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November 9, 2010 Gwen's Blog
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the top, scroll down.
Following Week

November 7, 2010: Attended church
then watched football with the family.

Partly Cloudy

November 6, 2010: I went with the family to see model jet airplanes fly. I'll post a video when I get the chance ... so much to do and so little time to do it.

Partly Cloudy

November 5, 2010: Today was a wonderful drive from Reno, Nevada to Central California, about 3 hours. I drove over Donner Summit at 7,000 to the Central Valley floor at 37 feet. I love the fuel mileage but hard on the brakes. We have a big family meeting for my Mother's birthday tomorrow.

Partly Cloudy

November 4, 2010: Moving has been delayed until tomorrow. Visited with son Joe this morning then worked on college clas before a 32 mile bike ride. Fixed dinner and played with Chloe during the evening. Off to central California on Friday.

Partly Cloudy

November 3, 2010: A long walk this morning with Chloe and a visit to
Babies R US. What a shock on prices of baby essentials like diapers, jars of food and rail guards for the crib. I'm glad I don't have to pay for a baby these days.

Partly Cloudy

November 2, 2010: Chloe's number
one birthday. I'll be posting a video
when I get the chance.

Partly Cloudy



November 1, 2010: I'm still
in Reno, Nevada helping with Chloe while Chloe's Mom is away visiting her Mother. I have made a couple of videos which you can view by clicking the "RVeCafe Videos" link to the left.

Partly Cloudy