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Don wants to sell his boat so I helped him list it on Craigslist The boat comes with a motor
Tuesday, June 13, 2017: Most of this day was preparing Miss Dory to leave on Thursday. First she needed enough fuel to get to Florence where fuel is 23¢ per gallon cheaper. The small propane tanks need propane, fresh water tank needs water, photo gear has to be transferred and the most time consuming, Miss Dory needs to be washed. At the end of the day, Miss Dory is about 80% ready. My friend Don wants to sell his boat and doesn't know how to list it online so I spent the evening helping. I showed him how to put a listing on Craigslist then listed in two Facebook buy/sell local sites with more than 24,000 followers. Click the photos for more views.

More rain


Monday, June 12, 2017: It's June and the rain should have stopped a month ago. I keep looking at the forecast because we are leaving on Thursday to begin our Vancouver Island summer. We are sailing on June 27 but leaving this Thursday to attend the FMCA rally in Longview, Washington. It will be our first FMCA rally but I have volunteered to help with the rally. That means an extra 3 nights at the rally for no extra charge.

Timber Valley Park "Yard Sale" The parking lot is full of potential buyers.
Saturday, June 10, 2017: This is Timber Valley's big Yard Sale day. It's raining so the sale isn't in the "yard", it's in the clubhouse. We've had our own booth previously but hope to never do it again. Selling previously, we learned at the end of the day we seemed to have nearly as much left as what we started with. However, as a buyer, it's a great time to find the things we need at 10¢ on the dollar. It started this morning at 7 am with the parking lot full of buyers. We decided to look for wheel covers to fit Miss Daisy. I found them right away for only $5. I donated a set of wheel covers to the park booth and they sold them for $10, that gives you an idea of the deal I got. I continued shopping and found a clothesline/PVC unit to hang off the back of Miss Dory. Gwen found books and square Melamine dishes, a treasure for her. Click the photos for more views.
The dam on the North Umpqua River in Winston, Oregon
Wild Ginger flower My photography and hiking guide friend, Richard in his logo pose.
Larva of some kind Friday, June 9, 2017: I did a photo hike today with my good friend and backpacking buddy, Richard. Richard and I always learn from each other. Today we focused on photography. Before meeting Richard, I stopped at the dam on the North Umpqua River in Winston. I used my "10 stop ND filter" to give the feather effect of the river. The exposure time on that photo was 14 seconds. The exposure time on Fern Falls was 20 seconds. I met Richard on the "Swiftwater" section of the North Umpqua Trail. The trail follows the North Umpqua River to the east. I used my ND filter and extension tubes. I introduced the extension tubes to Richard and I believe he is sold. Click all the photos for more views. Here is a short video on the trail. Fern Falls
Practice with an ND filterMonday, June 5, 2017: Do you know what a "neutral density" (ND) photography filter is? I've never used one until today. An ND filter is used to reduce the amount of light coming through the lens forcing longer exposure times. They can be very expensive, hundred(s) of dollars but I have found one not as good but something I can afford while I learn to use one. This is done for special effects, especially with water, traffic, anything which moves. Moving things blur with a long exposure speed. The photo to the left was taken with a "7 stop" ND filter. I use an APP on my phone to calculate the exposure speed. In this case it was .8 seconds but nothing was moving except maybe the tree branches have some subtle movement. Click the photo to see one of my windmills spinning so blurred. I hope to do a photo hike on Friday with my friend Richard, I needed to practice first.
Gwen with Dave and Brook and the 3 dogs on Bandon beach
A surfer enjoying the waves off Bandon Beach
Sunday, June 4, 2017: Four more photos from our trip to Bandon, Oregon yesterday. The weather was a bit on the chilly side but clear and windy. These four photos were taken with my new camera. We were treated with a couple of surfers who didn't mind the cold water and wind because of their wetsuits. The camera caught the surfer in a hard left turn causing the spray behind and to the right. The three dogs we take for a walk on the beach weren't bothered by the weather either. Click the photos to see the other two.

Lunch in Bandon, time lapse camera just behind Gwen

Saturday, June 3, 2017: Nice drive to Bandon today to have lunch with Brook and Dave (Gwen's son). Our favorite fish and chips place had a long line so we ate down the street. All of us ordered some sort of fish thing. I set up my camera just behind Gwen to take a time lapse video of our surroundings and meal. You will see a one hour lunch stop in 1.5 minutes.

Click this photo to see a State Park volunteer explain about the Snowy Plover restrictions on the beach. The Snowy Plover is a small, cute, bird which mates and lays eggs on much of the Oregon beach. That causes certain stretches of the Oregon beach to be off limits for much of the year. There is a 13 mile stretch of beach near Bandon where humans and their pets are not allowed to preserve the habitat for the Snowy Plover. I don't believe I've ever seen one. If you recall, my backpacking friends and I hiked this beach from Bandon to Port Orford two years ago. We avoided the Snowy Plover area by hiking at the high tide line which is allowed.

