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November 1, 2010 Gwen's Blog
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the top, scroll down.
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October 31, 2010: We drove
to Bishop, CA, about 200 miles,
to meet Gwen's daughter and
granddaughter. Gwen will spend
two weeks with daughter Lesa
while I continue to babysit Chloe
then drive to Central, CA to visit
my parents.

Partly Cloudy

October 30, 2010: Spent the
day with Chloe and Ben.
Chloe likes to go to Lowes Home
Improvement so we drove her there
to get some plexyglass to put in front
of the DirecTV box. Chloe like to play
with the buttons and turns off the box just for the fun of it.

Partly Cloudy

October 29, 2010: We packed
and moved our trailer to
Les Schwab tires for new brakes
and bearing pack. It's been 3-1/2 years since the purchase of the trailer and we have caught the brakes before they scored the drums.

Partly Cloudy

October 28, 2010: The
nanny takes care of Chloe
today so Gwen and I went
grocery shopping at Winco
and Costco. These two stores
are not available everywhere
and especially not near our
campsite in Arizona. We've
got a good supply to keep
us going for most of the winter.

Partly Cloudy

October 27, 2010: Today was our first full day with Chloe. We took care of her from breakfast through dinner. That included a walk to the park about a mile away where she got to use the swings. She's probably never been as high on those swings.

Partly Cloudy

October 26, 2010: We woke up
this morning with Chloe. She slept nearly 12 hours then woke up smiling and hungry. I'm away from my weather gear so can't make weather reports. After Chloe went to bed tonight we have been able to watch Boise State beat Louisiana Tech on the blue BSU field.

Partly Cloudy



October 25, 2010: In
transition. Slow to get
Internet access due to bad
weather. Helping my son by
taking care of my granddaughter
while Ben's wife Kim is visiting
her Mother in Illinois.

Partly Cloudy