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Friday, March 31, 2023: We finally get to visit with more grandkids. While shopping at a Quartzsite Craft Fair I found these lunch pale size tiny houses. The lady selling them had decorated the inside and outside with paper patterns as if wallpaper and flooring. Then she added tiny figures and tiny furniture. When you open them the children can place the furniture and figures however they want as if a tiny dollhouse. It is difficult to buy for grandkids but this time it was a winner. The girls even added more tiny items of their own.

Thursday, March 30, 2023: Waking to frozen ground and three inches of snow.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023: This was our day with Noah since his sister is in school. It began with IHOP for breakfast where Noah got chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips plus eggs, potatoes and bacon. I got a waffle. Then we walked through Costco just for the fun. Once back at Uncle Joe's house, Noah updated all of Uncle Joe's XBox games. Meanwhile, Gwen got out the Phase 10 and UNO games.  When it was time to pick up Chloe it began to snow so the driving was sloppy. Click for a photo of Noah and Chloe at the Red Robin restaurant.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023: Joe has the habit of walking Casey every night after work. He invited me to walk with Abby. We walked through his neighborhood on a 47 minute course. Toward the end of the walk we were at the western edge of the neighborhood where there is a view of Sparks and Reno in the distance. Click the photo for a panorama.

Monday, March 27, 2023:This was a long driving day from Beatty to Sparks, Nevada. Fortunately the weather was good and we found good fuel prices in Yerrington,  Nevada.

Click the photo for a panorama of Walker Lake we passed just north of Hawthorne, Nevada.

Sunday, March 26, 2023: Today I learned an expensive lesson. We were traveling north on highway 95 about 65 miles north of Las Vegas. We were looking for a location to stop to fix lunch and to let Abby out. There were very few wide spots in the road so I took an exit marked "Mercury, no services" .  We drove 300 yards down a two lane road where we were greeted by two large "No Trespassing" signs. Just beyond the signs was a large area where I could turn around. I pulled into that area and started back toward the signs but stopped about 20 feet short to let Abby out. I figured 20 feet inside their fence would not offend anyone. I was wrong. Within 4 minutes four pickup trucks with flashing lights appeared. I was informed that I had trespassed onto DOE (Department of Energy) property. I soon learned I was to be cited. Two of the four officers took photos of everything, the rig front and back and side, and photos of both Gwen and Me, the offending couple. I don't believe they took a photo of Abby. The citation comes with a $640 fine unless I wish to return to Beatty in June to plead stupidity in front of the judge and hope he/she likes dogs and stupid people from Oregon.  We drove on but stopped in Beatty for the night.  Bud and Anita had recommended this site. I would pay the fine in the morning except I must pay with a cashier's check. I was unable to take photos of the whole ordeal. I was told if I took photos they would take my phone away from me! The officers were courteous and friendly as they handed me my citation! Don't stop in Mercury, Nevada!

Saturday, March 25, 2023: Our morning began with a buffet at the Riverside breakfast buffet. Both Bud and Anita had comp tickets to share, we were glad to help out. The photo shows our line and wait to get started.  Following breakfast we learning of a craft show upstairs so we checked it out. Bud drove us to the area where a new bridge is being constructed across the Colorado River. Most of the shopping is done on the Arizona side in Bullhead City while all the casinos and entertainment is on the Nevada side in Laughlin. The Colorado River separates the two states. We then drove to Katherine Landing to view Davis Lake before returning home to watch some of the March Madness Basketball games.  We ended our day with a visit to Culvers for dinner.

Friday, March 24, 2023: Another travel day from Bouse, Arizona to Laughlin, Nevada. Our friends, Bud and Anita always spend the winter at the Riverside RV Park. Bud's sport is golf so he spends nearly every day on a golf course with friends. Anita likes to gamble and plays at one of the nearby casinos. She gets lots of comp tickets for meals because of the time she spends in a casino so we will enjoy one of her tickets tomorrow.  Apparently the Las Vegas Police department consults with Laughlin PD. That is a Las Vegas patrol car parked next to us. We will be moving again on Sunday to try to beat the storms arriving in Northern Nevada.

Thursday, March 23, 2023: This was a travel day from Roosevelt Lake to Bouse, Arizona. We chose Bouse because it was only a 200+ mile drive and we knew the area. We needed no services just someplace to park for the night.  Our destination for tomorrow is Laughlin, Nevada to be with our friends, Bud and Anita for a couple days before moving on to Sparks, Nevada.

Tuesday, March 22, 2023: After a rainy night we drove 30 miles to Globe, Arizona specifically to visit the Pickle Barrel. On the way we stopped at the Roosevelt Dam to learn if the water was above the spillway. No water was being released. There are two more reservoirs downstream which must be full. All this water comes from the Salt River which is usually low and slow but after a fairly wet winter and a storm last night, it is flowing well. I believe the lake level has increased 18 inches in the last two days. On the return drive we stopped at the tiny one lane bridge crossing the Salt River to view the flow. Click the dam photo to see the river. I made a short video of the Salt River at the bridge so you can see the flow. The Pickle Barrel is a well stocked gift shop with sections for children, hunters, textile, Native American, jewelry, garden and kitchen. There really is too much to see and to be worth while a shopper really needs to have something in mind or at least a room which needs some sort of decoration. Click the interior photo to see the entrance.

Monday, March 20, 2023: About ten miles from our camp spot is a cliff dwelling managed by the National Park Service. I learned Abby was allowed on the trail so we took a hike up the paved path. The mountain is green so they must have received a lot of rain. Additionally, the lake is as full as we have ever seen it.  The views from the side of the mountain are incredible. Click these three photos for more views.

Sunday, March 19, 2023: This was a travel day from Tucson to Roosevelt Lake in the Tonto Basin.  We have been here before but it has been a long time. The weather has been windy and overcast most of the day. The forecast calls for rain beginning late tomorrow with some measurable precipitation. We had rain several times in Tucson but never more than half an inch. The drive was mostly two lane roads with steep ascents and descents. Arizona has some fabulous scenery.  I was surprised at how many campers are at the campground knowing that the forecast calls for stormy weather the next few days. We found a good site, they all come with a picnic table with canopy over the table.  We have never camped here when the lake was full.  This time the like is within 18' of the top and very impressive.  Click the photo for a view of one of the grades we descended.

Saturday, March 18, 2023: Tomorrow is our last day to be in Tucson and in Rincon Country West Resort. We began our morning with breakfast made by the woodshop club as a fund raiser for them. They do breakfast two Saturdays each month. It is a very popular time for most in the park. It is $6 including pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice plus coffee or tea. I got a couple extra pancakes for Abby.  The woodshop club does a dinner at Rincon East, perhaps they will try breakfast next year.

One of the reasons we chose Rincon East over West is the smaller size of the park. We have been able to get tickets to East events where we could not get tickets to several events at West. Another reason is that West is in direct line with the Tucson International Airport and the landing pattern is directly over our head. Commercial jets are flying at 300-500 feet above our rigs 30 - 50 times each day.  I'll admit to getting use to the jet noise but we also get a lot of traffic noise from the major multi-lane streets surrounding us. We have none of that in the East.

Click the photo to see Delta landing.

Friday, March 17, 2023: Gwen and I chose to join Rincon Country East for their St. Patrick's Day Dinner. Before the meal was served the Design Group had arranged for a young group of Irish dancers to perform on stage. The children were delightful and talented and just the right start to an evening of Irish food.

