach under the steps. I found just the drain pipe needed and connected the new pipe to the existing pipe. This will keep the area from flooding. Click the photo to see the steps nearly replaced.

Plant prep stand in placePlant prep stand
Friday, April 23, 2021: Someone in our park discarded this very well made plant prep workstation in our burn pile. It had a broken wheel and I happen to see it before it was burned. I loaded it onto our golf cart and brought is home. In the left photo, I'm repairing the wheel. I checked the other wheels and found two more needed repair. It truly is well made from 2 x 4s and 2 x 6s, very sturdy other than the broken wheels. My guess is, the park resident discarding this must have left the part permanently. Gwen will give it a good home. She is the plant person, not me.
Diamond Lake from the resort
Tuesday, April 20, 2021: This is Diamond Lake at 5,000 feet in the Cascades. It is just north of Crater Lake and about a 2 hour drive from Sutherlin. It seems strange that it would still be frozen this late in the year but the staff at the lodge say it is early for the ice to be melting. That may change since we have a forecast of cold weather this weekend. Click the photo for a panorama view of the lake and lodge. The mountain in the background is Mt. Bailey.

Rio enjoyed the rideVisiting the Boneyard Pub in Bend

Monday, April 19, 2021: While Glen and I visited Bend, Oregon we found a nice place to have lunch at the Boneyard Pub.

I had Nachos while Glen had chicken sandwich with fries. All was very good. Glen shared some of his beer tasting but I didn't find anything I liked better than the Two Shy brewery in Roseburg. Click the logo to see our meals.

We ate on the patio where most brought their dogs. Rio was traveling with us. Rio met Griffey at the next table. Click the photo to see Griffey. He is seven months old and very calm compared to Abby. Griffey is half Golden Retriever and half Labrador Retriever. Everyone who walked by Griffey wanted to say hello!

Cleared the deck for pressure washing
Thursday, April 15, 2021: I pressure washed our patio and deck today. I then got our patio table and chairs from storage and set them under the gazebo (click the photo for that view). The weather forecast for the next three days is in the 80s. This should be a comfortable, cool place to relax during our first hot spring days.

Pumpkin Alfredo Casserole

Sunday, April 11, 2021: Sunday is my day to cook. I decided to do some real work and found a recipe in Forks Over Knives, a vegan place to find recipes. This recipe was for a Pumpkin Alfredo Casserole. I worked about two hours assembling all the ingredients. I knew it was going to be a large dish but I'm figuring on leftovers. It turned out pretty bland and Gwen calls it. Salt helped and Gwen suggested other spices which might help.

I may try making dinner from scratch some other time but not soon. I think I will depend upon Costco to make the dinner when it's my turn. I'm not giving up on myself but believe I will try something a little easier next time.

Installing a refrigerator for Paige



Saturday, April 10, 2021: Remember the fifth wheel I cleaned up for Paige? Paige is the daughter of my friend Glen. Glen and I worked today at installing a new refrigerator. The new refrigerator is a residential model, not an RV model. This one will be much better than an RV model, more reliable and larger capacity. It fit perfectly where the old refrigerator was installed. This refrigerator would not fit through the door but it did fit through the emergency exit window in the living area.

While Glen worked at preparing the space for the new refrigerator, I used my air compressor to blow out the hot water heater and furnace. The pilot light can be undependable if it is not blown out occasionally.

Once the refrigerator was installed, Glen took me to one of his favorite restaurants, Two Shy Brewery in Roseburg. We enjoyed some great sandwiches. Click the photo for our time in the restaurant.

Our favorite restaurant in Bandon, Oregon
Friday, April 9, 2021: This is a travel day from Brookings back to Sutherlin, Oregon. This time we arrived in Bandon at a good time to visit our favorite fish and chowder house. It didn't let us down, very good lunch. Since it was Friday, we also were able to visit the indoor Farmer's Market. Click the photo to see the indoor vendors. I purchased some cranberry jam and cranberry relish. Gwen purchased bread, Ling Cod, and Garlic spread.
Our last day in Brookings
Thursday, April 8, 2021: This is our last day in Brookings. We are here for the ocean and to visit Dave and Brook. Dave is Gwen's son. For our last night together we played a card game called Five Crowns. Gwen won, I was last!
View from David's deck
Wednesday, April 7, 2021: We spent the day with David, Gwen's son. The above view is from the deck of his home in Brookings. Dave drove us to Gold Beach, the county seat of Curry County, 25 miles north. Gold Beach is a smaller town than Brookings but since it is the county seat, Dave needed to visit due to the county business he attended to. Our plan was to have lunch at a small cafe in Gold Beach however the cafe was closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Dave drove back to Brookings where we had a bowl of clam chowder at his favorite cafe. We were able to visit with Dave's partner, Brook, after she got home from work. We all figured out how to set "Emergency Contacts" in our phones so first responders would have access without knowing the password to the phone.
Finding the Oregon RedwoodsTuesday, April 6, 2021: Our hike today was in search of the Oregon Redwood trees. Northern California is famous for the Redwoods but few people know of the Oregon Redwoods. We found the trail on the north side of the Chetco River about 9 miles east of highway 101. It is only 1.1 miles long but very steep in places. It is a small forest of Redwoods. How they avoided the Oregon timber companies is a miracle. Click the photos for more views. One of many Oregon Redwood trees Finally, a descent

Hiking to Chetco Point25 mile ride completed


Monday, April 5, 2021: A wonderful weather day so I rode 25 miles before meeting Gwen and Abby for a hike to Chetco Point Park.

This park is on the ocean side of downtown Brookings. It is a peninsula surrounded by volcanic rock and the Pacific Ocean.

There is a dog park leading into Chetco Point Park. We took Abby to the gate but she did not want to go in even though the other dogs were smaller. Just too many dogs in the dog park.

It was very windy on the point, we were lucky to not lose a hat.

Click the photos for more scenic views.

Gwen and daughter, Lesa Hiking the coast trail We reached the beach
Looking for a short cut Walking the beach Abby had the most fun
Sunday, April 4, 2021: We hike the Oregon Coast Trail to a secluded beach with Gwen's daughter, Lesa, her partner, Jeff, daughter-in-law, Brook, Brook's dog, Bell and Dave's dog, Maizy. The Oregon Coast Trail reaches from California border to the Washington border. We hiked about 2 miles of the trail then much of the secluded beach we found. The dogs loved the hike, sand and salt water. The portion of the trail we hiked was a dense rain forest which could be pretty gloomy if the weather was bad. Some of us collected rocks for others to carry back to the car. Click the photos for more views.

Walking the Brookings - Harbor Marina

Saturday, April 3, 2021: Gwen, Abby and I walked the Brookings - Harbor Marina and shops. Gwen found some items to purchase. We also found a memorial site for the Chit-Xu Village. This was a native American village here in the middle 1800's. It was the typical European American story where the white settlers wanted to operate the ferry owned an operated by the Chit-Xu village. The Chit-Xu wouldn't sell so the white settlers set up around the village, started a fire in the village and shot the Chit-Xu dead as they tried to escape the fire. Click the photo for a view of the walk along the marina.
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