More photos tomorrow.

pinstripping the Forester

Thursday, June 1, 2017: Besides working on the new headboard I finally got around to adding pinstripes to the Forester. I've had the pinstripe material for more than six months but, again, the temperature of the car surface had to be more than 55 degrees. We didn't reach that temperature here until about three weeks ago. I paid an installer $65 to do this to our Prius so decided to do this install myself. I believe it looks at-least as good as the professional.

Low clouds slow to clear today.
Wednesday, May 31, 2017: I spent most of the day on the next project, the headboard for Miss Dory. We took out the old headboard with the old valences ... I'll save that story for another day.

I was up early this morning, in time to catch the low clouds over the park. I set up my camera for a time lapse as the clouds cleared. Click here for 54 minutes shrunk down to 35 seconds.

I must remember to take my weather station (mounted on the ladder). There is NO weather station in Telegraph Cove so mine will be the first. I'll get it online as soon as I arrive.

Memorial Day Picnic at Snoopy's MeadowMonday, May 29, 2017: Timber Valley has a tradition on Memorial Day to have a pot luck picnic. Today the weather is good so the picnic happens on the park's outdoor picnic area called "Snoopy's Meadow". It's a grassy area near our creek. This is an area in the park which does not allow pet access, hence the ideal area for a picnic. This one was well attended with lots of salads on this warm day and five watermelons to share. Enough there were leftovers. Click the photo for a panorama view.
dinner with Alice and RichSaturday, May 27, 2017: Worked most of the day replacing the valences in Miss Dory but I'll report on that tomorrow. Gwen and I had an early dinner with our friends Alice and Rich from Grants Pass, Oregon. We met halfway in Canyonville with the intention of having Mexican but the Mexican Restaurant was closed. So off to the buffet at Seven Feathers Casino. I met Alice at Rogue Community College where she and I worked together.
Ubiquity WiFi antenna and radio Friday, May 26, 2017: My friend Ray traveled with us last summer in Alaska. Ray had his own network and Internet access he got from nearby WiFi using a Ubiquity antenna and radio. Rather than login to RV park WiFi with your laptop or cell phone, Ray would login to his own network, and use his own wireless printer. Gwen and I have our own home network when we are in Sutherlin by subscribing to Charter, the local cable TV service. When on the road, we use our phones as a WiFi hotspot which is expensive and limiting. Since we expect to have WiFi in the park we are hosting all summer, the Ubiquity will be our WiFi source for our own network. We already have a router which we will plug into the LAN port on the power supply. Since our router is the source of our home network, we will have all the same network features and login. The Ubiquity is inexpensive, less than $50. If you want your own network while traveling, it's easy to install ... only if you follow these video instructions. If you don't already have a router, get this one from Ubiquity. The video gives instruction for installing the router too. I'm mounting the Ubiquity on the roof with PVC but won't leave the PVC on the roof when traveling so I use a PVC plug to keep the threads clean when traveling. Everything is ready for our traveling network if I remember to transfer the router.

Mounting bracket on the roof


Power supply and  LAN connection

The Timber Valley Webpage group

Wednesday, May 24, 2017: This is Wednesday so time for the Timber Valley Webpage. The page is beginning to take shape. My part will be called "Activity Groups" so I have begun taking photos of activities. Click this photo for players at PoKeNo.

I also worked much of the day learning "Lightroom", the photo editor used by all professional photographers. My practice photo was one of my many hummingbird photos. "Lightroom" is a play on the word "Darkroom". I owned and spent hundreds of hours in my own darkroom for thirty years which ended with electronic photography about 2000. I'm already finding that time in Lightroom could amount to hundreds of hours too. Clearly, the best photos are made carefully in Lightroom just as I manipulated the best photos in the darkroom.

Milissa delivers Morgan after her blood test.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017: Today was Morgan's turn to see her veterinarian. Morgan must have a "health certificate" to go into Canada in a month. Morgan is 16-1/2 years old. The chart in the veterinarian's office shows that is equal to 102 (click the photo to see the chart). I thought Morgan had lost a lot of weight since her last visit but she has lost only two pounds. This is Melissa, the veterinary assistant. She delivered Morgan after her blood draw. After meeting with Dr. Bailey, we decided to do a blood test today then return the second week of June for a complete exam, inoculations and the "health certificate". This certificate is only valid for 30 days, hence the visit in June. About three months ago, we began giving Morgan a little taste of human food (mostly left-over) to encourage her to eat more regularly. So for 16-1/4 years, she ate only dog food, never human food. We decided there was no reason not to give her more incentive to eat. Today we learned bacon grease is NOT something you should give dogs, we we will stop that. Fatty food is not good for dogs.

Gwen's next project



Monday, May 22, 2017: Gwen has begun her next project. The Timber Valley sewing group has decided to make "barn quilts" for their sheds. We purchased the 2 x 2 foot plywood pieces a week ago and now the ladies are working to complete their designs. The boards will be painted with the design then hung onto our sheds. Each design will be unique. The sewing group actually had to take their idea to the "lot improvement committee" for permission to hang the quilt boards onto the sheds. I believe it will add a nice touch to our park.

