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November 2, 2007: This is a weekend where I become serious about a new hobby/sport of flying kites. I own a couple of kites, both two line kites. I've joined the Rogue Valley Wind Chasers which is a local kite flying club. I won't have much time to spend with them until February but I attended their Fun Fly weekend in Crescent City, California. Gary flying two kites at the same time
My New Tech DesireUL kite, click to enlarge. November 3, 2007: I met Gary from Brookings, Oregon at the Fun Fly. Gary makes and designs his own kites. He is practicing flying three kites at the same time. In the photo above, he is practicing in very lite wind with two stunt kites. Pass the pointer through the photo above. Gary's kites fly very easily. He was able to fly his ultra lite kites while the rest of us were struggling to get our kites to fly. Gary calculated the wind speed at about 2 MPH, barely moving but enough for Gary's ultralite kites. I also had success with my Mighty Bug 1.5 parafoil.
Sunset at the Crescent City Light House
The dunes on Pistol River Beach in Pistol River Oregon November 4, 2007: After the Saturday night sunset in Crescent City (the photo above), I went in search of wind today. I drove through Brookings, Oregon and stopped at Windjammers, a kite store. I purchased some line for the grandkids kites just in case they break the line while flying. I also picked up a New Tech DesireUL kite. This is a kite designed to fly in lite wind, in fact it's rated to fly in 0-8 MPH wind. I drove to Pistol River , Oregon looking for some wind to try it out. There was very lite wind in this usually heavy wind area. The DesireUL flew well for about two hours of practice. In the photo (click to enlarge) above the Crescent City lighthouse, I'm practicing a three point landing.
November 9, 2007: I'm driving to central California today to visit my parents. On the drive, I stopped in Chico, California to visit Gone with the Wind Kite Shop. I met Richard, the owner who spent an hour with me to teach me some new tricks in flying kites, tying lines, knots and different kite shapes. He has more inventory that I've seen in a kite shop and so I really enjoyed seeing everything. I purchased a Silver Fox 2.5 Standard which will do things that my other kites won't do. I visit Gone With the Wind in Chico
November 13, 2007: On the drive back from California, after several days with no wind, I stopped just north of Corning, California when I spotted a field of straw stubble. I was able to fly one of the stunt kites for about an hour before I returned to Interstate 5. You have to get your flying in when you have a chance.

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