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This site began in 2004 as a report of our experiment in long term RV living while I commuted to work and Gwen worked for a southern Oregon RV resort. You can view all the archives in "What's New". Now it has become much more. It's a report of all our accessories purchased for the RV. It's also tells of the repairs and remodels we have made to a couple of fifth wheel trailers we have owned. Our favorite part of the site are the stories of the times we get to travel with our RV. You see, I won't be "retired" until August, 2009 so we get to travel only 4 to 5 weeks each year. We have still enjoyed our travels and made detailed reports. Finally, I've included one of my favorite sites to find RV campgrounds. The site "Recommended Campgrounds" to the left is a popular location to rate, recommend, and find campgrounds in the United States and Canada.


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