Mark and Lesa brought their giant toy hauler to Grants Pass. The Grants Pass welcome sign, it's historical.

Our dinner tag

Saturday and Sunday, May 20-21, 2017: We spend the weekend with Dave, Brook, Lesa and Mark in Grants Pass. The highlight of the weekend was the hamburgers Mark barbequed for us and the Hellgate Jetboat dinner cruise. Gwen and I haven't done the ride in 12 years and Mark, Dave and Brook have never done the ride. This is the best activity in Grants Pass and very popular. There are usually multiple boats running at the same time. In our case, there were five boats. The Hellgate Jetboat company owns the rural river restaurant where the meals happen. The river trip and food is great. Click these photos for another view. I also made a video of the trip. The video will give you an idea of what the trip is all about.


Getting the job done

Cleated shoes keep my on the hill


Friday, May 19, 2017: The job today is to finish the weed-whacking on not only my lot but my neighbor's lots too. Timber Valley is a co-op park which means we should be doing some of the maintenance work. So I clean the clubhouse bathrooms each morning and I figure weed-whacking for several lots is part of my job too. Besides weed-whacking, I will be cleaning up our lot and using homemade weed/grass killer on the gravel portion of our lot. The homemade weed killer is a gallon of vinegar, cup of salt and teaspoon of dish soap. I used some yesterday and it seems to be working. I'll do more today. This hillside is steep enough, you can't stay on the slope, especially with a string trimmer, in regular shoes. Several years ago I found these cleated shoes at a charity store and they work great to keep me on the hillside. I've also decided to move my three wind machines to be at the same height on the hillside once I've finished with weed-whacking. Click on the string trimmer to see another view of the hillside.

Meeting Dave for a late breakfast Beginning a big weed cutting project
Thursday, May 18, 2017: We got a message from Dave (Gwen's son) telling us to meet him in Drain this morning for breakfast as he is returning to Brookings from Portland. We've not been to Drain in a number of years and we learned the little cafe where we ate years ago was closed. Drain is a very rural small town about 30 minutes north of us. The only cafe open for breakfast was a mexican restaurant which turned out to be pretty good. Drain does have a nice quilt store which Gwen was happy to visit and found the right fabric for one of her projects. After breakfast I made a quick trip to Costco for dog food and prescriptions. Once I returned home I began a weed-whack job on the hill behind our fifth wheel. There is more to do tomorrow.
Camea on "remote" We him (her) "Red Neck" We call him (her) "Green Back"
Monday, May 15, 2017: Errands today but time to set my new camera onto a tripod then move into the fifth wheel with my smart phone set on the Canon Connect App (CCA). The CCA allows me to see what the camera is seeing and activate the shutter button remotely. So I literally watched my phone and when a hummingbird appeared I activated the shutter. I took 151 photos (yes, I had the shutter set to take seven frames per second as long as I had my finger on the remote shutter button). From the 151, I chose 80 to look closer and from those, here are six. It seems there are three different hummingbirds today. One we call "Red Neck", another we call "Green Back" and the last is "Brownie". Click all three photos for another view.
The Lions Mother's Day breakfast Morning sun through the trees

Wildlife in the park

Sunday, May 14, 2017: We woke up to Mother's Day. The Lion's Club of Sutherlin is honoring all the women of the Timber Valley RV Park for all the volunteer work they do in the community. The Lion breakfast is at the Sutherlin Community Center. Breakfast is free for the ladies and $6 for everyone else. Click the community center photo for a panorama view. Later I walked to the motorhome storage with something to deliver and something to pick up. On the way back I spent some time looking for a bumble bee on a flower but they were too fast. I caught the wild turkeys and a water drop. Click the photos to see what I mean.

Trying something new Water drop attempt attempt at macro photography
Saturday, May 13, 2017: I've been trapped inside all day due to the rain. I was wanting to get outside with the camera but didn't get a chance until later when the light was poor. That affected my ability to try macro-photography. With low light, I couldn't use a small aperture nor could I use a fast shutter speed. I did try a monopod but learned I need more help than a monopod to keep the camera still while shooting a macro. These are close so I hope more light and a tripod will get them tack sharp. Click each photo for a larger view.
First attempt to catch a humming bird Taken from inside the fifth wheel. Just won't cooperate.
Friday, May 12, 2017: Much of this day I tried to capture one of the hummingbirds which visit our hummingbird feeder. I tried several camera settings but the problem was the rain would begin every ten minutes. So I sat in my chair next to the feeder until the rain began. I would then scramble to put the chair out of the rain and then run for cover myself. Once the rain passed, I'd set up again and do it all over again. The hummingbird would just not cooperate with me. The best photo I got was only a partial view of the bird. Find that photo behind the last photo, just click that photo. Be sure to check out the hummingbird toes in that photo? I'll keep trying.

How to carry a camera with both hands free.


