2004, Lazy Daze 30IB, For Sale

2004, Lazy Daze 30IB
Last update - Monday, December 17, 2015:

About a week ago, I traded my Lazy Daze for a larger motorhome. My suggestion is for you to review this Website. If you do that, you know more about thie Lazy Daze than any salesman. If you still want to purchase it, check with the salesmen at this dealer.

Upgraded headlights


Upgraded headlights, the coach no longer looks like a 2004 model year.

Rear hatch is width of the coach, my ladder is NOT included.


This is the rear hatch which passes through the entire coach. My folding ladder is suspended in this hatch and is NOT included with the sale.

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Filling the 18 gallon propane tank


The coach has an 18 gallon on-board propane tank. I've installed a connection for an external propane tank. You can install whatever size propane tank to this external connection. When the external tank is empty, take it to a propane dealer to refill then you don't have to move the motor home to refill the propane tank. Of course, you are using the on-board tank when moving or for quick stops.

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Example of one of the many hatches


An example of one of the external storage cabinets.

Outside hatch with the largest access door. This is two levels, both levels store another 3 feet to the left, out of view.



This is the storage hatch with the largest door located just behind the passenger door. It has two levels. Both levels extend about three feet to the left of this opening behind the coach wall.

Professionally installed tinted driver and passenger windows



I had the driver and passenger windows professionally tinted.

Splash guard to protect the towed vehicle


I installed a rear splash guard to protect the vehicle we are towing.

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2015, Six volt house batteries



I installed brand new six volt, deep cycle batteries for house batteries.

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Crashbar installed on the screen door, click this photo to view the bar installed


I installed a "crash-bar" on the screen door to make entry and exit easier.

Click to view the bar installed.

Island queen bedroom from the kitchen area



This is the island queen bed. The term "island" denotes space on both sides of the bed to make it easy to make and easy access on both sides. The closets are located on both sides of the bed with reading lamps on both sides. The switch (barely seen above the window) is to turn on a night light on the hallway floor. There is overhead storage above the bed also three drawers on each side of the bed. The freshwater storage tank is located under the bed so easy access to the freshwater drain valve. The shower door is on the left and the bath door is on the right.

Convenient bathroom



The bathroom is compact and convenient. It has a ceramic (not plastic) toilet with spray wand. New faucet (mentioned in more detail below) over custom fiberglass, formed sink and countertop. Overhead storage and exhaust fan. Open cabinet to the left of the sink, storage under the sink. Ducted heater vent.

Click the photo for a "head" on photo.

Extra large shower/tub



The shower is the best surprise. It is extra large with a height adjustable shower head (mentioned in more detail below). It has a large sun-window overhead. The base of the shower is custom formed fiberglass with no seams which also serves as a tub. The tub measures 22" wide, 38" long and 10 " deep.

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The wood shower door opens fully then locks open for privacy and even more room in the shower area.

Dining area, table swings up, click this photo



This is the dining area. The dining table is folded down in this photo. The top of the table lifts for additional storage and slots for four wine bottles. There is also a hidden table extension to double the seating capacity. There is an AC outlet and DC outlet to the left of the table.

Click this photo to see the dining table raised into position.


Our Lazy Daze has a very comfortable couch/bed in the living area. The upholstery is NOT warn and the foam is solid and supportive. The couch seat easily pulls away from the wall then the back slides behind the seat cushion to make a bed.

Click this photo to see the couch in bed mode.


I installed a new 32" LG brand, LED (very low power draw) High Definition TV into the entertainment center. It will work on HD satellite, over the air antennae, or RV park coax. You can also plug into a DVD player or your computer for playback. Above the TV is another storage cabinet where I keep our DISH network satellite receiver.

Click the photo to see what I mean.

The TV lifts out of the way for storage behind


The TV flips up for storage behind the TV. That's where I keep my computer printer. I can easily make copies, insert and remove paper, change ink cartridges without removing the printer from this space.

When you click this photo, you will see that I use the passenger seat as my computer station.

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The generous living area with the couch in the bed position



This gives an idea of what the living area looks like with the couch in the bed mode.

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Temperature controlled Fantastic fan


A multi-speed, temperature controlled Fantastic Fan is located in the living area. These are great for keeping the air circulating and cool. It is temperature controlled so there is no worry about leaving the rig unattended during a hot day only to return in the evening and finding the interior to be freezing cold because the fan has brought in the night's cold air. Once the fan detects the living area has reached the preset temperature, it shuts itself off.

Overhead storage on both sides of the living area


Storage above the dining table and above the couch (both sides of the living area of the coach).

Storage above passenger and driver's side



Large storage over the passenger and driver seats.

