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January 19, 2006: Just for the fun of it I followed an ad in the back of the new "Highways" magazine for RV parks in Sierra County New Mexico. Since it's in the south, it seems like a place RV folks might go in the winter. While searching around I was amazed at the low prices for RV monthly parking. I know there is probably a reason for the low prices but it was fun to discover them. Below is one of the parks I discovered.
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Address: 312 Marr, Truth or Consequences, NM
Directions: N. Bound exit 75 off I-25, apx. 3.5 miles into downtown to Foch, turn right on Foch, 2blocks to Marr, turn left on Marr or S. Bound exit 79 off I-25, drive into downtown to Foch, turn left on Foch, 3blcks to Marr, turn left on Marr.
Phone: (505) 894-2684
Rates: $6.00-$15.00 (Day)   $50.00 plus electric (Week)   $90.00 plus electric (Month)
Discounts: None       Reservations: Not Necessary       Payment: Check/Cash
Amenities: 38 spaces - Welcome Seniors - Families - Singles - Pets Welcome - Full Hookups with 30amp - Laundry/Showers
Other: Historic Hot Springs Bath House with private rooms- 108 Fahrenheit mineral water in ceramic tile tubs.
We offer affordable prices along with the use of the bath house at a discounted rate for our RV Park Customers.
I pointed this ad out to Gwen and suggested that we could retire now if it was only going to cost $90/month to park our RV. And, unlike the Pacific Northwest, it didn't look like we would have to worry about trees obscuring the view of our Internet satellite dish. Our hot tube in Grants Pass is at 102 degrees, I can't imagine how long it would take us to get into 108 degree water. I did look up wunderground weather for Truth of Consequences, New Mexico and learned that they will have a few days of low=20 but high = 55 temperatures. Note that our temperatures here in Grants Pass have only been 5-7 degrees difference from the high/low. That's due to our overcast. It's clear and no rain in New Mexico. This could be fun with our virtual tour of potential southern RV parks.
Kingman AZ January 23, 2006: Time for dreaming again. No rain today in Grants Pass but very cold. Time to look at places with warmer weather. How about Blake Ranch RV Park in Kingman, Arizona.
Take a look. It's a high of 60 degrees with a low of 37. But there is no lake here as in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. What about the price to stay? How's $230/month and no need to insulate your hose. One discouraging thing ... you click their link for "Shopping" and they have a graphic for Wal-Mart. Is that suppose to impress me?
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