When the dancing was complete, our meal was served.  It was a wonderful meal and we were fortunate to sit with Judy and Gary. They have been in this resort every winter for nine years and had nothing but good things to say about their experience. They are both in the photography club which would be of interest to both Gwen and myself next October. Click the photo for a panorama of the room.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023: Gwen and I made one final trip to our new winter home before we leave Tucson this Sunday. Gwen's purpose was to spend the time with Cat, the current owner. Cat specifically wanted to show Gwen all the secrets to managing the house. Cat is an artist, she is also the designer of all the renovation she completed in December, 2022.  Cat renovated the entire exterior, added the dining room and Arizona Room, Added the full aluminum awning covering the entire east side of the unit. She renovated the bedroom, bathroom and living room. All her design ideas were well done. The one room she did not touch was the kitchen. My purpose then, was to get measurements in the kitchen so I can be working on replacements during the summer. The cabinet pictured above is my first cabinet to replace. We already have a wonderful Frigidaire 18" dishwasher for this cabinet which Gwen found while searching Facebook Marketplace. She found it, brand new at less than half the Home Depot price for the same model. Unfortunately, it is in Medford, Oregon. Fortunately, we have friends in Medford, Ralph and Janet. I sent Ralph the money using PayPal and Ralph picked it up. We will get it on the way back to Sutherlin.  The new dishwasher will be in this cabinet. That not only requires a whole new cabinet but a new electrical circuit, new sink, addition of a garbage disposer, custom drawers, and of course a new counter top. I believe I can get much of it done this summer. Click the photo to explode this side of the kitchen. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023:  Gwen is one of the 21 people in this painting class at Rincon East. We met with the current owners of the park model we purchased to get the secrets to making it work for us. After Gwen went to the painting class I continued to visit and learned much about the park and about this particular unit. 

Saturday, March 11, 2023: I learned at yesterday's resort announcements about model train displays all around Tucson today. Gwen and I picked one to visit and we were glad we did. It was not only an incredible train and miniature display but the cactus garden around the model train was incredible. We learned as much about the cactus as about the trains. Click both photos for more views. I also made a video where you will see the large G Scale trains and miniatures as well as the surrounding cactus.

Friday, March 10, 2023:  We are parked at Rincon Country West where we have found it impossible to get tickets to live professional concerts every two weeks during the winter season without lining up hours before the tickets are released. We were able to easily get tickets for a live concert at the smaller Rincon Country East. Tonight was the concert where the Rock n and Roll n Band performed the top hits from the 1950s to 2000s. The band did well to get the audience interactive with several of the tunes. Click both photos for more views.

Thursday, March 9, 2023: Gary and I take Abby for a hike on the Robles Pass Trail. Abby has been here several times and enjoys this climb to the top. Today was a particularly warm day reaching 79 . We enjoyed the warm weather after so many cold days.

The "Fairy Duster" on the left was along the trail.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023:Today was a special day for Gary and Jeanne. They have made an offer on a park model in the same resort where we just bought a park model. Today was the day the inspector came to inspect the model they are buying. Gwen and I came along to see their model and to visit with Wes, the inspector.  He had inspected our model too. They have picked out a fine model with lots of room and no problems discovered by Wes. Abby likes both Gary and Jeanne so she had to make herself comfortable with Jeanne. Click both photos for more views.

Sunday, March 5, 2023: Rincon Country West Resort where we are parked is just next to the Santa Cruz River. Most of the two months we have been here the river bed has been dry. I looked up the river in Wikipedia and learned the only source of water for the river, unless it rains, is treated water coming from the water treatment plant. Wikipedia continues by saying the water flows for about a mile then it's gone. Today I traced the water from the treated water downstream and found water for eight miles so apparently the recent rain, less than an inch, has added enough water for the river to last eight miles. The left photo is the treated water source. The right photo is the river bed after the water runs out. Click both photos to enlarge. 

Saturday, March 4, 2023: Gwen and I wanted to do something different today, but first we began with a usual pancake breakfast. I was fixed by the Rincon Country West woodshop club as a fundraiser for them. The cost is $6 per person and very well attended every two weeks.

The something different was to ride in the resort shuttle to a University of Arizona Baseball game. The shuttle holds only 12 passengers plus the driver and is shared with RCE. That's why it is so hard to get a seat on the shuttle. Today there were only nine of us wanting to see a baseball game. Of course, part of the fun was the stadium food. The other part were the Arizona Wildcats playing the North Dakota State Buffaloes. Today's game was a tough win in the twelfth inning by the Wildcats, 7 - 6. Click the photos for more views.

Friday, March 3, 2023:  The winter home deal is done. Gwen and I are liking Tucson so much we have decided to buy a park model in Rincon Country East Resort (RCE). We have been in RCW for nearly two months but decided upon East for several reasons. West is in direct line with the Tucson International Airport and National Guard Base. West, then, gets air traffic landing directly overhead at about 300 feet all hours of the day and night. West has more than 1100 spaces while East has 450. The larger resort, then, is much more difficult to get tickets to the entertainment, shuttle bus and other activities due to the limited spaces available. We have not been able to see any of the entertainment in the West and tomorrow will be our first shuttle ride. We have been able to get tickets to East entertainment which we will enjoy next week. East has a more rural feel and is MUCH quieter with no traffic noise. Unlike 99% of the units in both East and West, the unit we are purchasing has no other models in front or behind. The unit backs to the perimeter fence with a private gate directly to the desert and the Pantano Wash. This park model is only slightly larger than our motorhome but feels larger. Gwen will get a sewing room all to herself which is most important. A great place for Abby to run. We are leaving Arizona soon so won't actually be able to enjoy our new winter home until next fall.

Thursday, March 2, 2023: Starting at Rincon Country East and walking into the wash looking for a pathway to the Loop Trail.  Unlike Rincon Country West, with a gate to the Loop, East is about 2 riding miles to the Loop. However, the Loop is located just across the Pantano Wash from East, only 1/4 mile. Gary and I took a hike into the wash looking for an easy access. Unfortunately there is 100 yards of deep sand,  good for Gary's fat tire bike but my bike would have to be carried. On the other side of the sand, however, is a nice hard packed gravel road leading direction to the trail in the center photo. Left photo is the courtyard of East after our record snow fall. Right photo is some art work we found along the gravel road. Click all three photos to enlarge.

Monday, February 27, 2023: Gwen and I visited the Rincon Country West Railroad Park at night. Twice each month the railroad club runs the trains at night for the entertainment of those in the resort. This was our first time to see the trains at night. I took plenty of photos, click these to see more. I also made a short video.

Sunday, February 26, 2023: This was a stormy morning but everyone still wanted to visit the Heirloom Farmers Market. It is location across Tucson so a 30 minute drive. It was still blowing and raining which is unusual for the Tucson folks but normal weather for those from Oregon. There were about 20 booths and several actually had produce to sell. Others has craft items, bakery items or bags of coffee beans which is what I bought.

Click on both photos for another view.

Friday, February 24, 2023: While staying at Rincon Country West residents have the opportunity to see professional entertainment twice each month. The tickets are sold toward the end of the month previous to the month of the entertainment. For example, tickets for the two concerts in March began sales at 9 am on February 21. We tried to get tickets to one of the concerts but all were sold out by the time we check in early afternoon. Apparently, the auditorium is too small for the 1100 spaces in Rincon Country West. I was able to get tickets for tonight's play and Ukulele concert. So tonight was our first time to experience entertainment in the resort auditorium. The Ukulele Strummers were really quite good. Click the photo to see the people and size of the auditorium, a panorama. I also made a short video of the Ukulele action.  Just to let you know, the same thing happens with the shuttle bus. There are a dozen shuttles per month to various sites around Tucson. However, the shuttle bus only holds 18 passengers so the shuttles are always sold out. Apparently the University of Arizona Baseball games are not a big hit here at the resort. I was able to get two shuttle passes for a UofA Baseball game happening in a week.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023: While visiting Tucson Gwen and I are trying to experience new adventures. One of those today was using our 2 for 1 coupon to see the Roadrunners ice hockey team in action. They played the Henderson team today. The last time they met the Henderson team they lost both games. This time, they won both games by one point. This was our first time to see an ice hockey game. It was loud and fast.  It took us some time to learn how to spot the puck. Click on both photos for other views.

