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The Resort 2006 Season, Part 3

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Trailer needs to be re-leveled
June 3, 2006: The trailer is not level. When we parked here in April, the ground was still frozen and perhaps swollen with water. I leveled the trailer at that time but as the weather has warmed and the ground dried, the trailer is leaning to one side. Not much as you can see but surprisingly enough to be noticeable and uncomfortable. I had placed 2x6" boards under the right wheels to make the trailer level but now those boards need to be removed.
Jack up an axle I borrowed a floor jack from the resort to jack up an axle and remove the 2x6. Raising the axle and tire allowed me to remove the 2x6.
Remove the 2x6
2x6 is removed
Once both tires are sitting on the ground the trailer is back to level with a bit of fine tuning using the stabilizer jacks. Now the cabinet doors don't swing open/shut on their own and I don't have to brush my teeth standing on one leg. Back to level
Pelcans on Howard Prairie Lake June 4, 2006: I accomplished two things today, the first was five loads of laundry, the second was a two hour kayak paddle to the north shore of Howard Prairie Lake. I was able to paddle within about 30 feet of a group of pelicans. Pelicans are very large and interesting birds. They would swim in a very tight group seeming to take orders from one in the group. About every 30 seconds they would all dip their heads into the water as a group. They kept their heads underwater only about 5 seconds and all would pop-up-erect at the same time. According to the bird guide, they concentrate fish in this way by "herding". The paddle was very nice. I chose the north shore because it will lose shore line the soonest as the lake drops in level. The lake is currently at 100%.
June 6, 2006: This is Eddison. Eddison is six and he has caught a "big one". I received an email about a week ago from Jodi my hygienist, you met her about 6 months ago. Jodi was writing to let me know that Eddison, her son, had visited Howard Prairie Lake with his Grandparents and he was successful fishing. So now my hygienist is keeping track of me too while I'm "hiding out" at the resort. Did I mention previously that I brush my teeth no less than 2 minutes and carefully floss. Most of these mountain people are missing their teeth but thanks to Jodi, I still have all of mine and they are especially good when Jodi finishes cleaning them. Thanks again Jodi! Eddison did not share his fish with me. Don't you think Eddison looks like Jodi? Eddison has a "big one"
Morgan gets her pool June 7, 2006: With warmer days Morgan began to ask for a pool in her backyard. We finally relented and here she is enjoying her new pool. She can go swimming anytime she starts to feel warm.
Breakfast with Leah Entering Mountain Resort at Hyatt Lake
June 9, 2006: Only a short 5 miles and 500 feet higher than Howard Prairie Lake is Hyatt Lake. This year some new folks have purchased and completely renovated the small resort on Hyatt Lake. They call it "Mountain Resort at Hyatt Lake". This morning, Gwen and I enjoyed breakfast, with Leah as our server, at the new restaurant. Gwen recognized Leah as one of the staff who worked at Howard Prairie Last year. The food and service was very pleasant.
Only a few weeks ago June 11, 2006: No, it didn't snow today. This photo was from only a few weeks ago. Today was a calm warm day for Gwen and I to kayak on the lake. Today is a talk about Internet realities. I've been posting to this Website for more than a year; it 's not free for me to keep up this site. I want to be up-front and tell you how this site and others earn their way. I have two methods to earn at this site, Google ads and affiliate marketing. On this page and others you will see several text ads from Google where advertisers tell a bit about their product or service. They want you to visit their Webpages in the hope that you will find their product or service useful. If
you click on a Google ad, I get a few pennies (those pennies add up). Of course I would NOT want you to visit a site that does not seem useful to you, after all, someone must pay those few pennies. However, if the topic does seem interesting to you, then please click on the ad and visit the advertiser's page. Affiliate marketing is more complicated. I teach a college course in Internet Marketing and we have a separate textbook plus spend a great deal of time on affiliate marketing. On many of the pages of RVeCafe you will find graphic or text advertising for products or services. Clicking on one of these ads will take you to an advertisers Webpage. By clicking on my ad, the advertiser recognizes that you are visiting their pages by following one of my ads. If you purchase something from this advertiser, I get a percentage of the purchase. So you see two advertising methods, Google is a "pay-per-click" while affiliate marketing is "pay-for-performance". I have spent many hours this weekend improving both Google and affiliate marketing for, the site I created for you to recommend your favorite attractions. Most of what I've done can be found at the "Travel Resources" link below. I still have hundreds of hours to spend with these travel resources so plan to visit them periodically to see what I've added. They contain many great sites I've found from personal experience and sites that have been recommended by others. This will be your college lesson in Internet Marketing for today.
June 15, 2006: Sailing has begun on the lake. With the water level at 100%, the Rogue Yacht Club is much happier this year with so more water to sail. This year I will not have the use of a sail boat as I did last year. Just as well, I've owned two sailboats and agree with those who say, "the happiest day in the life of a sailor is the day he buys a boat and the day he sells the boat." Sailing has begun
Chapter 37 and 47 Rally in Yreka, CA
June 16, 2006: Today I visited an Escapees Chapter 37 and 47 combined rally in Yreka, California. Yreka is a 1 hour and five minute drive from the resort so not too distant. The rally was at the county fairground which is a very pleasant place to be for a rally. Gwen was not able to attend because she was working. I drove down for the afternoon to introduce myself since I had joined Chapter 37 while attending the Spring Escapade. You can see the social hour above centered around food and it all looked very good. Typical of the Escapees, everyone was very friendly and I could see myself and Gwen enjoying a weekend with these travelers. You can see the water and electric hook-ups below and the parking on grass which I also prefer. The activities planned for tomorrow are a computer seminar, Chapter 37 business meeting, beanbag baseball, dinner out, car racing at the fairgrounds (observing, not actually racing themselves). Sunday is a breakfast sponsored by an old car show happening at the fairground this weekend, White Elephant auction and a potluck. Everyone heads home on Monday morning. This all sounds like fun to me. I won't be joining them for any of it because tomorrow is graduation at the college and I must help with the ceremony.
Rally Parking
Dustin and Courtney fix a flat June 20, 2006: Dustin and Courtney are visiting today. Today's activities included camping outside in the tent, breakfast at the restaurant while Grandma was working, riding bicycles and fishing from one of the resort boats. Just before spaghetti dinner, a flat needed to be fixed on Dustin's bike. That was something they began to learn during the last visit. We filled a bucket with water to find the air leak then used vulcanizing fluid and a rubber patch to seal the leak permanently.
June 23, 2006: A campfire is one of the first activities many campers do when they come to the resort. Here is our campfire this week. Dale is on the far left at the top of the flame, Dustin and Courtney come next with Gwen on the far right. The campfire is sitting in an old washing machine tub. We saw this for the first time last year. The washing machine tub holds the firewood in a compact form just right for the perfect campfire. The many holes in the tub allow for all the oxygen that is needed for the fire. The rim of the tub also gives a handy place to rest your roasting fork to brown a marshmello or toast a hot dog. Campfires are what brings the campers to the resort