Thursday, May 11, 2017: Ok, this day began with my annual physical exam which turned out OK. I returned home to clean up the shop and put together a bag of items and clothes to donate to the local charity store.

That left the rest of this rainy day to study the camera instruction manual until UPS arrived with my new camera harness. I figured I needed a method to carry a camera while hiking but keep both hands free for my trekking poles. I also needed to be able to quickly take a photo. A camera harness seems to be the answer. Here is what I got. It also has a safety strap so if I accidentally drop the camera it only falls 14 inches. There are lots of adjustment straps and clasps so I'm still working with getting it adjusted just right. I figure I can carry a pack with a tripod, lens filters and even a snack or two when out for a hike. Camera focus test

I had a chance to watch a YouTube video of how to test the camera focus. The camera actually has a setting to change the focus forward or backward of the focus point but you must test the camera and lens first. This method did not require a special focus sheet. Simply line up five batteries at a 45° angle to the tripod mounted camera. Point the focus square on the center battery. If the photo shows any batteries in focus other than the center battery, the camera must be adjusted. Click the photo to see the result. The center battery is slightly more in focus than all the other batteries so no adjustment is needed. Note that I used my 45° triangle as a guide for the batteries.

My setup for making a time lapse video



Wednesday, May 10, 2017: Today began with a Chapter 9 breakfast because it is the second Wednesday of the month. Then I had a technology meeting in the clubhouse to solve the problems of the Timber Valley Webpage. After that we drove to Canyonville for Gwen's chiropractor adjustment.

Tonight is a full moon and I was anxious to try my new camera to make a time lapse video of the moon rise over Timber Valley RV Park. I made a note last night where the moon appeared so I was ready to set up the camera for time lapse. I was able to re-purpose the satellite dish tripod into a very stable tripod for the camera. Click this photo to see where the moon will appear across the RV park. I had to sit with the camera while it took a frame every 3 seconds. I created a 34 second video but it took almost two hours. Click here to see the video.

Finish the metal roof installation


Tuesday, May 9, 2017: Last December I added metal roofing over the slides to quiet the rain hitting the slide and preserve the rubber roofing over the slides. However, when the time came to seal the metal roofing to the side of the fifth wheel I learned the caulking tube called for warmer temperatures. Those temperatures happened today so I finished the metal roof installation by sealing the metal to the fifth wheel .

New step stones added Canon 80D arrives
Monday, May 8, 2017: This day began with cleaning up our lot. All winter I've had 7 stepping stones not being used and I've wondered what to do with them. I finally decided to install the seven on the edges of the stones I had already laid next to the deck. That takes care of the extra stones. Morgan likes to lay on the cool stones in the morning. About the time I finished laying the stones, UPS arrived with my new camera. It's a Canon 80D, not the top of the line but not the bottom of the line either. I have much to learn and still haven't taken a photo with it. The manual for "basic operation" is 300 pages. Click the camera photo to enlarge.
Breakfast at Tolly's Visiting the Milred Kanipe Park
Sunday, May 7, 2017: We decided to spend our winnings from yesterday's Kentucky Derby on breakfast at Tolly's vintage restaurant in Oakland, Oregon. It is surprisingly inexpensive since we are able to share one 4 egg omlet. They have good coffee! We arrived early, ten minutes before opening so we were the only customers for a short while. Tolly's is in a 117 year old building in historic downtown Oakland. I took a video of the vintage interior so you can get the feel of this historic building. After breakfast we drove to the Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park. We visited several years ago but since that time they've added a campground and we wanted to see it. The campground included free roaming cows which I tried to approach but this is as close as they would allow. Click the photo to see a Peacock fighting the wind to show off for his girlfriend. He couldn't get turned around in the wind to face her. You can see her in the rear view mirror. Click Gwen's photo to see an example of the merchantile history of the restaurant.

Maxine and James fool around during the Kentucky Derby
Dave helps serve Kentucky Burgoo The three winners, Win, Show and Place
Saturday, May 6, 2017: The day of the Kentucky Derby and Timber Valley celebrates too. Starting at 1 pm, folks gathered at the club house for food, games, drink and watching the horses run the Kentucky Derby. Gwen and I ran a horse racing game where player throw dice to advance their horse. The winning horse takes 60% of the pot while "show" and "place" take the rest. Each horse cost 25¢. The ladies crafted their own hats for the event and I took a short video of the event. We had traditional Mint Julip and Kentucky Burgoo just before the race. Everyone could choose to bet a dollar on a horse. We went with the odds so took first place along with many others but still walked away with twice what we bet. Click each photo for more views.

Pressure wash from top down
Thursday, May 4, 2017: Once each year I pressure wash the roof and sides of the fifth wheel. The roof especially needs cleaning each year. Also the north side of the trailer never gets sun so lots of green stuff grows on that side. Fortunately, the pressure washer takes it all off. This winter has been particularly wet so the cleaning has been needed for a while. I've waited for the warm weather. Today I also cleaned the concrete patio and the pavers on our deck. When I was finished, I wheeled the washer over to our neighbor Mark. I used it all afternoon. Click the photos for larger views. Roof cleans up nicely

Preparing to install body side moldingWednesday, May 3, 2017: Last year I purchased Subaru black body side molding then read the instructions. The instructions insisted that the car body had to be at a temperature of 75° or above for proper adhesion of the 3M tape on the back of the molding. That happened for the first time today with temperatures getting into the 80s.