Saturday, February 18, 2023: As I have mentioned before, this resort has many craft and hobby clubs. Today the resort sponsored a silent auction in the auditorium. It was a popular location for many of the resort residents. The items for auction were varied from woodworking, ceramics, glass, pottery, and jewelry. Our favorite was the fish photo in the center. We did not bid on anything. We simply have no place to put such items.

Friday, February 17, 2023: Several weeks ago I learned of the Saguaro Half Marathon race happening only a few miles from our location in Tucson. They were advertising for volunteers so I decided to help. I was sent an email saying I had been assigned to the volunteer check-in table. I needed to check-in all volunteers and give them their assignments and supplies. The email gave me no information about when and where I was to do this. I finally sent another email asking for more information. After a couple days, I received another email saying my assignment was a mistake but that I could help unload the trucks this morning. I was instructed to appear at 8 am and work until 11 am. I arrived at 7:50 am for my 8 am assignment. None of the crew showed until 9:10 so I had a negative feeling by that time. About 30 crew showed up and worked hard and fast. I did feel like I was able to help and anticipated much of what was needed for the unloading and setup. By 11 am everything had been unloaded and the setup was beginning. The main challenge during all this time were the strong wind gusts to 36 mph (as measure by my weather station back at the park). Each of the canopies had to be staked down and several times a crew member was almost pulled off their feet when trying to hold down a canopy. The race is tomorrow and the weather is to be greatly improved for the runners. A half marathon is 13.1 miles. The row of potty houses were particularly vulnerable to the wind. Click that photo and you will see what I mean. Click on the truck photo for a view of the canopies. I also made a short video to show what had been accomplished before I left.

Thursday, February 16, 2023: I spent much of this day making Part 10 of the Boondocking in the Arizona Desert series. This one I title the "Opposite of Boondocking" since it is a video about this Premier RV Resort. I hope it will be a useful comparison of the two opposites of RV parking in Arizona. The first is desert parking with no hookups and no features other than the wide open desert itself. The resort, on the other-hand, has full utility hookups plus something to keep everyone busy or entertained every day. Here is the video I created today.

Monday, February 13, 2023: Since we are at a premier RV resort we not only get to pay $1175/month for a space to park our motorhome but we also get to pay for the electricity we use. Our first electric bill for our first 15 days is shown above.  The 11.9 per kilowatt hour is a good price but look at all the additions. This makes our electric bill in Oregon look pretty simple. The list of taxes plus a "Base Charge" nearly doubled the electricity charge. The city, county and state all charge sales tax on electricity and I thought the state of California was a tax heavy state!

Sunday, February 12, 2023: This is Super Bowl Sunday with the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles playing nearby in Glendale, Arizona. Our resort clubs have put together a fund raising event by selling tickets to a hamburger lunch for $10. The lunch includes a hamburger, pickles, beans, chips a cookie and two drinks.  It was really quite good.

Gwen and I watched the Super Bowl after lunch. The Eagles dominated the first half and looked like they would win easily. But the Chiefs returned from half time and dominated the entire second half winning by a field goal in the end.

Saturday, February 11, 2023: I'm not sure how often the resort clubs do a bake sale, I suspect once during the winter. But today is the popular bake sale. I came early because I was told they sell out early.  There was already a line and we filed pass all the baked goods to pick out  what we wanted. I chose peanut butter cookies, Gwen's favorite, and an almond/poppy seed loaf. I checked about an hour later and only a few items were left.

Friday, February 10, 2023:The city of Tubac has a five day juried art and craft show. Today was day 3 of the show. Gary, Jeanne, Gwen and myself went to Tubac today especially to visit the show. There were many booths all with excellent, high quality products. This was one of the best shows we've attended. It is too bad we have no place to put anything. Click the photos for more views.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023: I stayed home with a head cold but Gwen, Gary and Jeanne took the Sabino Canyon Tour Bus. Vehicles are not allowed but many hikers along the road. Sabino Creek Canyon on on the southside of the Catalina Mountains and a very popular scenic area. The tour was 45 minutes with a recorded geology information along the way. The tour bus was all electric so no pollution. All tourist has the option of riding to the top then walking back the three miles. Click the photos for larger views.

Monday, February 6, 2023: Gary, Abby and I went for a hike in the nearby Tucson desert. We hiked following the trails to the top of the pass for the best views of the area. Abby enjoyed the hike as she always does. This time she got a sticker in here right paw but was able to remove it herself before I could inspect her paw. We were amazed at all the different kinds of cactus found on this trail. Click both photos for more views.

Saturday, February 4, 2023: We started this day with a pancake breakfast in the auditorium. Even Gwen joined us for pancakes. Once the breakfast was over the auditorium was cleared out and setup for a craft fair. There are many talented people in this park and the craft fair shows that. There were lots of fabric items and the woodworkers had many of their items for sale too. Gwen bought a stained glass hanging item. I bought some key chain holder which were made of fabric. Gwen spent a lot more for her stained glass than I did. Click the photo for a view of the crafts in the auditorium.

Friday, February 3, 2023: The other day, when returning from getting propane, I passed by the Robles Pass Trailhead. I thought to myself this could be a perfect location for Abby to run since she had not had the chance since leaving our desert location in Bouse. This is a very large hiking area with a variety of terrain and covered with different desert plants. I see it even more scenic than the Saguaro National Park. Abby has never been in an area with so many cactus so we were hoping she wouldn't learn about cactus the hard way. Fortunately I was the only one who got stuck by a Jumping Cholla. Click all three photos for more views.

Thursday, February 2, 2023: OK, again to the African village but THIS time I actually spent more than $100. Nothing for myself, only for my grandchildren, wife, sister, and a friend. One of my two favorites is the brass figurine handmade by Kifu. All the vendors at the African Village speak an unidentified foreign language. So all have a very heavy accent when speaking English. Kifu has a heavy accent. He gave me his card to put with the figurine. His card shows a French email address so perhaps he is from France. My second favorite is a Zulu Chief and his wife. I can't show a photo because it is a gift for my sister who reads this Webpage every day. All these vendors have spent a great deal of time and money to bring their products to Tucson for a week. I wish them all success. Click each photo for another view.

Tuesday, February 1, 2023: Another visit to the African Village and I found these. I can imagine the work that has gone into each one of these. I hope the creator is fairly paid but there is no way of knowing. Click on both photos for more views. I hope they will speak to you as they spoke to me. I put my hand in one of the photos to help you understand their size.  

Tuesday, January 31, 2023:The four of us took the trolley to the University of Arizona Campus specifically to see the Arizona State Museum. We were most interested in the pottery collection from the first inhabitants of Arizona. In addition to the pottery the basket collection was impressive. We also took the time to walk much of the UofA Campus ending up in the student union for lunch. It was fun being with college students again after so many years. After a walk to a nearby bicycle shop we hoped onto the trolley and returned to our vehicle. Click all three photos for more views.

