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2007: Thanksgiving
Gold Beach , Oregon

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Lunch at She She Cafe in Gasquet, California
November 21, 2007: We are going to the beach for Thanksgiving. We must travel southwest on narrow Highway 199 between Grants Pass and Brookings, Oregon. This stretch of the road passes through California and by the time we got to Gasquet, we were pretty hungry. Gasquet is a tiny forest service town in a wide spot of the Smith River Canyon. Lunch at the She She Cafe was enjoyable especially the coffee flavored milk shake. Our destination for the rest of the week is Ireland's RV Park in Gold Beach, Oregon. One of our favorite Ocean Front RV Parks.

Dustin and Courtney take a morning hike on the beach
Morgan joins Dustin and Courtney
Time to dig a hole on the beach with Morgan's help November 22, 2007: Dustin and Courtney along with Grandma Gwen and Morgan take an early morning hike on the beach. Note by the third photo, Courtney has lost her shoes. As it turns out, the shoes and Morgan's leash were taken by a large wave as all four scrambled to higher ground.
Here comes the next big wave, watch out Morgan. Dustin, you better hold on to your pants! Courtney is already on the move.
The hole is almost ready as the next big wave approaches.
Cool! Says Courtney

Cool!, Says Courtney.

Where's Morgan?

The weather is predicted to be just like this through Sunday when we will return to Applegate.

We can see and hear the ocean from all our west side windows.
November 23, 2007: It was warm enough to have Thanksgiving dinner at our picnic table next to the observation tower. Notice the white antennae on top of the tower. That is the wireless Internet antennae provided by the RV park so I did not need to set up our satellite dish. I gave Courtney and Dustin stunt kites for their birthdays. There was just barely enough wind to begin to learn to fly them. Beginner kites must be built strong enough to survive lots of crashes. Gwen are Morgan are hiking the beach in below the kite flyers. Click the dinner photo to enlarge. Thanksgiving Dinner
Courtney flying a two line stunt kite Dustin flying a two line stunt kite
Gwen and Morgan strolling the coast
Courtney getting some kite flying in lite air November 24, 2007: This has been a cloudy, slow starting day but still warmer than the weather inland. We went in search again for wind and found very little. Courtney was able to keep her kite in the air for only a short while because the wind came in light gusts. She's got the right idea of how to fly the kite, we just need enough wind so both Courtney and Dustin can practice. Click the photo to enlarge.
Lesa, Courtney and Dustin want to visit the tide pools so they can put their fingers into the Sea Anemone. I've never done that so it was important to the kids that I have the experience. I don't think I was as excited about it as the kids. Courtney, Morgan, Dustin and their Mother, Lesa are returning from the tide pools in the photo below. Courtney teaching me how to put my finger into a sea anemone
Courtney, Morgan, Dustin and Lesa returning from the tide pools+
A look back from the ocean toward the RV park. November 25, 2007: Looking back toward the RV park from the edge of the ocean. This is the trail we would follow to the water. Our Cameo is to the right of the tower. Below, the family is looking for the predicted super high tide.
Looking for high tide

We gave kite flying one last chance but still found the wind lacking. So how many blondes does it take to untangle kite line. Well... two. But it takes only ONE to get the line tangled in the first place.

The weekend ended at Fred Meyer with shopping for shoes, then Mexican food in Cave Junction, Oregon. We ended up arriving back at Applegate after dark, It's tough to get our 36 foot fifth wheel into our space and doing it in the dark is very time consuming.

Untangling kite line

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