Body side molding installed just below the masking tapeThe car body is cleaned with alcohol first then a bonding agent applied. Masking tape is attached to have a guide line. The molding is attached below the tape by pulling the protective cover from the 3M tape. Click this photo for a closer view.

Other than the side molding, I had a dental appointment and a technology meeting today.

Sorting old camping gear Weed whacking
Tuesday, May 2, 2017: Today I decided to gather all my camping and backpack gear that I no longer use and offer for sale. I made the announcement on Craigslist and several Facebook local buying/selling sites. It was the Facebook announcement which worked best. I've been answering messages all day beginning immediately after the announcement. So far, however, these buyers are looking for prices at 10¢ on the dollar and I'm not ready to give anything up that cheaply. I'm still waiting to those who recognize the value. I took a "break" in the afternoon to weed whack our hill. Tomorrow is forecast to be in the 80s and who wants to weed whack in high temperatures. I DO plan to pressure wash on Thursday morning, another 80s day. It seems we have jumped from winter to late spring weather in a day!

Make a few earrings

Monday, April 24, 2017: I spent much of this rainy day making some earrings for my mother. These are made of lapis and red jasper on sterling silver ear wires. Mom: a package was mailed to you today.

I checked and double checked the items in my pack today. The last thing a backpacker wants to happen is missing a key part of the equipment like my spoon (which happened last year) or hiking pants (which happened to Richard a couple years ago). We've had to put all our food into bear tight containers which adds 2.5 lbs to the weight and take up lots of room in the pack. I dislike having to do that but Richard insists they are necessary. We will be hike the Wild and Scenic portion of the Rogue River in southern Oregon. It is about 40 miles accessible by trail of float boat only. This will be my last post for a week but I plan to take lots of photos to record the experience.

Hiking in the rain


Sunday, April 23, 2017: I'm hiking each day to prepare for the backpack which begins on Tuesday. We expect to be backpacking in the rain on Tuesday so I thought it appropriate to hike in the rain today to test my equipment. It kept me dry but I can see I will probably wear only a T-shirt and shorts underneath. Even though the temperature was only in the 50s, it was too warm inside my rain suit. My hiking buddy RichardSo I'm going to change the clothes I take along a bit. My hiking boots are advertised to be waterproof but I'm concerned about them so think I will bring my waterproof cycling socks too.

My hiking buddy Richard took a rainy day hike on the coast. He wore the same rain suit only in yellow. I did my best to purchase a different color, I surely didn't want to match rain suits with any of my backpacking buddies, that would just be weird! He even has the same hat but his is green and mine, blue. I expect Richard learned what I did, lighter clothing is needed. So why is Richard standing is such a strange pose? It is his signature stand. Check out his Website for reports of many Oregon hikes.

Gwen is learning to use a polarizing filter Gwen is looking for a lost lens cap. :-) Gwen likes to take closeups of flowers
Gwen has found something else on the ground to photograph We find Susan Creek Falls We share a sandwich at Steamboat Springs Cafe
Saturday, April 22, 2017: Gwen suggested something today that I have always liked to do, take a trip just for photo shooting. She has a new camera and she wanted to begin to learn to use it. I've always enjoyed a day to take photos which usually means (in the past) a day in the darkroom to process those photos. Now, it is time at the computer processing and manipulating photos using software rather than an enlarger, dodging tools, chemicals and different kinds of photo paper in the darkroom. Gwen took most of the photos with her camera while I took less than a handful. I used the camera which is part of the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone on most of the photos above. In fact all six above were taken with my phone. Click each photo for another view. Only two photos behind these were taken with Gwen's camera, see if you can guess which ones. I also did a very short video of the North Umpqua River from North Bank Road as we were returning home. Be sure to check Gwen's report of the day to see her photos.

Friday, April 21, 2017: Two strange photos, let me explain. Today began with fog but was forecast to be the warmest day in 2017 so far and no rain. The fog cleared in late morning and the sun began to warm. So I decided to be brave and walk around town to help prepare for my backpack trip happening next week. While walking around town I had to pass the railroad tracks twice. I'll admit to some artistic manipulation of the photo on the right.

Meanwhile, Gwen was with lady friends at a quilt show in Roseburg. She didn't return until late and reported enjoying every moment of the day.