Monday, January 30, 2023:This is a good weather day which we picked to do a short ten mile gravel ride into the Saguaro National Park West. It is only a few miles from our resort so we picked a warm part of the day to ride. The park has a west and east portion filled with towering Saguaros. A Saguaro must be 75 years old to begin its first arm so you can imagine the age of what we are seeing. The ride went well for everyone. I believe it was the furthest ride for Jeanne and the longest gravel ride for Gwen. This was also my first ride on my tubeless gravel tires. Click both photos for another view. I also created a short video of our riding group.

Saturday, January 28, 2023:Our plans for the day changed somewhat after we walked through the African Village. The Tucson Rock and Gem Show began today with more than 2500 booths. It is mostly for stores to find wholesale suppliers of everything it takes to make jewelry and to stock their stores. These vendors come from all over the world so we heard lots of other languages today. Each vendor is hoping to find many USA stores to buy their products. The vendors are spread all over Tucson at convention centers, hotels, motels and in commercial grade tents. There is a 100 page guide book to help the buyer find the vendor they are looking for. Gary, Jeanne, Gwen and I wandered around for 3 hours before we decided we didn't need to see any more. Click both photos for another view.

Friday, January 27, 2023:Today the four of us, Jeanne, Gary, Gwen and myself rode the trolley into downtown Tucson. The trolley is free. It passes from a good parking spot near the Decibel Coffee shop into downtown and on through the University of Arizona Campus. It also passes many unique restaurants. We picked a Mexican restaurant after shopping some of the unique gift shops. Gwen and I will likely return for more exploring of downtown. This is also the time of year for the Tucson rock and gem shows with more than 2000 vendors. Near our trolley stop is the African Village. It doesn't open until tomorrow but we walked through and found many interesting items obviously direct imports from Africa. I found the bicycle rider on the right and couldn't pass it up. Click all of the photos for more views.

Thursday, January 19, 2023: This was an early day taking Abby to the groomer by 8 am. She hasn't been groomed for a few weeks and it was time. We have not been to this groomer before and it turned out to be the most expensive grooming Abby has ever had. I'd like to say it was the best grooming she has ever had but I can say she was at the "spa" the longest.  Click the left photo for the results of the grooming.

While Abby was at the groomer, we met Gary and Jeanne at the Coyote Pause Cafe. We have eaten in this cafe years ago and remembered it as well as the curio shop behind the restaurant. Click the right photo for a view of the cafe.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023:The El Charro is on the cover of the Tucson Magazine so we decided to visit it. We went early to beat the crowd. We were able to be seated immediately unlike the folks standing outside as we left. It is too cold to sit outside or I'm sure those tables would be full also. According to the magazine, this is the oldest family owned restaurant in the United States.  Gary, Jeanne, Gwen and I enjoyed our meals. It was a fun place to be but I can't say I enjoyed the food any better than our little Mexican restaurant back home in Sutherlin, Oregon.  Click the photo for a view of my combination meal.

Saturday, January 14, 2023: We had scheduled to stay in Sun City another night but the forecast calls for three days of rain beginning tomorrow morning. I'd rather not drive in the rain so we left Sun City for Tucson, Arizona, our next stop. For the first time in our RV life we are staying in a premier resort. As we arrived we learned the park clubs were having a "meet and greet" to introduce new members to all the clubs they can join. I am most interested in cycling and woodworking. I found the clubs for both.  The park has a huge woodshop with tools i have used and many which are new to me. I already have a project in mind. I also spotted the outdoor model railroad. I can't wait to see it running. The photo on the left is right after we parked in our space. Nothing is setup, we rushed to the club meet and greet. Click all photos for more views. 

Friday, January 13, 2023: This was a special day because we got to meetup with some friends of Gwen we have not seen for a long time. Jas has advanced her career so she moved from Boise, Idaho to Phoenix. She manages insurance underwriting. Her father, Jim, has retired and living in a very nice sounding park. Jas uses Jim as her handyman when she needs something fixed at home.  We enjoyed dinner at the Thirsty Lion just because the name sounded interesting. It was pretty busy on a Friday night with lots of noise.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023:This was a travel day from Bouse to the Sun City Elks Lodge in Sun City, Arizona. On the drive we came through Wenden, a tiny village with a craft market in the center of town. This market had crafts of all mediums handmade by the local residents. We found much which we liked but of course, we have no room. Click each photo for more views.

Monday, January 9, 2023: Our morning view from the windshield is different now! No more sunrise in the windshield. Abby got me up at 7 am and I was surprised how quiet the park was. I was expecting the desert buggies to be up and leaving. Gary and I spent much of the day clean the desert dust, dirt and gunk from our bicycle chains. I had purchase an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for that purpose many months ago hut this was my first time to use it for our chains. Once we found the right cleaner (Awsome) it worked really well. We all have sparkling clean and lubricated chains now. The rest of the bike is still dirty because it's against park rules to wash anything in your space. Click the right photo to see how good the cleaner works. Tomorrow is special since we are meeting son Joe in Havasu.

Sunday, January 8, 2023: Today was moving day. Only a few miles to the Desert Pueblo RV Park in downtown Bouse. Gary and Jeanne moved here ten days ago when their inverter stopped working. We chose to move here for three days to clean as much as we can before meeting son, Joe, in Havasu City on Tuesday. I have already done three loads of laundry, Gwen has done two. The black water tank has been flushed, it will be window washing tomorrow. So far this is a pretty noisy park with busy Hiway 72 only 200 yards from our parking location. Also three-quarters of the park residents have some sort of desert driving vehicle which passes by our rig once every five minutes. RV parking is always looking at benefits compared to the negatives. For the three days we are here the benefits of unlimited utilities outweigh the busy road and desert vehicles.

Saturday, January 7, 2023: This is the day we have been waiting for. The QIA Craft Show and swap meet is today. It is located in Quartzsite. On the drive from Bouse to Quartzsite my low-tire-pressure indicator came on the dashboard. I checked the tires and could not tell which was losing pressure so drove on to the craft show. While parked, I checked again and the right front looked suspicious so I checked the tread for something which might puncture the tire. I found a metal something sticking in the tire. I knew better than to remove it. Instead, I left the girls at the craft fair and drove down the street to a tire repair center. By the time the repair was complete, the girls were done with the fair. Click the left photo for a view of the fair.

Gary, Jeanne, Gwen and I did some riding around Quartzsite on the short bike path then on quiet streets. We got to walk through an open house in one of the nicer neighborhoods of Quartzsite. After an hour of riding with the girls we drove to the intersection of Plomosa Road and US95. Plomosa Road is the route to Bouse and a quiet traffic road. Gary and I were dropped off so we could ride the 20 miles to Bouse over Quinn Pass while the girls drove home. Click the right photo for a photo of Gary and me. 

Friday, January 6, 2023: I got to see the moon set this morning. Then I turned around to see the sun rise. Click the moon to see the sunrise.

Abby and I then drove to the Bouse Swap Meet where I found the treasures on the right. I currently have no use for any of them but thought it would be nice to have them on hand. Click the treasure photo to see the Swap Meet.

