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2007: Applegate, Oregon
Part 5

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This farmer's motto: I'd die before I'd stop plowing

April 2, 2007: Every day during my commute to and from work, I pass this farmer still plowing. He never stops plowing. I think his motto is: "Plowing! I love it! I'd die before I'd quit plowing."

April 3, 2007: While window shopping in the historic town of Jacksonville, Oregon, I came across many items you can stick through your head. Here is a cleaver, but just about anything you could think of which is found in the kitcher could be purchased here to wear on your head. Ouch!
April 4, 2007: Today has been the warmest day of the season so far. Our plan is to stay in the Applegate Park only until Sunday, then we will move to Howard Prairie Lake Resort for the season. Gwen will begin work on Tuesday. Our new Cameo has been delayed at the factory. Something about missing cabinet doors but no one is very clear with what the delay might be. We have told ourselves to relax, we may not get the trailer in time for the Spring Escapade. The photo below is of the Rogue Valley looking toward the east with snow capped Mt. McLaughlin on the horizon.
Looking east in the Rogue Valley
Back on the road bike again April 5, 2007: It's been about three years but I seem to be back on my road bike again. I used to spend many hours riding long distance but slacked off, got fat, lazy and tired. I put new tires on the bike last Saturday and have ridden 5 of the last 6 days. I figure it's going to take about two months of solid riding to get to a point of comfort again, then another 3 months to build stamina. By that time, it will be winter again. Somehow, I need to keep this old body in shape or I won't be able to enjoy retirement as much.
April 6, 2007: On this Friday night we have gone to our favorite Chinese restaurant. At the end of the meal Gwen opened her fortune cookie to reveal her fortune. This Chinese prediction must go along with the phone call I got today from our Carriage Cameo dealer saying he expects to have our trailer on his lot by the end of next week. We have set a tentative date to trade the King of the Road for the Cameo on Wednesday, April 18.
We met the bunny at US Cellular April 7, 2007: Guess who we met at the US Cellular store? Yes, the Easter Bunny apparently needs a cell phone too. Gwen was in need of some repair to her phone but we were surprised by the bunny who was agreeable to a photo. The bunny offered us some nice bunny cookies but we declined since we are both reducing our calories.
Last Bingo Group before we leave for Howard Prairie
April 8, 2007: Last night was our last bingo night with the Applegate Mobil Park group. It has grown a lot since Gwen and I started the bingo group several weeks back. We are off to Howard Prairie Lake Resort today.
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