Testing my hammock system, this is the rain fly, hammock is behind
My lens has arrived
Thursday, April 20, 2017: Making sure today that everything was good with the hammock system. The rain fly is hung first, likely because it will be raining and it will make a good place to fix the night meal, under the rain fly before the hammock is hung. Click the photo to see the hammock. I wrapped and folded both ready for packing. While I was working with the hammock, UPS arrived with my camera lens. My plan is to use this lens as the main lens to stay on the camera. I got it used at a very good price in "like new" condition. So far I agree with the "like new" condition but I won't really know until I have a camera to put it on. The lens came with a lens hood used to help protect the lens glass and to help keep the lens from being "sun struck". Click the lens photo to see the lens hood in photo position.
The weather forecast for next week Frogg Togg rain suit
Wednesday, April 19, 2017: Continuing to communicate with backpack partners and prepare for a five day backpack next week. Richard introduced me to Frogg Toggs, an inexpensive, light weight rain suit. I was planning to wear my bicycling rain pants and a plastic poncho. This rainsuit is about 1/4 the weight of those two items and cheap enough, I won't worry if some part of my suit gets injured. The long range forecast for next week is rain the whole time we are on a backpack. It is bound to be a very uncomfortable backpack but I need to do this with the guys. So, the plan is to prepare! Click the forecast photo to enlarge, click the Frogg Toggs to see how it looks on ME.
Adding my spoon to the bear can. Poison Oak 20 foot tall tree of Poison Oak
Tuesday, April 18, 2017: I spent much of the day locating the stuff I will need for my backpack next week. The last time I packed with my friend Richard, I forgot my spoon and had to use my spade as a spoon. I sent this photo to Richard showing that I was packing my spoon into my bear can. I mentioned that he might have to remind me where I put it next week. I walked to motorhome storage to do something for Gwen then ended up taking a long hike into the mountains. I found where the local timber company has been harvesting the forest. Click the spoon to see the clear cut. Hiking further, I found a forest of Poison Oak. Some were just stems while others were a nice maroon colored leaf. The photo at right is a twenty foot tall tree of Poison Oak. Click the Poison Oak photos for larger views.

Sunday, April 16, 2017: After Easter celebration I had time to search through my storage areas for outdated items. I was specifically looking for items that I could list for sale.

I found a "like new" wind breaker, a camp pot/pan kit and these two items.

This is a Lowe Alpine backpack which I've owned for at least 30 years. It came from the days I would pack with a huge load and didn't mind the weight. Now, when I pack, it's with a much lighter pack and smaller load.

The Sierra Designs tent at the right is another item I've owned for at least 20 years. I remember buying it in Medford. It's a 2+ person tent, very well built and has kept me dry is some very serious storms. However, it is far too heavy for my backpacking now and I have no need for a 2 person tent.

Until they are sold, you can see the Craigslisting by clicking the photos.

Sierra Designs Tent
Table Rock Mountain with pears in bloom Depth of field practice Now it's all in focus
Saturday, April 15, 2017: When visiting Gwen's daughter, Lesa, in Brookings a week ago, she mentioned loaning Gwen her Canon 50D camera with three lenses so she could learn to use it and take better photos. Yesterday Gwen suggested we meet Lesa in Medford to secure the camera and to see her for a second time in a week. Of course I agreed and we drove two hours south to Medford to meet Lesa for lunch. We had a grand visit with Lesa and Mark at a convenient but low quality (food) restaurant. The conversation and visiting made up for the poor food. About the photos: on the way back to Sutherlin we passed near Table Rock Mountain with the pear trees in bloom. I thought I would borrow Gwen's camera to learn if I could use it to take a photo of the mountain with blooming pear trees. I chose to use the 70 - 300 mm lens to compress the photo. The photo on the left is a wider view of the scene at the 70 mm focal length. Click the photo for a larger view. The two photos in the center and on the right are my attempt to learn if I could still control "depth of field". Notice in the center photo that the mountain is in focus but the pear blooms are not. The photo in the right, both the mountain and the blooms are in focus. THAT is control of "depth of field". It is a technique used to help identify the true subject of a photo and to help direct the focus toward a particular area of the photo especially when used when photographing people. Click these two photos to see a larger view. I won't be using Gwen's camera again, I'll be using my own when I have one. I love using depth of field to direct the focus onto a person's face. In the larger views of the right two photos you will see people on top of the mountain. I didn't notice the people until I looked at these photos. I also caught this photo of Mt. McLoughlin while trying to take pear blossom photos.

My hiking buddy, Richard


Friday, April 14, 2017: This is my friend and hiking, backpacking partner, Richard. We have a backpack trip planned in ten days and Richard has taken my advice to sleep in a hammock and he wanted help to learn how to set it up. I showed him how I always set up the rain fly first so Richard is celebrating the hanging of the rain fly. We were fighting the wind the whole time but were successful in, first, setting up my hammock then setting up Richard's hammock. We learned what else we might need to make the hammock camping right.

After the hammock practice, Richard showed me his new high performance Bike Friday which was custom made for him. Click the photo to see Richard's bike. It has a new eleven speed, internal hub, transmission which is belt driven, not chain driven.