Thursday, January 5, 2023: Gary, Jeanne, Gwen and I visited the Bouse Museum today. It is divided into two sections.  1) The history of Bouse. 2) The history of Bouse Camp during World War II. What really gave Bouse some history was when the railroad came through this area and built a large depot in Bouse. The railroad still comes through Bouse but no longer has a depot and no longer stops here. We hear the train about 4 times each week. This area was originally a mining and ranching community. Now it exists for tourism and retirees. Recently there have been two new factories come to town which if successful will provide employment. During World War II, the desert area east of Bouse was used to train tank crews. The area was very busy for three years, 1942 -1944.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023: Abby and I did another desert hike. I was a cloudy, windy day but not as bad as back home in Oregon and northern California with an atmospheric river pouring into those two states. That's OK, both states need the water. This part of Arizona could use the water too but we have gotten very little rain.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023: It was grocery shopping in Parker today. Gwen wanted to visit the Bluewater Casino for lunch. This is our first time this season to visit the casino. The casino is also the only movie theater within 40 miles of Parker so a place we have seen movies in the past. Our lunch was good. These photos (click to see a panorama) are looking out toward the Colorado River. All the slips are empty now but I'm sure very busy in the summer. This pool area has a super slide which you will see after clicking this photo.

Monday, January 2, 2023: Today was the official first day of the year so it was a college football bowl game day. We watched the Rose Bowl hoping Utah would win for the second year in a row. Penn State and Utah were tied at 14 at the half. It was mostly Penn State taking control for the second half.

Sunday, January 1, 2023: New Year's Day has arrived with a blast! We are experiencing our worst weather since arriving in the desert. This area rarely gets rain but we have had threats all day with a 36 mph wind. That's still better than my children back in Reno and Sparks, Nevada. They got 18 inches of snow and have spent much of the day shoveling. Gary and Jeanne woke up to their inverter not working so have had to move in this storm to an RV park. There has been no solar charging today so we will need to run our generator soon. My sister living just south of Sacramento, California sent me photos of all the trees down in her neighborhood due to the wind. They may have more than 36 mph wind. Click this photo for another view. Welcome to 2023.

Saturday, December 31, 2022:  New Year's Eve day!This is college football playoff day. I added a hike with Abby. No bicycle ride today due to wind in excess of 20 mph.

Friday, December 30, 2022: Gary, Jeanne, Gwen, Abby and I took the Camp Bouse Tour today. It started early this morning with breakfast at the community park. There were at least 35 vehicles in the tour. We drove about 15 miles into the desert east of Bouse eventually coming to the top secret location of Camp Bouse where tank training occurred during World War II. Troops and equipment would arrive by train at night. Bouse residents were instructed to turn lights off and pull blinds to keep the unloading process secret. As many as 10,000 soldiers were trained here. The crews were trained to fight in the European theater. Patton had already taken Africa and begun moving into Italy.  Our tour began with breakfast before following the leader into the desert. We heard details of the training and stories provided by veterans. We sat at the "lunch tree" for the lunch we all brought with us. We did not return until 3 pm. I made a short video of our experience.

Thursday, December 29, 2022:Today is garbage day so we combined taking the garbage to the transfer station with other chores. The first was to visit Juan, Our vegetable man. Then a trip to the post office to check on mail. After main pickup we visited the library to use their WiFi. The last on the list was to get more water for the coach.  I created a video of our visit with Juan so you can see how good the vegetables are.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022:I was up early so caught this sunrise. Nearly every morning the sunrise is red/orange but this morning the clouds enhanced the image. I also made this short video of the sunrise. Besides two loads of water into our holding tank and a small laundry load, I began work on a series of videos to explain dry camping in the Arizona desert.

Sunday, December 25, 2022: Christmas day in the desert. It was a warm day, 72 degrees. Jeanne had this hike on her "bucket list" to visit the little memorial we found on one of the far hills. So all of us, me, Gwen, Gary, Jeanne and Abby took the hike to the little memorial we knew nothing about. It is marked "Silver Arrow" plus an "SA" branding iron. All this means something to someone. There is a chair stored under a tree nearby.  We found our way back to the motorhome.  Two hours after the hike we met back at Gary and Jeanne's motorhome for a wonderful Christmas meal and visiting.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022: This was a fun day trip to Phoenix. Glen found the bike rack he has been looking for at a good price. It was in Phoenix so we made the trip to pick it up. I volunteered to go along to help with the rack and to visit Costco. This is a Thule heavy duty rack for his two heavy eBikes. The wheels sit in trays while a bar clamps onto the front wheel. It is identical to mine except I have a Yakima brand.

Once Gary picked up his rack we drove to a Culvers for lunch. Culvers is one of our favorites. It is a fast food restaurant based in Wisconsin.

Both Jeanne and Gary had items they wanted to get at a bike shop so we found a bike shop on the way to Costco.

Our last stop was Costco where I had a list of items I wanted to get.  We expected Costco to be very busy and we weren't disappointed. But Costco had planned ahead and handled the crowd very well.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022: Desert hike with Gwen and Abby

Thursday, December 15, 2022: Gary, Jeannie, Gwen, Abby and I drove to Wickenburg, Arizona, about 1.5 hour drive. Our first stop was at the Stanford Inn Cafe for breakfast. We have eaten here in the past and always liked what we got. Gwen had some items in mind she was searching for, Gary and I were just along for the ride. Jeanne also found some things she liked.  We all shopped for Christmas cards and found a few of what we were looking for. We have a favorite cowboy restaurant we visited for a late lunch right before returning home.

Sunday, December 11, 2022: Our plan for the day was to drive to Quartzsite with our bikes to do a pavement ride. However, the wind was so strong we cancelled that idea. I decided to take Abby for another hike in the desert. No one else would go, again, due to the wind.

Nobody wanted to cook so we all hoped into Gary and Jeannie's Jeep and drove to Quartzsite to Silly Als for pizza. Actually, Gary and Jeannie got pizza while Gwen got a vegetable sandwich and I got Fettuccine Alfredo with a dinner salad.

We came the long way home through Brenda and Road 42E because Gary and Jeannie wanted to see some property we knew about.

I spent the morning watching the return of Artemas 1. I hope to be around when the next set of astronauts establish a moon base.

Click this photo to enlarge.

Saturday, December 10, 2022: Gary, Jeannie, Gwen and I watched the Bouse, lighted Christmas Parade tonight. These folks did a lot of work to decorate trailers, trucks and ATVs for the parade. A long line of cars followed the parade participants to the Community Park where we were. Volunteers were serving Chili and hot chocolate after the parade participants arrived. We got a perfect location on the corner where the parade must turn into the park. I took a video of the entire parade, it's not long. Click these two photos for more views.

Friday, December 9, 2022: Abby got me up well before dawn this morning so I had plenty of time to wake up and take this photo of the sun peaking over the mountains.

I uploaded water then did my laundry.

I took Abby for a short run while I rode my bicycle.

While the girls took Abby for a desert walk Gary and I did a 5 mile bicycle ride along a rough desert road.

Gwen and I did another two rounds of the card game, Five Crowns.

That's how you keep busy when parked in the desert!

Thursday, December 8, 2022:This day began with a trip to the transfer station. Thursday is the first day of the week it is open. Then we drove straight to Juan, the vegetable man. What wonderful vegetables he had today. We bought $40 worth but that included a flat of eggs and a half dozen tamales.  Next to the post office for a box to ship Christmas gifts.  Second to last stop was the library for decent internet except today there were so many users, it was too slow for us. The last stop was the Community Park to pick up some water. After lunch we took our bike to the bottom of Yellowbird Road to ride gravel into the mountains. In the photo, Gary is on the left, Gwen, Jeannie then me. The ladies did wear helmets but had removed them for the photo. After the ride, Gwen and I took the package we made to the post office so it is on its way to the grandkids in Reno, Nevada.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022: Sort of a strange day today. Gwen had a haircut appointment in Quartzsite so I tagged along knowing the Salvation Army Thrift Shop was open today. Gwen was looking for a tea pot and I was looking for a French Press. Neither of us found what we were looking for but Gwen found a few odd things she wanted. While Gwen was getting her haircut I drove around town looking for a repair solution to the Blue Boy.  I decided to go the very cheapest route, get a replacement wheel. We will see how that works out. We then decided to go to a real grocery store, Albertsons in Blythe, California, only 22 miles away. Gwen found most everything she was looking for there. I had prepared to ride back to Bouse on my bicycle but by this time it was too close to dusk, not a good time to ride so that will happen sometime tomorrow.

