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Alice Visits at Our RV Resort


Alice visited our RV resort last week (2nd week of August, 2005). She came equipped with everything except her own tent. Gwen and I provided her with the tent and air mattress. This is her first try at recreational vehicle camping.

Alice was a good sport about sleeping in the tent and putting up with my blonde jokes.

Alice sleeps in a tent
Click to see What's New at RVeCafe How many blondes to blow up an air mattress? How many blondes does it take to blow up an air mattress? Gwen is reading the instructions to Alice and Gwen's daughter, Leza.
  Gwen's Granddaughter Courtney saves the evening by finding another camper with an air pump. Gwen holds the trigger while Leza holds the mattress. Note that Courtney is a blonde too. Courtney saves the evening.
Mattress loaded into the tent. All three blondes carry the mattress to the tent while Dustin (Gwen's grandson) watches.

Does this look comfortable. Apparently so ... Alice spent four nights in here.

She also, reluctantly, went sailing with us on Friday afternoon.

Does this look comfortable?
  Grab you lifejackets!
  A good book and box of pebbles, what more could you want?
  This was Alice activity most of the time. A good book, can of root beer, box of pebbles, sack of nuts, cooler nearby and a new hat. (I will have to thank Alice for putting up with my antics ... she really didn't eat the pebbles. Most everything else is pretty accurate however. :-) )
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