Today's projects Another project
Thursday, April 13, 2017: This day began with a Timber Valley RV Park board meeting. All Escapee parks are run by an elected board of directors. The meetings are once each month with a general meeting once a year. Today's topics included the number of renters in the park, compensation for park employees and vehicle washing in the park. That took two hours so the board took a break. Gwen and I left for lunch during the break so we don't know what else was discussed. I took the afternoon to complete some promised earrings for Lesa, Brook and Gwen. They had all chosen parts while we were in Brookings together. I didn't have my tools with me so assembled them into earrings today. Click both photos to see the completed earrings. Of course I made more than two sets.

A truck accident nearbyWednesday, April 12, 2017: This KVAL photo of a truck crash was on Facebook today. The crash happened earlier today on the narrow two lane bridge we always cross to get to the coast. The driver is in the hospital. The highway is currently block and the bridge inspected.

Today began with the Escapee Chapter 9 breakfast. When we arrived back home we cleaned and prepared Miss Dory to park in the storage lot. Beginning April 1, our second RV is not allowed on our lot and must be parked in storage, it's a park rule. I have some more repairs to make which will happen when the rain stops.

Dave walking Mazie Gwen finds a beach "treasure"
Monday, April 10, 2017: A travel day from Brookings back to Sutherlin, Oregon. Before leaving Brookings, however, we took one last walk on the beach. This time it was Whale's Head beach with all the dogs. Gwen, Dave, Brook and myself with Morgan, Mazie and Belle. Click the photos for additional views.

We can't stop walking the beach


Sunday, April 9, 2017: Even with the "Wave Incident" we can't stop walking the beach. Actually, we did laundry early this morning before the beach walk. Something special today, while walking McVay Beach, I collected tiny, colorful pebbles for my granddaughter, Chloe. While she visited a week ago I taught her how to make her own stud earrings and she can use the pebbles I collected to create more of her own. So this was another day on the ocean with Dave, Brook, Lesa, Mark and Gwen. Click the photo for another view. Another storm is arrived this afternoon but we have a weather window to leave tomorrow afternoon.

On to Indian Sands On the edge! The Wave Incident!
Saturday, April 8, 2017: A relatively good weather day for Dave, Brook, Lesa, Mark, Gwen and I to hike the Chetco Park overlook then the Indian Sands overlook. Both near Brookings, Chetco Overlook is in the city and Indian Springs is eight miles north. Both have spectacular views. I took a video of both hikes where you get to see the "girls" imitate Miss Dory calling the whales and toward the end of the video, the "Wave Incident". Click all photos for another view.

Our family at Sushi

Friday, April 7, 2017: Gwen's daughter Lesa and her partner Mark arrived this afternoon so we chose to have Sushi for dinner. Dave and Brook are on the right, then Lesa across from Mark. Dave took the photo on his iPhone.

After sushi, we headed to Dairy Queen where we all ate something we shouldn't have.

Later the "kids" went for a hike on the beach while I finished the edit of a beach movie.

South Harris Beach

Thursday, April 6, 2017: Gwen and I meet David and Brook on South Harris Beach. This has been our longest hike yet on the beach making it a loop from one end of South Beach to the North Beach at low tide, otherwise there are spots we could not walk. These bird seemed interested in what we were doing. Later in the hike, David and Brook join us with Belle (black and white dog) and Mazie. I took a video of the walk. Click the photo for another view.

Looking west over the Pacific

Wednesday, April 5, 2017: This morning we had breakfast with David and the other campground hosts, a Wednesday morning tradition. Then off to the farmer's market where we looked but didn't buy anything. David showed us the "At River's Edge RV Park" where he will move at the end of April. Finally, to Fred Meyer looking for groceries.

We took Morgan for a walk on the beach where I captured these photos. Click each for a larger view.

Gwen and Morgan take in the view

Dale, Gwen and Eric

Tuesday, April 4, 2017: We are driving from Sutherlin to Brookings, Oregon on the coast to visit Gwen's son, David. Eric, our French Canadian hitchhiking friend wants to be delivered to Bandon so he can photograph Face Rock, a famous coast rock formation in Bandon. He is ready to continue his adventure. This photo was taken at the moment we delivered him to within 200 yards of the Facerock view point.

I'm sure he will post his photos as soon as he has Internet access again.

We arrived in Brookings two hours later and found a nice camp location very near David.

Sunday, April 2, 2017Our friend Eric, a French Canadian hitchhiker


In 2013 we were traveling in Death Valley with Gwen driving our Prius. She stopped to pick up a hitchhiker. It turned out to be Eric, a French Canadian from Montreal. At that time he had hitchhiked most of the United States. Since that time, he has hitchhiked Iceland, Greenland, Scandinavia and Germany. This last year, when we were in Alaska, Eric hitchhiked all of Central and South America and has just returned from that adventure. He is on his way north to Alaska and contacted us knowing we were in Oregon. He'll stay with us until Tuesday when we travel back to the coast to visit Gwen's son David. Eric wants to see Bandon so we'll drop him off as we pass through. You can follow Eric by "friending" his Facebook page, where he has hundreds of photos of his travels. Eric makes friends very easily so nearly all those who have given him a ride still follow him on Facebook.