The story about the photo on the right.  A few days ago Gwen heard scratching coming from underneath the refrigerator. I immediately knew it was coming from outside because I had stored a large bag of Abby's dog food in that location. I walked around the motorhome with my flashlight and discovered a small hole chewed into the dog food. I pointed the flashlight around the area expecting to find a coyote but instead, found a small white Fox about 50 feet away. To keep the Fox away from the bag of dog food I put a small amount into the blue bucket and walked it 100 yards from the motorhome. That did the trick. The next night I put a small amount of dog food into the bottom of a gallon water bottle and filled the blue bucket with water. I know it is not good to feed wildlife so I have been giving a smaller amount each night with the idea the dog food would end once I was able to put the bag into a safe location. Tonight will be the last of the dog food. I believe I will continue to provide water. We do our best to spot the Fox each night because it is so beautiful.   

Monday, December 5, 2022: My morning began with a $7 breakfast at the Bouse Booster Club. The breakfast happens every Monday through the winter months.  Click the breakfast photo for a panorama on the inside of the clubhouse. Next, I went to the one and only hardware store in Bouse. I carry all the nuts, bolts, screws, electrical supplies and more in the box above but I didn't have the ONE bolt and nut I needed to complete my awning repair. I needed a 5/16" x 2" bolt with nylon locking nut. The Bouse Hardware has no competition within 25 miles. Maybe for that reason no one cares to clean or organize anything inside. It took me 30 minutes to find something which would work. I finally found some flathead slotted 5/16" bolts 2" long. I almost gave up on the nylon locking nuts but kept searching through the junk pile of nuts/bolts. I finally found a rusted old 5/16" nylon locking nut, hurray! Saved me a 25 mile drive one way. The awning is now repaired and back to being useful. I picked up my first of three loads of water on the way home. Today was also poop day. I bought the Blue Boy at a yard sale 3 weeks ago for $35 and already used it once. It saves me a trip to the county park with the motorhome by using the Blue Boy to haul black water to the dump station. This time, however. one of the wheels broke so my poop is currently stranded in the desert. I'm going with Gwen tomorrow to Quartzsite looking for a solution to the broken wheel.

Saturday, December 3, 2022: Today is the only day before Christmas for the largest Swap Meet and Craft Show in the area. It happens in Quartzsite. Today was also an overcast and cold day so most are dressed warmly. We had several reasons to visit Quartzsite, about a 45 minute drive from Bouse. We had a few things to get for the grandkids was the biggest reason. The Swap Meet and Craft Show was just a bonus for the Quartzsite trip. Click both photos for panoramas.  Here is tonight's sunset.

Friday, December 2, 2022:  A busy day in Bouse. I first went to the Swap Meet which happens only twice each month. A horse trailer made into a coffee and bakery booth was advertised in the local newsletter and I wanted to try it out. As it turned out, the rolls came in a package of 4. I had already promised the lady at the garbage transfer station that I would bring her one. I also decided to take the lady in the post office two thinking her helper might be present. Both ladies were very grateful. I then came back home to pick up Gwen so she could visit the Bouse Booster Club craft show. It was a busy place also with some interesting items mostly made by the ladies of the club. Click that photo to enlarge. I did buy a T-Shirt since my old Bouse T-Shirt was worn out.

Thursday, December 1, 2022: This is our second year to get an Advent Calendar for Dogs at Costco. I think Abby remembers the routine of opening one drawer each day for a treat or a toy. I had to close the calendar to its current position because she wanted me to open another drawer. I'm hiding the drawers by closing the calendar.

Later this evening we toured one man's yard. He has a circle driveway which he encourages drivers to pass to see all the lights. Click the photo to enlarge. This photo shows only 1/3 of the decorations. He came out to greet us. He has a small shop with toys for any children which may be in the car. Since we had none he still offered his toys for those far away. We left the toys for the local kids.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022:This was a busy day with lots of utility items. I made two trips to the community park for 20 gallons of water each trip. This water goes into the freshwater tank. Later Gwen and I make a trip into Bouse with four things on our to-do list. Go to the library to use their WiFi to upload a video. Next, go to the drinking water booth to get five gallons of drinking water for $1. Number 3, go to the little dog wash hut in the south of Bouse to give Abby a bath. This is a small green house hut which the folks parked nearby have set up with supplies and equipment as a dog wash. Everything worked well and Abby cooperated so she got a good bath. The sign says "One Dog = $10". We considered that a bargain. The final item on our list was to go to the post office. I'm hoping for some directories I ordered to show us some potential RV parks we might use during the month of February. Nothing arrived in our PO Box.  Click the photo to enlarge.

Saturday, November 26, 2022: Gwen and I drove to the La Paz County Park along the Parker Strip to attend a flea market.  The market is usually large with many booths. Today, however, there were few booths, I'm not sure why, maybe early in the season. After leaving the market we drove along Riverside drive until it ended at a "Road Closed Sign", click the photo on the right for the end of the road. We found our way to Buckskin State Park looking for bike trails but learned they had none. From there, we drove back to Parker to visit a couple of retail stores looking for Christmas gifts. In the meantime, the Oregon Ducks vs Oregon Beavers game began and we listened on the radio as we drove back to Bouse. The Beavers pulled off an upset even though they were behind by 21 points in the third quarter. Click both photos for more views.

Thursday, November 24, 2022: Thanksgiving day. I had utility errands in the morning. Meanwhile, Gwen fixed a wonderful meal which would be ready for us after our desert hike.

Today we were lucky enough to find a beautiful Barrel Cactus. It stands about 18" tall and as much in diameter. Click on the cactus to enlarge. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2022:  We have a full day planned which began with loading the bikes and driving to Parker. On previous winters Parker always had the best fuel prices so we filled up the fuel tank. I didn't take long to learn that had changed, both Quartzsite and Havasu City have cheaper prices by at least 20 cents per gallon. Our next stop was a quick snack before driving on to Havasu City. We chose a 4 mile bicycle loop path on the island after crossing the London Bridge. Gwen was on her new eBike still learning how to ride it. After our ride we visited a couple of retail stores where Gwen found what she was looking for. Now we were hungry. Gwen chose Chili's where we found great food and even better service. I made a video of our bike ride


Monday, November 21, 2022: Every morning Abby gets me up before the sun. It is always clear in the desert so I just watch for the sun to appear over the mountains in the distance. This morning it was 39 degrees when Abby and I stepped outside but it warmed nicely during the day and little wind. Wind is always the weather demon in the desert. The right photo has some glare off the windshield as the sun popped up.

Friday, November 18, 2022: Today was the Bouse Swap Meet and the city wide garage sale. The swap meet was well attended with and few good items but we found nothing to purchase except from the vegetable man at the far end of the swap meet. He comes every Thursday and Friday with wonderful fresh vegetables and homemade tamales. The yard sale had only a few residents participating. We did find ONE thing to purchase, a clothes drying rack ($5) to replace the PVC one which broke in the wind storm. Click the motorcycle photo to see it. Click the other two photos for the swap meet photos. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2022: During another desert hike we found a mining claim. The papers inside the glass jars describes the area claimed and warns visitors to take nothing. Click the photo for an enlarged view.

