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June 26, 2007: Today was a day I was needed at another college campus until noon. I arrived at my parking garage about five minutes to noon and ended up walking behind these two ladies to my office. I don't know either of them. I began to notice what was in the bags they carry. The lady on the left has a whole fried chicken, one of those you buy for about $5 at a Following two ladies to lunch
local grocery story here in Oregon. The lady on the right has a couple of yogurt containers. I'll make no further comment. You can click on the photo to enlarge.

Working the Jackson County Fair for Rogue Community College
July 17, 2007: Each year the college exhibits at the Jackson County Fair in Central Point, Oregon. Each year the college asks for volunteers and I always volunteer quickly because then I get my first choice of shift time. I always choose the first shift of the fair. That way I get to set up the both and visit with the booths around me because there are very few people attending the fair the first three hours the fair is open. You can click the photo for a larger view.

July 22, 2007: Sharing a rental car on the way to a college conference at Silver Falls State Park near Silverton Oregon. From the left, this is Bill, Barb, Jeanne and Dale. The van is a college rental, GMC Acadia. From the college, the distance to the conference is about 250 miles north.

Our first night was in rustic cabins, no bathrooms in the cabins July 23, 2007: We arrived on Sunday night before the conference since the activities begin at 9 am. Our first night was in the rustic cabins available at the Silver Falls State Park. These were well built cabins but no running water or bathrooms in the cabins. The beds were thin mats over plywood and you must provide your own bedding. Still seemed like a bargain to me at $35 for the night.
July 24, 2007: My duty at the conference is to attend all the seminars during the day but I'm able to enjoy the state park at odd times during the day and in the evening hours. The conference facilities are nice but have no connection to the outside world. No Internet, phone, TV and the beds are pretty hard. There are paths everywhere and even a covered bridge walkway. Today's hike after dinner was to North Falls. The trail actually passes under the falls so you can see both sides of the water as it falls. I went with a small group of educators which you can see below. The falls is 136 feet tall. Click the falls photo below to enlarge.
The trail was very well maintained. Our hike took us from North Falls to Winter Falls on Silver Creek. Even though the name of the State Park is Silver Falls State Park, I've not seen any "Silver Falls". Apparently the name refers to many falls located on Silver Creek. Winter Falls was also nearly 140 feet but only a trickle of water this time of year. Click the photo to the left to enlarge. This photo was taken from behind the falls where our group is standing.
July 25, 2007: Two things happen at a college seminar, lots of good food and instruction from very knowledgeable people. In the photo above, we take instruction from the state of Oregon director of community colleges and from an assistant to the Governor of Oregon.
My superviser retires August 27, 2007: Today was a special day for my supervisor, Larry. Larry is retiring and Thursday will be his last day to work for the college. Larry has been a wonderful person to work with. His management style made me a partner rather than an employee or just another staff person at the college. Cheryl is an associate Dean at the college and had several funny stories to tell of her experiences with Larry as we all did. My next supervisor is a very nice lady and we have always collaborated very well in our work so I'm still a lucky person.
September 18, 2007: Today was in-service training day at the college. One of my volunteer duties is to represent the college foundation to the staff during in-service training to encourage staff to donate to the foundation. Each of the three campuses has a representative, I represent the Riverside Campus from downtown Medford, Anna represents the Redwood Campus in Grants Pass. We offer a prize at the end of the day to the person winning the drawing. Those who donate are entered into the drawing. Anna and I are trying out today's prize, an arbor. This is usually an exciting day for me because I must speak to all staff and today there were about 500 present. Dale and Anna sitting in the arbor.

