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The Resort 2006 Season, Part 5

September 10, 2006: Last year we were unable to watch the US Open because we had no television but this year, thanks to DishNetwork, we can watch Roddick and Federer in the final. I'd like to have seen Roddick win however, Federer is very close to a perfect tennis player and deserves congratulations.
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Biscuit Bunny September 28, 2006: During the down season, the Howard Prairie staff begin looking around for things to do. Here is something useful, a biscuit bunny created by Stephanie.
October 4, 2006: When commuting from our mountain resort I must always be on the look-out
for wildlife. In the fall I must also watch for cows in the road. This is the time of year that the ranchers turn their cows onto "open range" in the mountains. Cows pretty much do their own thing and can just step in front of your car even if it is doing 55 mph.
Gwen photographing Aspen October 12, 2006: This is the time of year that Gwen searches the woods for Aspens changing into fall colors. She's armed with her camera to take the perfect photo. We stay away from the deep woods because this is also the time of year that hunters are looking for deer. We've already had one hunter, only a few miles from the resort, shoot another who was hiding in the bushes. When I took a handgun course, I was told you always know where your bullet will stop. I guess this hunter thought the bushes would stop his bullet.
October 13, 2006: Do you see what this is? It's an empty campground. Our King of the Road is hiding in the trees at the far side of the campground. This is when the resort is at it's best. Of course, Jim, does not like it this way but we are within two days of the resort closing to the public. Like the first few months of opening, the resort is quiet and a perfect place to be.
View of the last breakfast at Howard Prairie

October 20, 2006: Howard Prairie Lake Resort restaurant closed at the end of the day on Sunday, October 15. This was my view across my breakfast table as I dined at the restaurant for the last day of the season. It was a beautiful day, warm and no rain. I had 2-B on the menu, 2 eggs with turkey sausage, hashbrowns and a bisquit. Very good.

October 28, 2006: It's time to move the trailer. We must break camp today so I can prepare the deck for the winter. Yes, we plan to store much of our "mountain items" in or on the deck for the winter. Of course we plan to return April, 2007. The sign telling who we are is removed from the post. Taking down the sign
How much crap can you store in a fifth wheel? How much crap can you have when you are living in a fifth wheel. I think we still have some trimming to do but much of this will stay, we won't try to haul it around.
October 30, 2006: Last April, there was about 3 feet of snow in space Y50 when we returned for the season. This winter we are leaving our deck and "lawn furniture" for next season. I decided, it would not do much good if I just coved the deck with a tarp, I needed some way to keep the snow from stacking on the deck. I decided to add a steep slope roof to the deck. Unfortunately, I miscalculated on the number of 2x4's I needed and came up two short. I improvised with a fir pole left over from another life-time. Our deck with tarp support for winter
Tarp is attached

With the tarp surrounding the structure, I feel it is ready for the winter weather. Perhaps I'll get the chance to view how it works this winter.

Jim has not been critical of my structure and has also been good enough to allow me to store our two kayaks in one of the resort warehouses. It is great to have this relationship with Howard Prairie Lake Resort.

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