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Telegraph Cove, BC Canada
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Telegraph Cove, BC Canada
Tuesday, April 11, 2017: While visiting Dave and Brook at Harris Beach State Park I received a phone call from Tyler, the person who purchased our Dodge pickup truck nearly two years ago. Tyler said, "We own an RV park on the northeast shore of Vancouver Island and need a camp host, would you and Gwen like to spend the summer here?" What a surprise! For the next couple of days, Gwen and I telephoned Tyler and his mother who is also an owner and the RV park manager. The host position sounded like it would give us time to see the area and meet new people. We chose to accept the offer so beginning about July 1, we will be on the northeast shore of Vancouver Island as hosts of the Telegraph Cove RV Park. I've started this new page and will continue once we arrive at the park.
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