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2007: Applegate, Oregon

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January 20, 2007: Today was a day to search the Applegate Valley for interesting places to hike. We found the McKee Covered bridge built in 1917, then declared unusable in 1956 but saved for a pedestrian bridge by the McKee historical society. McKee Covered Bridge
Inside the McKee Bridge There is a nice little cafe and store located within walking distance of the bridge. They serve a nice bacon cheese burger and meat loaf sandwich. That's what Gwen and I ordered. We both felt comfortable in this little cafe and look forward to returning for breakfast some day.
January 21, 2007: A hike along Carberry Creek on the other side of the mountain from Thompson Creek (the creek running behind our trailer) found some ice which will be here until late spring. Click the photo to enlarge. Ice on Carberry Creek
Oregon side of the Ponderosa Pine California side of this Ponderosa Pine
One foot in California and one foot in Oregon January 22, 2007: On our recent trip in search of the top of the Thompson Creek Road, we came across this Ponderosa Pine on the border between California and Oregon. It was fun to have one foot in California and one in Oregon. Of course the Oregon foot felt much better.
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