We also found the marker on the right for "Silver Arrow". It could be the name of a ranch, dog or perhaps, since the marker is horse shoes, a horse. Click to enlarge the photo.

Monday, November 14, 2022: Every Monday the Bouse Booster Club creates a breakfast for the community and charges $6. I got the homemade cinnamon roll, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy plus an egg/sausage/cheese casserole plus coffee. After eating such a breakfast, Abby and I took a long hike in the desert to the base of the three hump mountain. We did this on purpose because we intend to hike to the top one of these days. I need to remember to wear my hiking boots and bring water for both Abby and myself. You can see the desert gravel is not smooth and easy to walk. These roads are made by desert buggies which we see and hear occasionally. Click the photos for more views. 

Sunday, November 13, 2022: This is laundry day so I did a small load and hung out on our homemade drying rack. It attaches to a ladder, often to the ladder on the back of the motorhome. Today, however, I attached to my folding step ladder. The wind was blowing strong, about 10 mph when I hung out the laundry. I moved the ladder to stand in the protection of the motorhome. Unfortunately two things changed. The wind grew to 27 mph and shifted so the motorhome no longer protected the ladder from the wind. It hit the ground with such force, the PVC pipe broke but not so badly that it can't be fixed. My clothes did get dry, however.

Saturday, November 12, 2022: We have made it a point to walk the desert every day with Abby. Gwen walks after every meal. I usually walk between my morning coffee and breakfast. If we are lucky, Gwen and I get to walk together with Abby. Today was one of those lucky days. We took a new route following a wash to a crossing road then toward our mountains to the west. Click each photo for another view of the desert.

Thursday, November 10, 2022: Abby and I have made it a point to hike the desert every morning since we arrived on Monday.  Today we did our furthest hike to the top of the hill just before the three hump mountain. It is a good view point of the Bouse valley where we are camped. If you enlarge and look closely you will find our camp in the desert this side of the village.  The rocks we climbed today are rough volcanic rocks so I will give Abby a break tomorrow from this rough terrain.  Click these two photos for more views.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022: I watched the sunrise then after cleaning the solar panels, Abby and I hike about a mile to the lone Saguaro to the west of our location. After breakfast, I drive for propane and water. Then I check the post office for a box to rent. We now have a PO Box in Bouse, Arizona.  I learned that this little post office will accept a UPS and Fedx package if addressed to the PO Box. That means we are not cut off from Amazon shipments. We specifically purchased a T-Mobile Gateway for TV streaming and for Internet. Unfortunately it is not working as it should so I spent an hour on the phone with a T-Mobile Technician who did her best to get it working. We are still looking for solutions.

Monday, November 7, 2022:This was a travel day from Laughlin, Nevada to Bouse, Arizona. It is a relatively short drive of only 115 miles but we had several stops to make along the way so took longer than expected. The photo at left is our desert parking location before we moved the motorhome to this location. Click the photo to see the view from our windshield. A full moon appeared over the desert floor about 6 pm Arizona time. Then we got our first desert sunset, click the moon photo to see it. Tomorrow I will get some propane and check with the post office for a PO Box. First thing in the morning the solar panels need to be cleaned. I stood them up this evening to point them at the southern sky.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 4, 5 and 6, 2022: These last three days have been busy with a hike every day with Abby. Gwen joined us for those hikes. I also setup and did a Zwift ride with the Umpqua Velo group in Roseburg. Son, Ben joined the Zwift ride from Reno. We also took Abby to a groomer. After the grooming we found one of our favorite fast food restaurants, Culvers. Culvers is from Wisconsin and not quite nationwide yet. There are none in Oregon. Culvers serves frozen custard. We ordered three of our favorite flavors. Gwen got Reeses peanut butter cups in hers, I got coffee flavored and Abby got vanilla. We have been playing the card game, 5 Crowns with our friends, Bud and Anita every night. Bud has been winning every game until last night when Gwen and I finally took the night.  Click each photo for another view.

Thursday, November 3, 2022:This morning was a special walk along the path between the Colorado River and the Laughlin casinos. This time of year the whole area if virtually abandoned. The RV parks in both Laughlin and Bullhead City across the river are full of snowbirds from Canada and the colder states up north. There are several popular but older entertainers scheduled to concerts in Laughlin during the month of November. I imagine the snowbirds will be attending those concerts.

This afternoon we rode with Bud and Anita to a favorite restaurant in Kingman, Arizona about 30 miles away. The Golden Corral has special prices for seniors between 2 and 4 weekdays. We always find good things to eat at the Golden Corral.

Later we let Bud beat us twice in a card game called 5 Crowns. His first time to play but too good for us to match his play.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022: About 5 days ago, our solar charging system stopped working. I could see that we were getting power from the solar panels but nothing was going into the batteries. Our plan is to be in the desert beginning next Monday but without Solar we couldn't park in the desert. I knew there had to be a problem with the connection between the charge controller and batteries. I checked the wire splices and fuse. Nothing physical had changed I thought. I called Logan, the technical support person who had helped me install the system to begin with. Logan showed me how to read the history where we found an error message 5 days ago showing a connection at the charge controller has overheated. I checked those connections and found the positive wire showed signs of heat. I trimmed and reinstalled the wire. That fixed the problem.

The photo shows our parking spot at the Riverside RV Resort.

Monday, October 31, 2022: Today was a travel day from Saint George, Utah to Laughlin, Nevada. We passed through some beautiful mountains and Incredible engineering for Interstate 15 through the Virgin River Canyon. As we reached Las Vegas, Gwen found a Cracker Barrel  nearby. They usually have good RV parking but we didn't find it. Instead, we found ourselves to tight in the parking lot and had to disconnect the Forester so I could back out of my tight spot.  We eventually found a long spot right next to the building.

Click the photo to see our approach to Laughlin. You can see the Laughlin casinos in the distance. The Colorado River flows between Laughlin and Bullhead City, Arizona so all the houses you see on the opposite ridge are in Arizona. This is a very steep grade to Laughlin and the Colorado River as indicated by the warning sign on the right.

Sunday, October 30, 2022:This is our last day in Saint George, Utah. We made the best of it by Gwen, Abby and me hiking in the Snow Canyon State Park. The canyon is surrounded by red mountains. There is good pavement riding here and good gravel riding. We were passed by many mountain bikes and one gravel bike while hiking. This is the park the Ironman riders had to climb toward the end of the 56 mile ride. Click this photo for a large panorama. This was a narrow canyon so the left of the panorama is on my left side while the right of the photo is on my right side. Imagine a 180 degree photo.  The name "Snow" came from the two brothers with the last name "Snow" who discovered the canyon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022: Just a bit over one hour driving time from St. George is the Zion National Park. We drove there today to take in the sights. Zion is a place for hikers and perhaps backpackers (but you would have to carry water). Dogs are allowed on only ONE trail which starts at the visitor center. Abby got to walk that trail.  Zion is also famous for its mile long tunnel to reach the east side of the park. We had to drive that too. They had a very nice visitor center with lots of souvenir items where I bought some Christmas gifts plus a decal for the motorhome. Click each photo for more views. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022: There are many fine hiking trails around Saint George. Today, Gwen, Abby and I chose the Chuckwalla trail to hike into and among the rocks. It is a popular trail with runners, horses and bicycles, although we saw only hikers and runners today. The temperature was the high 60s but it felt much warmer since there was no shade.

Today I learned of the route of the Ironman to happen here starting the 28th. The running route will climb the hill next to us into the Elks parking lot. If we pay attention, we will get to see each athlete up close. The bike route is only one block from the Elks so I hope to see many of the bikers also.

