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2005 Great North American RV Rally
Part 2

The rim of Crater Lake, it really does stretch from right to left.
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This is a view of the Crater Lake rim stretching from left to right. Imagine the size of Mt. Mazama which blew up some 7,000+ years ago to create this crater. I passed this rim on the 3-1/2 hour drive to Redmond.

I've delayed posting part 2 looking for a method to reduce the size of the .wav files of the recorded seminars I went to. What I found was WavePad. It did the trick reducing the size of the files to 4-5 megabytes. Click any of the photos of the presenters to download their .wav files.

Gwen and I had originally made plans to tow our fifth wheel to Redmond for the show, however, Gwen had to work at the resort so I chose to drive alone in our Toyota Camry. I didn't My night camp
  want to pay for a night stay in a motel so where does one park a car with a plan to sleep in the car overnight. Surely I have learned something from George. Where might cars be parked all night? I chose the hospital in Redmond. At first it seemed like a really great idea because I had access to very clean restrooms and my car would not be unusual at a hospital. Unfortunately I parked under a light pole and there was railroad tracks only about 100 yards from the parking lot. I lost count of the trains at about five. How does not sleep in a Toyota Camry? You fold down the rear seat for a place for your legs and lay your head on the back of the rear seat. Comfortable? You've got to be kidding. However, that gave me more spending money for the RV show!
Breakfast at the cafe This little Redmond Cafe doesn't look like much but it was the best part of the night. The coffee and breakfast were the best and I'd go again.
The rest of this report is about the five seminars I attended during the two days I visited the rally. I did not go into much detail about what I learned from each presenter because I recorded the lectures and if you click the photo of the presenter, you can download the seminar I attended in a .wav file. The files are 5 megabytes or less in size. Technical Note: If your browser begins playing a seminar recording when you click the photo and you prefer to download the file and play at a later time, right click the photo, choose "save target as", you will be able to save the .wav file to your computer.
Click to download Joe and Vicki Kieva Joe and Vicki Kieva discussed "Personal Security Tips Especially for the RV Traveler". Joe and Vicki gave a short but very well organized common-sense description of how to make sure you don't look like a good target for foul play. They have been writing for RV magazines and delivering seminars for quite a while and you could tell from the professional way they told about RV safety. You can visit their Web site at: Click to download Joe and Vicki Kieva
  Click to download Mike Steffen: Electronic Communications for RVers Electronic Communications for RVers: Mike Steffen detailed all the electronic methods to stay in touch while in an RV. It not enough to have a cell phone because there are times a cell phone won't work. It's also important to have the right cell phone and be a member of the right cell phone company. You learn how to stay in touch if you listen to Mike's seminar. You will find Mike at this Web site: RVLifeOnWheels
  Is Solar Right for You?: I was most impressed with this seminar concerning solar energy battery charging. Greg has me convinced that he knows this industry and that it would be easy to buy a system that would not do the job adequately. I also learned much about batteries and how they Click to download Greg Holder: Is Solar Right for You?
  Click to download Royal Lamb: Mobile Satellite: TV and Internet Availability

should be charged. When I'm ready for solar, I'm headed for Greg's business. His Web page is:

Mobile Satellite: TV and Internet Availability: Royal Lamb gave a very comprehensive look at all the different satellite dishes for TV and Internet along with the advantages, disadvantages and price range of each system. If you are considering buying a system for TV or Internet, I can highly recommend downloading Royal's seminar. Royal's Web page is:

  Inside and Out: The Proper and Fast Way to Clean Your Coach: Mary Findley talked for a full 1.5 hours detailing how to properly clean everything outside and inside your coach. I learned I've been doing it wrong and using the wrong cleaning aids. You'll learn how to use vinegar and mild cleaning aids such as baby shampoo and Woolite. I highly recommend listening to Mary before you do damage Click to download Mary Findley: The Proper way to clean inside and out
  to your coach. Mary's Web site is:
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