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Winter 2008: Applegate, Oregon
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Morgan in the field near the trailer in Applegate Park; click to view 360° view.
January 6, 2008: Try clicking the photo to see a 360° view of the field Morgan loves to visit near our trailer. You'll also see Thompson Creek behind our trailer and views of the nearby mountains.
January 11, 2008: Morgan and Annie have been fighting for some time over who is loved best. Annie has always used the fact that she has a better bed and all Morgan has is a blanket. Morgan kept asking for a new bed so Morgan's new bed
today I bought her a giant pillow bed at Costco but she wouldn't lay on it. It looked so good she thought it was furniture. Gwen got the great idea to put her blanket on the pillow. That did it ... Morgan climbed onto her blanket and found how comfortable her new bed is. Now my only problem is the cat. She's in a snoot because Morgan teases her about her new bed.
Bret Farve leads Green Bay to a win January 12, 2008: With two playoff games today I had little time but for football. I loved to see Bret Farve win for Green Bay. The game was covered in heavy snow. I did work on a new Webpage for a friend, Glenn. He is a wood sculptor. We are waiting for his permanent hosting space and more text to finish his site. Glenn can weld, so he will weld shock absorber brackets onto our trailer frame in trade for the Webpage.

January 13, 2008: Today was another day of playoff games. I was happy to see San Diego beat the Colts but I hated to see Payton Manning lose since I love his commercials. Here was New York playing at the Cowboys. I'm always for any team playing the Cowboys so was very happy to see the Giants beat the Cowboys. Now I'm looking forward to the Giants at Green Bay next week and San Diego at the Patriots. I didn't just watch football today. Instead we visited a friend at Howard Prairie Lake Resort. I'll report on that next week. New Yourk Giants vs Dallas Cowboys playoff
Mt. Mcloughlin after a January storm January 14, 2008: This is one of the views we saw yesterday on our trip to see Howard Prairie Lake Resort after a winter storm. You can click here to see a view in June. I've also created a 360° photo view from the parking lot of the resort. Click the photo to start that view. Your pointer will become circle with a dot in the center. Just use the pointer to scroll right/left, up/down by holding your left mouse button then move in the direction you wish the photo to scroll.
January 15, 2008: This is a photo of our usual space at Howard Prairie Lake resort. I figure the snow was about two feet deep. Morgan and I used snow shoes to get here (well, I used snow shoes while Morgan did the best she could). We were both exhausted just hiking from the resort restaurant to the site and back. Click here to see how we usually enjoy our site. Space Y50 at Howard Prairie Lake Resort

Rogue Valley Chorale January 19, 2008: Gwen and I went to a wonderful Rogue Valley Chorale concert of the songs of Cole Porter and George Gershwin. George Gershwin is my favorite "popular song" composer.
It was very enjoyable and fun to compare with the chorus we just heard in Benson, Arizona. The RV Chorale did not do any better than the Benson chorus on the Cole Porter tunes but where outstanding on the Gershwin tunes.
January 20, 2008: We spent this playoff day with friends from Medford, Dana and Tim. We watched Green Bay and the New York Giants in the playoff for the NFC Championship. I would love to have seen Bret into the Super bowl but his overtime pass to an interception led to a field goal by Tynes which gave New York the win and a trip to the Super bowl. That means Eli Manning is now into the Super bowl while big brother Payton just gets to watch from the stands. Bret throws an interception to put the New York Giants into the Superbowl.
Highway 140 to Klamath Falls January 21, 2008: This is the Martin Luther King holiday so Gwen wants to visit her grandchildren in Klamath Falls. If has been stormy all week so Highway 140 from Medford to Klamath Falls has not quite recovered. The road is covered with ice and snow and the outside temperature is in the teens. We have no problems arriving in about 2 hours driving time.
January 22, 2008: I've taken a few photos of the activities while we were visiting. As I get the time this week, I'll add them to this page. Courtney is on the left, then Grandma Gwen, daughter Lesa and Dustin. Lesa and the kids will be moving soon to Barstow, California to be with Lesa's new husband John. He is currently in Korea with the Air Force but will return soon to Fort Irwin near Barstow. This photo was take standing outside of their home in Klamath Falls just before we leave to play games together. Standing on a snowy porch
An Oregon Sportster

