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2008: Labor Day

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Arrived in Lodi be Labor Day
August 27, 2008: This Labor Day I'm taking a trip with Morgan to visit Lodi, California where my parents live and then on to Reno, Nevada to visit Ben and Mindy. Morgan loves to travel and Gwen must work so it's best for Morgan to be with me. I've rented a car to avoid putting additional miles on our tow vehicle and our Toyota has nearly 300,000 miles so I prefer to keep it close to home. I've arrive in Lodi (above) at my parents house. It's too hot here (106)... I need to get back to the Oregon mountains where a hot day is 74.

Mom's Apple pie August 28, 2008: There is nothing like my Mom's home cooking. My Mom always goes out of her way to cook the best meals for visitors and her family and that hasn't changed during my visit today. This is Mom's apple pie. I did help with slicing the apples from Dad's orchard.

The Lodi public library has great incoming wireless connection but not outgoing so I can't upload my Webpages from the Library. All the library computers were in use so it's a good thing I brought my own with me.


Lodi Library
Sister Dorana and wet dog Morgan

My sister Dorana brought Morgan's sister to Lodi to visit. The two dogs went to Lodi lake to swim. Of course, both dogs had to ride in Dorana's car so I didn't have to transport a wet dog in a rental car.

Below, Morgan is relaxing at Grandma's house. Of course Grandma has several dog toys for the two Goldens to play with. Morgan gathers them and keeps them close by.

Relaxing at Grandma's house
August 29, 2008: I used to live in Tahoe City, California and the north shore to Lake Tahoe. The Labor Day weekend is always busy for rafters down the Truckee River. This weekend is the busiest. The river flows from Lake Tahoe to Reno and the five mile stretch from Lake Tahoe to River Ranch is filled with rafts. This doesn't look like fun due to the crowds but these folks are having lots of fun.
Truckee River Raftes
The traffic is backed up about three miles outside of Tahoe City but it still takes only about twenty minutes to get into town. Traffic Jam entering Tahoe City
Daughter Mindy at Scraps August 30, 2008: Mindy works part time at a popular pet store in Tahoe City. I took Morgan into the shop and she found so many items of interest you couldn't just pick one. I had to get several for her.
Mindy with her birthday gift from Gwen Dale with Jackson
August 31, 2008: Mindy is showing off her birthday gift which was handmade by Gwen. She really likes these since she lives in Truckee, California year around. In the photo to the right, I was trying to get Ben's dogs, Mindy's dog and Morgan lined up to photograph, however we were only successful with Jackson a Vizsla. Note my countdown clock has reached 365 days, one year to retirement.
View of Reno from the deck Kim and Ben on the deck

September 1, 2008: Ben and Kim often get to enjoy breakfast on their back deck. The view (left photo) is of the casinos in Reno.

Amber is taking a snooze on Morgan's new bed which was given to her by Mindy.

September 2, 2008: Below: Ben and I came up with the idea of putting a 50 amp subpanel into his garage to add more available power. The few outlets already installed in the garage are on the same circuit as one of the bathrooms.

Amber Enjoys Morgan's new bed
Pushing #6 wire into the garage Bringing 50 amp wire into the garage Ben secures the subpanel to the garage wall
North of Susanville on Hiway 139
A long lonely road September 2 Continued: In the afternoon, I drove back to southern Oregon by a different route from Reno. Instead of heading west out of Susanville, I headed north on highway 139.
Adin, population 500 Canby, population 413
I passed through two small towns in northeast California, Adin, population 500 and Canby, population 413. I almost stopped for the "best sandwich on the road" in Adin because their sign said they have sold over 25,000. Each town had only one store. Adin looked more attractive between the two. Reno to Howard Prairie Lake Resort via route 139, then Clover Creek Rd. was exactly 300 miles and 5.5 hours of driving.

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