During his travels, the bag he uses for his tripod has worn out so he picked up some old jeans from the trash and is remaking one of the legs into a tripod bag. Gwen taught him how to use her sewing machine to finish his project.

March 29 - April 1, 2017
Ben, Dale and Noah Noah

It has been an active few days with son Ben plus Chloe and Noah. We have done projects making earrings, dinosaur puzzles, finishing Noah's train cars, rock pendants and felt coloring cards. Then we played lots of card games like Skipbo.

The highlight of the week, however, is the trip to the coast for a dune buggy ride then a hike on the beach looking for shells and driftwood. I took a video of the coast trip.

Click the photo of Ben, myself and Noah above to see the dune buggy we rode.

Dale, I'm taking the dune ride video
Chloe with finger lights Tuesday, March 28, 2017: My son Ben with Chloe and Noah have arrived. We spent the late afternoon playing and showing them their living quarters while they visit. After a hamburger barbeque we took a short drive to Dairy Queen. Then I started my gas campfire for them. Finally it became dark enough to get out the box of finger lights I ordered just for them. The kids had experience with them and had to show me how to put them onto my fingers properly. I took a short video with the kids and their finger lights. Noah with finger lights
Getting ready for a visit from the grandkids Personalized dollar store tool boxes
Monday, March 27, 2017: We have two grandkids visiting beginning tomorrow so I have been working all day getting projects ready for them. I decided I wanted to teach Chloe how to make earings for herself (and others) so she needs a place to keep her tools and treasures. Noah needs a tool box for some hand tools I'm giving him. I picked up (2) dollar store tool boxes then made name plates for each of the kids. Then I filled them with stuff for our first projects. I used the woodburning tool I purchased a couple weeks ago. I also made a name plate for a very special box we bought for Chloe. Click both photos to see more views.

My pick for the new shelf


Friday, March 24, 2017: Today was a rainy travel day from Tillicum Beach Campground back to Sutherlin, Oregon. I promised a photo of the "special find" at the "Flea Market" store in Waldport. It is a ceramic lighthouse very much like the Heceta Head Lighthouse and the price was only $15. It is designed to use Tea Lights (the little candles found in dollar stores). One tea light goes in the lighthouse tower and the other goes in the house. I could only find one Tea Light so used it in the house. I bought the lighthouse for my shelf. Click the photo to see a wider view of the shelf. All the items inside and on top of the shelf came from this trip to the coast. They were all found in thrift shops or were on-sale. I also picked up some sea shells for the copper bucket but just hadn't found them among all our "treasures" before taking this photo.

Waldport bridge over the Alsea River Thursday, March 23, 2017: This is our last full day on the Oregon Coast and there is one thing we have not done yet, visit Gwen's favorite restaurant for clam chowder. It is the Salty Dawg located next to the Alsea Marina off the "beaten path" in Waldport. As it turns out, the Oregon Ducks basketball team is playing in the NCAA March Madness Sweet Sixteen just as we finished lunch. We hung out at the Salty Dawg and extra two hours to watch them beat Michigan by a point and move on to the Elite Eight. Click the right photo for the Salty Dawg. Click the left photo for another view of the Waldport bridge over the Alsea River. One of our favorite coast restaurants
Breakfast at Drift Inn, Yachats Wednesday, March 22, 2017: Another mostly rain day. Our favorite restaurant is the Drift Inn in Yachats so we had to have ONE breakfast there before leaving the area. Gwen got the best view of the Yachats River as it enters the Pacific Ocean. After breakfast, we drove eight miles to Waldport. Our first stop was the "Flea Market" store where Gwen found another jigsaw puzzle and I found something special for my shelf back home. Next, off to the Waldport Library for Internet access. Back at the campground, I made a video of the Tillicum Beach Campground. I also got a nice photo of the Pacific as the sun was about to disappear. Oh Yes! Another 550 piece jigsaw puzzle
Gwen and Morgan on the beach

What do you do when you have no Internet?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017: What do you do when you have no Internet and no TV? First, we go for a long walk on the beach with Morgan. Gwen likes to look for "treasures" on the beach so we end up putting those treasures into the bags we carry to pickup Morgan poop. After dinner, Gwen likes to do jigsaw puzzles and purchased this one at Goodwill in Florence for $1. I don't usually like jigsaw puzzles but this one was fun and relatively easy so we finished it in about 3 hours. Click both photos for more views.

First day of spring and we are on the Oregon coast Monday, March 20, 2017: This is the first day of spring. We have moved from Florence Elks RV to Tillicum Beach National Forest Campground between Yachats and Waldport, Oregon. We are 100 yards from the water and 10 yards above the water. We can see the Pacific waves from our windshield. Since the next few days is forecast a series of storms, we'll be able to watch as the storms approach. There is no Internet or cell phone access at the park so nothing to distract us from the ocean view. We are also boondocked to make sure we remember how. We haven't boondocked since Mt. Robson Park, BC last August. Plenty of space for Morgan
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