January 23, 2008: What a great idea! This car was parked at Winco Market today. I had never thought of using an old skateboard as a trunk lid spoiler. I’ll begin looking for a discarded skateboard tomorrow. I wonder if they make duck tape in black so it will match my car paint? I suppose I could spray paint the duck tape. I’m sure a custom spoiler like this will cut my commute time. I also love the custom tail lights and teddy bear

sticker. Perhaps I can find those at the dollar store. Finally, note where this driver drinks coffee. I’ll keep an eye open when I go for coffee, perhaps this driver will arrive at the same time and I can tell the driver what I think of the wonderful customization to the Corolla. I can also ask this driver how to stop all my Camry oil leaks. I’m sure I’ll get some good suggestions. Click the photo to enlarge.
January 24, 2008: The weather man is predicting more cold weather, perhaps even into the teens. Since we don't have double-pane windows, I'm installing shrink film to the major windows in the trailer. I learned to do this from my son, Ben. Ben actually used shrink film on his windows even though he already has double-pane windows. This is not my first time to try this. We did this in our King of the Road with good success. You start with double backed tape along the edges of the window. Cut the film to Plastic film is attached to double-backed tape
The plastic is shrunk with hair dryer to size, start sticking the film to the top of the window and work your way down the window. No need to be perfect about stretching the film. Once it's all attached, use a hair dryer to shrink the film tight and clear. It really does become invisible and it really helps stop hear loss from the large areas of single pane glass.
January 25, 2008: No, this is not Applegate, Oregon. My daughter, Mindy, lives in Truckee, California at the altitude of 5,800 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This is Mindy's back deck today. Gunnar is her German Shepard. Mindy and Gunnar do everything together just like Morgan does everything with Gwen and I. Maybe Gunnar will help shovel this deck. You can click the photo to really get a good view of the snow and Gunnar. Gunner in Truckee, California
Entry stairway to our trailer built by Glenn Carter January 26, 2008: I've been working most of the day on creating a Website for my friend Glenn Carter. The site is not quite finished yet, it must be moved to it's permanent location and Glenn needs to provide me with text for a couple of pages. In exchange for the Webpage, Glenn is going to weld the brackets I need installed to mount
shock absorbers to my trailer suspension. He also built and supplied the material for the entry stairway you see here. The white container is a great, waterproof dog food container we have owned for several years. The cedar stairway is much easier and nicer to use than the folding metal stairs attached to the trailer. We'll leave the stairway here since we already have a deck at Howard Prairie. When we leave southern Oregon for the last time, I'll take the stairway with me and leave it at Park Sierra in Coarsegold, California where we expect to lease a lot in several years.

January 27, 2008: Today was a snowy day. Our trailer is hiding behind the trees to the right. An antique manure spreader is buried in the snow to the left. Click this photo to see a 360° view of the snow storm, recreation hall, laundry room, resort yard, manure spreader, our trailer and others, Glenn Carter's shop, and the RV dump station.
January 28, 2008: Can you believe this is a "snow day"? We got about 8 inches of snow so all schools including the college have closed for the day. This is Thompson Creek just behind our Cameo. Morgan is investigating the new smells. Click to enlarge this winter scene. Thompson Creek behind our Cameo
Applegate Bridge January 29, 2008: Yes, another snow picture. Snow really is a novelty in southern Oregon. Today was a work day but I'm hoping for another "snow day" tomorrow. This is Applegate Bridge over the Applegate River, only 1 mile from our trailer. The Applegate store is on the other side of the bridge. Click the photo to enlarge and see the details.
January 30, 2008: Well! Today was another snow day at the college. But, instead of showing another snow picture, here is a photo of how we spent a day with the grandkids a couple of weekends ago. I haven't bowled in 30 years but enjoyed this bowling day in Klamath Falls. The grandkids didn't appreciate it as much as I did because I beat both of them for three games in a room. Click the photo to enlarge. Bowling with the grandkids
February 2, 2008: Gwen and I took a little trip today to visit Jen at Howard Prairie resort. When we arrived at the Ashland exit, the trucks were backed up for miles either installing chains to continue their trip south over Siskiyou summit or waiting for the chain controls to be cancelled. The above photo is a portion of the line, click the photo to enlarge.
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