2013, 8 cubic foot refrigerator




The 8 cubic foot refrigerator was replaced in 2013.


Click this photo to open the refrigerator.





A large pantry next to the refrigerator.

Large closet space on both sides of the queen bed




The large closet on both sides of the queen bed.

2015, electronics


2015, new CD, USB and satellite radio updates the entertainment system. There are two speakers in the living area as well as the speakers in the cockpit area. This is also bluetooth enabled to allow for private listening, cell phone communication, music playback from the cell phone and Pandora.

New bathrrom and kitchen faucets




RVs almost always come with funky faucets, at least the four we have owned. I've upgraded the faucets in all the RVs I've owned including this one. The faucets always need to be taller to allow extra space under the small sinks.

Click to see the kitchen faucet.



Above the kitchen sink, a large microwave. It works fine on the generator if you aren't connected to shore power.

Bathroom and kitchen gel splash guard

Behind the bathroom faucet, I installed gel spash guard. I did the same in the kitchen.

Click to see the kitchen splash guard.

Adjustable showerhead>



A shower is more comfortable if you can adjust the height of the shower head. The shower head is not only removable but height adjustable. There is also a handy head switch to turn off the water flow to conserve the hot water if needed (when not connected to a shore water line). (The water heater is a standard 6 gallon hot water heater with plenty of hot water if you wish a LONG shower.)

Record of maintenance, click this photo to enlarge



The previous owner kept incredible maintenance records. This made me much more comfortable when purchasing a Lazy Daze with this many miles. I kept up with his example and continued with detailed maintenance records. In addition to this list, ALL receipts for service were also kept.

Click this photo to enlarge, then you can examine each entry in detail.

Here is the six page PDF file of the 2004 Lazy Daze direct from the factory. This Lazy Daze has many of the features marked "O" for optional.

Here is the CarFax report (it is a PDF file) I did before making the purchase in April, 2015.

11-5-15 maintenance report from Swanty RV Center, click to enlarge




On November 5, 2015, I delivered the Lazy Daze to the Swanty's RV Center for a complete check of all systems.

Click this photo to enlarge and read in detail.

Here is the six page PDF file of the 2004 Lazy Daze direct from the factory. This Lazy Daze has many of the features marked "O" for optional.

Here is the CarFax report (it is a PDF file) I did before making the purchase in April, 2015.

300 watts of solar panelsThe previous owner spent $2800 with AM Solar in Springfield, Oregon to upgrade his solar system. That included 300 watts of solar panels plus a new charge controller. There is a learning curve to using solar. We have be using solar and parking "off-the-grid" since 2009 and have learned from the best. During the winter months, we usually camp in Arizona for the sun and the warm weather. The sun (in the winter) is low in the southern sky so you must aim the panels at the southern sky. Our Lazy Daze will tilt the panels to the driver or passenger side so we park facing the west or the east and tilt the panels appropriately. Because we do this, the house batteries are fully charged by 11 am each morning. Once fully charged, I can run any DC powered items in the coach without depleting the batteries because the excess power from the solar panels will maintain the batteries. Once the batteries are fully charged I can feel more comfortable turning on DC items in the coach. I don't need lights during the day but other DC powered items are the water pump (daytime showers or dishwashing), satellite radio, Fantastic fan plus other fans, and charging all the batteries in my electronics (phones, computer, tablets, GPS, tooth brushes). I might also run the furnace if needed but it draws a lot of power so I will watch the battery charge carefully. I can also run AC items using the inverter but must be careful because AC items often draw much more power than is produced by the solar panels. A good example, my wife likes to sew, her sewing machine draws very little power so can be run using the power from the solar panels plus the inverter without depleting the batteries once the batteries are fully charged. If you want to learn how to camp off-grid, camp with people who are experienced and know how to do it correctly. Yes, you can watch TV all evening just using your batteries, no need to start the generator. And, YES, a cloudy day DOES affect the amount of charge sent to your batteries.

Onan Micro Quiet 4000

There are items in the coach that draw too much power to be run using solar power. Those are the air conditioner, microwave oven, hair dryer plus any electrical appliance such as a skillet, coffee maker, waffle iron, toaster, etc.) When you are off-grid and want to use those appliances, you have the Onan Micro Quiet 4000 generator onboard. It uses the gasoline in the coach gas tank and is started using a button inside the coach. No need to exit the Lazy Daze to start or stop the generator. Yes, it WILL power the air conditioner, so you can keep the coach cool while visiting a restaurant, for example, a nice feature especially if you have pets left behind in the coach on a hot day. This Onan has 215 hours on it. You want to "exercise" the Onan about 2 hours every month whether you use it or not so this one has just about the right number of hours on it.

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