Monday, October 24, 2022: Abby and I spent all day together. We found a couple of bike shops to look at. We also went back to Costco to get a replacement for the backseat pet cover.  Then we tried a "Dog Wash" attached to a Car Wash. It was a little different from Tractor Supply but we figured it out. Finally, we took a hike on one of the many hiking trails around. We didn't hike very far until we found why there were so many cars in the parking lot. This looks dangerous but these folks don't have to worry about getting run over by a semi-truck while cycling.

Sunday, October 23, 2022:Today was a cold shopping day after an overnight, wet storm.  St. George Costco was the first on our list where we stocked up for our desert campi1`ng. Our first surprise was Costco selling propane. We needed a tank so the first thing I did.  I searched this Costco for all the treasures I could find. Gwen and I follow a Facebook group titled "Costco Finds", all day today members have been posting photos of the 150 count candy bags sold at Costco detailing the count and kind of candy found in the bag. I had to do the same. Click the left photo for my count (158 pieces). After watching some NFL, I stepped outside to view the sunset over the lodge. Click the photo to see what it really looked like.

Saturday, October 22, 2022:This is a travel day from the Great Basin National Park and Baker, Nevada to Saint George, Utah. A winter storm has arrived. We got a few showers in the campground but for the entire drive the heavy wind played a big roll. It made driving this big rectangular bus difficult and created dust storms along the route. We would see another vehicle about every 5 minutes until we got to Cedar City Utah where the traffic became heavy on Interstate 15. Once we arrived at the Saint George Elks Lodge their RV park was full so we boondocked in their parking lot. Click the photo to see the full RV parking.

Monday - Friday, October 17 - 21, 2022: Our first stop after leaving Reno is to travel the loneliest highway, US50, across the state of Nevada to the Great Basin National Park. I would imagine that hiking is the main adventure in this park, perhaps spelunking since there are caves scattered around the mountains. For us, we did a little hiking, enjoyed the good fall weather, explored the visitor centers. and took a cave tour in the Lehman Caves. Click all the photos for more views.  Our Baker Creek Campground is at 7,700 feet. The hike Abby and I took was from 8,000 feet to 8,600 feet. There is not enough air at this altitude to feel comfortable. I imagine it would take a month for my body to adapt to the altitude. I lived at the 6,500 foot level of Lake Tahoe for 13 years and don't remember feeling uncomfortable at altitude but I was in my 30s.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022: Joe and I finished the backyard artificial grass project this morning. We actually finished everything Joe wanted to do by 11 am (we started early to beat the heat). We picked another area and finished it by noon. The whole project went pretty smoothly using a pneumatic staple gun to secure the grass to the trim I laid yesterday. To go around the trees, we cut the grass to the tree then used turf seam tape to glue the grass back together. Click both photos for more views.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022: I spent nearly all day in son Joe's back yard preparing the area for artificial grass. It already had decomposed granite as a base so I just needed to add the edging around the perimeter of the area getting the grass.

Abby and Joe's dog, Casey tried to help with everything. Joe and I will complete the installation tomorrow.

Monday, October 10, 2022: Gwen is still visiting her daughter in Klamath Falls so I have only my bicycle as a vehicle. I rode 12 miles with nearly a thousand feet of climbing to visit my daughter and granddaughter. My youngest granddaughter, Elise informed me that she is now FIVE. We played Legos until Mom had to drive to pick up her older daughter, Lucy at school. I rode back to the Gold Ranch RV Park in Verdi. I moved there late yesterday.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: October 7, 8 & 9: Son Ben and family drove to Folsom for two nights so we all could visit Apple Hill on Saturday. Apple Hill is located about one hour northeast of Sacramento, California. It has many farms with fresh fruit and entertainment. The local people sell their handmade craft items so many of the farms have vendors set up with booths. After finding Apple Fritters and Apple donuts for breakfast we went to one of the largest farms with endless craft booths and food. Click these photos for more views. I also took a short video of our time at the crafty farm.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022: Ben had to trim a lot of branches from his curb side tree so my motorhome could fit. He piled them on his front deck. I took much of the morning today to get them ready for recycle into wood for his patio fire pit. It was getting warm so I didn't finish the project but will finish in the next day or two.

Thursday - Friday, September 29-30, 2022: It is time to start moving south. Gwen took the car to visit with here children in Brookings, Oregon while I drove the motorhome to Reno, Nevada to meet son, Ben for the Sacramento Century Ride to happen on Saturday. It has been three years since our drive south due to pandemic issues. At the California/Oregon border I get a good view of the 14,000+ Mt. Shasta. My route will take me along the west and south sides of Mt. Shasta. I stopped in McCloud, California on the south side of Mt. Shasta for lunch (click on the far left photo). After 7 hours driving time I arrive at Ben's house and test the T-Mobile reception for our new WiFi device. It is working well. Click the center photo for a view of the motorhome parked in front. On Friday, we load the bikes and drive two hours to Sacramento to the motel Ben reserved. He picked a motel only blocks from the century start point so we could ride to the start rather than drive to the start. Click the far right photo.

Monday: September 26, 2022: We are leaving Oregon this week so we are concerned about getting our ballots for the November election. I called the Douglas County Clerk to ask about Absentee Ballots. I was thinking of having them mailed to us early. After explaining our situation the clerk said, "Just come on by and we will give them to you". We had no idea we could pick them up at the Clerk's Office. Now we can vote.We have since learned they are available 45 days before the election. Click on both photos for more views.

Sunday, September 25, 2022: Today I prepared our gazebo for renters. I put some furniture away but most is still there but I know where I will be storing it. I removed the gazebo TV and stored. I removed all electrical and stored. Then I trimmed our Willow tree training it to grow taller. I did get the chance to watch a couple of NFL ball games too.


Saturday, September 24, 2022: Today is football day, however, I thought I had scheduled my flu shot at Costco for noon. When I checked in, they didn't have my appointment. That was discouraging since their form takes about 15 minutes to answer all the questions and I had to do it again. Once the form was done, they took me right in and I got the 65+ dose.

While waiting, I noticed this gentleman walking with a "service cat". It is hard to believe a cat will willingly provide a service.

I had enough time to watch both the Oregon Ducks and Oregon Beavers games.


Thursday, September 22, 2022: I chose today to ride a metric century (62.2 miles, 100 kilometers). It is one of my favorite routes to the tiny town of Yoncalla with 3600 feet of climbing along the way. Yoncalla has one of my favorite destinations, the Main Street Espresso. It takes me 2.5 hours to reach Yoncalla through some of the best rural roads in Oregon. There is virtually no traffic. My Hammerhead K2 bicycle computer is on the left. It is showing a climb with 0.5 miles to the top which is 193 feet above me. My heart rate is at 140 beats per minute. After my rest break at Main Street Espresso I rode on through town to my finish. However, I left my phone sitting on the table in front of the building. When I drove back to Yoncalla, the young lady in the shop recognized me and rushed to get my phone which she had inside. I was grateful. Here is a short video of my ride. It was perfect weather today for this ride.


Wednesday, September 21, 2022: Gwen loves a unique salad dressing with the Kruse Farm label. However, the Kruse Farm country store has sold to another family and may no longer carry her favorite dressing. I called my friend, Evan Kruse, to learn if he had any more dressing we could buy. He told me of a store in the village of Ten Mile which might have the last bottles. We decided to search out the store today. I could remember the name of the store so we drove to Ten Mile hoping there was only one store. As it turned out, the store was about 4 miles before Ten Mile, we drove backward to find Porter Creek Mercantile. It turns out they have very limited hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they weren't open. We still enjoyed our drive in rural Oregon.
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