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Howard Prairie Lake Resort
2007 Season in our RV
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Many Osprey Live at the Lake
May 27, 2007: Morgan and I go for a hike today and come across a family of Osprey whose nest is located about 150 feet to the top of a Ponderosa Pine. Last year, this same tree was the home of a Bald Eagle, but this year, the Osprey have adopted it.
The nest in the above photo is located at the bottom of the photo. You can just make out the left wing of an Osprey coming off the right side of the nest. Morgan and I counted at least five birds circling the nest. The photo to the left can be enlarged by clicking on it. While circling the nest, all five were talking to each other and really seemed to be enjoying the wind coming from the lake.
Altamont School in Klamath Falls Final Assembly for parents day
May 31, 2007: Today was a day in Klamath Falls, Oregon to visit Gwen's daughter and watch her grand daughter in the year's final performance for parent's day. We visited Courtney's fourth grade classroom and got to play with an interesting electronic quiz. Each child has a remote control to punch the answers to quiz questions projected on the screen. Each remote is specific for each student. The students have 20 seconds to answer each question. I'm sure the scores are automatically Courtney has a red arrow pointing at her
Her part is as a pioneer woman

recorded for the teacher and will identify what each child knows about the subject.

Anyway, we enjoyed the school play, Go West, a musical. Courtney was a pioneer lady with several speaking parts. All the students sang the chorus parts. It obviously required a lot of work for the teachers to coordinate the speaking and singing parts for ages kindergarten through sixth grade. The play had to do with the pioneering spirit to travel west to Oregon and the benefits after arriving. Courtney seemed genuinely interested and excited about the performance of the play. The parents were just as excited.

June 1, 2007: While visiting Courtney yesterday, I took a walk in her back yard to find a garter snake with a mouse struggling to free itself. At first I thought the mouse would win because it seems far too big for the snake but in only a few minutes, the mouse was swallowed, tail first. Click any photo to enlarge. science lesson
Gray mouse is struggling to get free The mouse looks too big for this snake
The snake gets a better grip on the mouse Only the left front paw of the mouse is visable
The whole mouse is swallowed The mouse moves down the digestive tract quickly

aiming the Hawking hi-gain antennaLinksys BridgeHawking hi-gain antenna
June 2, 2007: Today I installed a network bridge and high gain antenna for a friend to receive a wireless network signal from a distance. Jen is like Gwen and I, she can't stand being without a fast Internet connection and since there is a wireless signal in the resort, she chose to purchase a high gain antenna to receive the signal in her cabin. The wireless signal is about 200 yards distant so too far for her laptop to receive without help. This was my first time to install a network bridge and antenna. The hardware cost $200 for the bridge, antenna and cable between the two. This antenna gives a 14 db gain. I aimed the flat surface of the antenna directly at the wireless source then ran a cable from it to the bridge which is slightly smaller than a router. The bridge is connected to her laptop using a category 5 cable. The bridge installed easily using the Linksys software provided with the bridge. Her signal strength is strong and Internet speed is fast.
June 4, 2007: The resort season has arrived. Gwen and I enjoy camping in off season when we travel. Gwen and I have found much to do here. It is interesting to us to watch the season arrive at Howard Prairie Lake Resort. For some Howard Prairie Lake Resort
reason, campers don't seriously stay at the resort until mid-June and all of July then leave immediately after Labor Day. There are many special days at the resort. Some of it has to do with school schedules but the weather is perfect from mid-May through September. If I were retired, I'd plan to be here the month of June and the month of September. Pass your cursor through the photo to see the entrance to the restaurant.
Snow during my commute

June 6, 2007: June is a summer month and I just described the weather here as perfect, however, I woke up this morning to snow. It was two years ago today that I experienced the same weather, when my daughter was visiting. The high that day was 32. Today's high was 43.7.

June 10, 2007: Morgan and I took a long hike today to the south side of the lake, probably five miles round trip. There were many place the trail came very close to the edge of the lake. At one of those secluded spots, we saw a hidden island. This oasis was a resting site for Pelicans. These are huge water birds which hang around the lake. I've never seen Pelican chicks so they must keep them well hidden.
June 19, 2007: My daughter sent a Father's Day card with this photo on the cover and no verse inside (blank). I thought it was great. My mind immediately began to think like the little boy (and dog) to figure out how I was going to get that pie. This must be Grandma's kitchen, looks like 50's style cabinets. You KNOW that's got to be the best pie ever! The boy looks a little chunky too. Father's Day Card
Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, Oregon June 21, 2007: Ashland, Oregon is a town I drive through each day on my commute. It is 30 minutes from Howard Prairie Lake Resort. Ashland is the home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF). The OSF season runs about 9 months of the year with plays continuous in three theaters. Tourists visit from everywhere just to see a live play given by professional actors. The OSF defines the town and along with Southern Oregon University gives Ashland its character. A play has just let out, click the photo to see the happy audience exiting the Angus Bowmer Theater.
June 22, 2007: I've owned two sailboats in my life and two years ago, I got to borrow a boat for the season. I've always said, the only boat I would own was a Hobie Cat because they are so fast. This one is parked in the resort parking lot with a For Sale sign asking $2800. I've mentioned to several of the resort staff that we should get a ten-way partnership because $280 is about all I'm willing to invest in a sailboat. So far I can't find anyone who would like to join me. Oh-Well! Hobbie Cat for sale
RIch and Alice are married today June 23, 2007: Gwen and I spent today in Merlin. If you remember Rich and Alice from a visit on February 19, Gwen and I help with a photograph for there wedding invitation. Today was the day of their wedding. They had so many friends, the church was full with guests. Merlin is a small town north of Grants Pass, Oregon and the location of the church Rich and Alice are attending. Gwen and I had agreed to be the photographers for their wedding and the reception afterward. Together, we took 309 photographs. As I told everyone who talked with me today, the secret of a professional photographer is to take many photos in order to get three good ones. I'm hoping they will find three from the 309 photos we took. They left the church this evening in the honeymoon car. On top of the car were their two bicycles. They plan to do some bicycling while on their honeymoon at Mt. Hood in northern Oregon. Click the photo to enlarge.
June 27, 2007: Our friends Terry and Kathy came to visit so we took a Prairie Belle to Buck Island and for a tour of the lake. We shared piloting the Prairie Belle, Terry took his turn in the photo to the right. Below we took a hike to watch the Bald Eagles and Osprey and later we saw Golden Eagles. Note the Prairie Belle parked on the beach below the rocks and behind the trees. Click the photo below for a larger view.
Hiking on Buck Island, note the Prairie Belle parked on the beach below behind the trees.
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