The line for lunch at the spring inservice training day
May 2, 2008: It's always a pleasure to get to visit the Redwood Campus located in Grants Pass. Rogue Community College has three campuses. In addition to the Redwood Campus, we have the Table Rock Campus in White City and the Riverside Campus in Medford where I work. Today was an in-service training day for staff. This is the line for lunch during the mid-day break. I was able to attend a workshop for some creative computer software. With a bit more training I might be able to use it to improve the instruction I give. Click the photo to enlarge.
The Veranda Park Courtyard July 24, 2008: Part of my job is to represent the college at exhibits. The college was invited to exhibit at Veranda Park Retirement Living. This is a independent living retirement center new to Medford. It was opened only a few months ago. The college has many community education courses which are popular with the senior community.

The college was invited to have lunch with the residents of Veranda Park. The dining room was roomy and elegant with indoor or outdoor dining on the patio. The food was exceptional.

Below is a portion of the exhibitors after today's lunch. There was a large variety of exhibits, pharmacy, clothing, art gallaries, senior services and the college.

The dining room
The exhibitors
My supervisor, Jeanne July 25, 2008: Earlier in the week, I attended a conference in northern Oregon at Silver Falls State Park Conference Center. Jeanne is my supervisor and Associate Dean of the college. The conference center tries to send us home weighing more than when we arrived because of the great meals they prepare.
The dining hall
This is the cabin where I stayed. It sleeps 12 in 6 rooms, two in each room. There is a common area for lounging and visiting. Click on the dining room and cabin to enlarge.. Our cabin
Veteran Career Day
In front of the new HEC building September 14, 2008: Yes, it's Sunday but I had to work all day. Today was the Veteran Career Day at the college. Over 800 returning and those about to be deployed attended the day. Southern Oregon employers were exhibiting jobs plus many agencies attended who had veteran benefits. The college exhibited courses and programs. I had helped organize the day so I was busy keeping the computers going and keeping the trash cans empty. The Army did a good job of organizing and feeding the troops and exhibitors. There were several police departments recruiting these military men.
October 29, 2008: My new job description is to market custom training services for the college. This is a post card size advertizing card I intend to deliver to local employers as I introduce myself. I designed the card and had it printed online. The college does a great job in developing and delivering training on demand. Pass your pointer through the card to see the reverse. Post Card size advertising
Retirement party June 5, 2009: With only ten days left of my employment at Rogue Community College, my department has sponsored a retirement party. My Associate Dean, Jeanne, is presenting me with a retirement gift of cleaning supplies in front of about 40 RCC staff. She knows I'll be working at Howard Prairie Resort helping Gwen clean the schooners. The sign on the bucket says "Don't bother me, I'm retired!" Note that I'm wearing my Escapees name tag and my Rogue Community College hat.
I got the chance to explain about Escapees and of course mentioned that I would wear the hat while in Arizona so other's would ask me "Where is Rogue Community College". Place your pointer on the photo to see a luncheon today with Rosemary and Forest on the left from the RCC facilities department, Daisy, my secretary next to me and Kenton, the Community Education director who I advise.
June 17, 2009: My countdown clock ended today with the statement "Time to Retirement" after counting down for more than 500 days. I started working when I was eleven as a paperboy on Ontario, California. I worked my way through college shoveling chicken sh*t for a NASA lab at UC Davis in Davis, California. Once I earned by teaching credentials, I taught fifth grade for 6 years in Antioch, California. While teaching, I developed an idea for a mail order business to sell woodworking blueprints and the parts to go along with the designs. The business did very well for myself and up to twelve employees until the early-90s. I went back to teaching at an alternative high school until 1999 when David is unable to give permission to publish this photo. He works with an agency who must give permission. They have ignored my request.
I was hired at Rogue Community College as a full time instructor then into a fulltime management position plus part time instructor. That employment ended today with my retirement. I think back at all the jobs I've done and I'm very glad I don't have to do any of them again. I enjoyed my own business the most but these last ten years at RCC have been exciting and challenging. I'm looking forward to new challenges with this next chapter of my life. The photo above is a Northern Exposure greeting card given to me today by my favorite secretary, Daisy. The photographer is David Mendelsohn and the photo is copyrighted by him (I'm waiting for his permission to publish it). Daisy is the one at RCC I will miss the most.
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