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A Sailboat at the RV Resort
Part 2: Getting Pepper out of the Water

Click to see What's New at RVeCafe Let's get the trailer in the water
  This looks far enough, better get Pepper This time we will try Dale's pickup, he's not afraid to get his wheels wet. Do you see Pepper down the dock?
  No problem with these wheels getting wet. These big wheels are underwater
  Connect the bow, Jack Attach the bow to the winch on the trailer.
Looks good, let's pull it out of the water. Hold on, don't let the boat slip
Up the steep ramp, a Dodge CTD can do anything.
Come on down, Jack, guess we better slide in the extended tongue

The sun is going down on our first sailing adventure.

I think we better push the extended tongue back and connect to the regular tongue.

  Pepper is back in her storage mode out of the water. It's been a long day but we had fun and learned a lot. Pepper is happily stored out of the water
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