The marina from my kayak

July 9, 2006: This was a morning for kayaking to the only cove on the lake. This is a relatively short paddle of about 2 miles one way. On the way to the cove, I stopped to take a photo of the marina hut from the water. This is where folks buy fishing gear, licenses and fuel for their boat. You can click on the photo for a larger view.
The cove is on the east side of the lake. It reminds me of the cove Gwen and I paddled into when we spent a week off the coast of British Columbia. You can see a photo of the British Columbia cove by clicking on this photo. The sail boats in this photo are camped overnight just as the boats are camped in the BC cove. The only cove on the lake
Apply polymer coating to the trailer July 15, 2006: I have some polymer with teflon coating that I need to get on the trailer. I've been able to get it onto the front and right side only and today started on the rear of the trailer. I also have an eight foot aluminum ladder which comes in handy but in this case, it barely fits behind the trailer. There is an eighteen inch drop off with old pole fence to guard the drop. The polymer must be applied, allowed to dry, then wiped off with a soft towel. It is a lot of work, one of the reasons I have been working on this project a little at a time each weekend for about 4 weeks. I still have the side with the slides which is even more difficult access.
Left ladder leg If you look closely at the photo above, the ladder legs are sitting on one of the poles. I used my "C" clamps to secure the legs to the pole but was still not convinced the pole would not actually break under the weight of the ladder and my body. Fortunately, the pole held and I didn't have to be an acrobat while falling. I doubt that OSHA would approve of my ladder security. Right ladder leg
July 19, 2006: One of the real pleasures of Howard Prairie Lake are the Pelicans flying over and floating on the lake. These are huge birds which do not usually let you get very close to them, even in a kayak. They usually huddle closely in groups and stay to themselves on small islands. This one seemed curious of me while I was in my kayak. Pelican on the lake
Black Rasberry shakes for dinner
July 23, 2006: On a hot day, what better dinner than Black Raspberry milk shakes, especially when lunch was at 2! Humm ... good! Note: you can't quit see him, but behind the window reflection is a camper waving on the other side of the window ... he thought he was pretty funny.
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