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2007: RV Vacation to Southern Arizona
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One of the steepest hills December 13, 2007: Continued from page 1, more photos of our off-road adventure. Pass your pointer through the photo to the left. All the rest of the photos below can be enlarged by clicking on the photo. These next three photos are of The Names, valley about two miles long with thousands of
Valley of The Names Valley of The Names
names made of rocks brought to the sand by off-road enthusiasts. The names are a memorial to those loved-ones no longer alive.
Our lunch spot was in one of the many washes. We were trying to get out of the cold wind. Gwen and I were awarded pins, "Jaws Jaunts". "Slack Jaws" is the leader of this off-road group. He narrated the trip on CB channel 20 from start to finish.
Picacho Peak
The Liberry You can borrow or exchange books
Above is the "Liberry", a place at Imperial Dam Recreation Area to borrow or exchange books. It is free and maintained by volunteers. Gwen exchanged one book. Our campsite was near the US Army Yuma Proving Ground where tanks and artillary are tested by the US Army. Click the photo to the right to see more of the display.
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Our fourth campsite
By the end of December 13, we made it to our fourth campsite, the SKP park in Benson, Arizona. We have a wonderful site for a week with a view of the mountains to the east. The fee for the week is $102 plus electricity. We have a 50 amp connection, cable TV, water and sewer, and we are enjoying all of it.
December 14, 2007: Today was a day to catch up with utility things like doing five loads of laundry in the Saguro Park laundry at 75 cents for a wash and 75 cents to dry. We also had some grocery shopping to do since we were out of nearly everything. Next, we had items to pack and ship. Finally, we joined the people of the Co-op for the Friday night fish-fry dinner. We were able to talk with another couple from Texas who work about six months each year for a temp-agency, then travel the rest of the year. Click the photo below for an enlarged view of our corner of the park. We are the only fifth-wheel with bicycles attached to the front, see if you can find us.
Tombstone, Arizona December 15, 2007: Today we visit Tombstone, Arizona made famous by the story of the gunfight at the OK Corral. Today, it is a town on the National Historic Register. The stores are still open with tourist items to purchase plus re-enactments of gunfights and wild west shows.
We take a 20 minute ride on a stage coach The view from the stage
Gwen finds someone to talk about history

Gwen and I take a ride on an authentic stage coach pulled by mules. The other stage coaches look real enough but have a steel chassis with air bulbs for shocks. They are also much wider than the real thing.

Gwen and I were wandering through a back, dark, room and came across this fellow who has apparently been sitting here since the 1880's.

Doc Holiday stopped long enough for me to take a photo with Gwen. He was the best character of the gunfight re-enactment.

This is Doc Holiday with Gwen Wyatt Erp on the right and his brother Morgan
Wyatt Earp is to the right with his
brother Morgan.

Another stage
Wyatt stands over one of the evil
Clanton's which the Earp brothers killed
at the OK Coral.

Texas Kate Doug Miller entertains at the Sagauro Club House
Texas Kate is to the left. She narrated the wild west show we saw. This was using animals rescued from abusive situations. Finally, the day ended with music from Doug Miller at the Saguaro Co-Op Park.
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